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June 1, 2023

No more donations ! Stop funding the Anarchists

[This article has been submitted by Manjunath P from Bangalore. He was active in organising meetings in Freedom Park during Anna movement. An early member of AAP and part of AAP’s social media campaign during Delhi elections. Disillusioned with AAP government he now runs an awareness campaign to highlight perils of donating to AAP]

manchurian candidates

The recent interview with Barkha Datt presented a new side of Arvind Kejriwal. The tone and tenor of the so called humble leader of common man had changed. The attitude reeked of arrogance so typical of men in power. Kejriwal’s claims of great achievements in Delhi bore uncanny resemblance to boastful claims of Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav of making U.P a golden state. Unfortunately with passage of time he is only exposing the bankruptcy of ideas and vision in governance.

The transformation from an activist to opposition leader was an easy one for Kejriwal. Blaming everyone without the responsibility of proving the charge wasn’t really the crusade against corruption it was made out to be.holier than thou attitude of Kejriwal held everyone in contempt. Everyone was corrupt, everyone was incompetent and in collusion to fool the common man. Scams of mind boggling proportions had prepared a fertile ground for Kejriwal’s party. Population seething with anger over failure of Manmohan’s regime were receptive to the calls of revolution.

Following the success of AAP in Delhi elections, a hysterical media went to town with invented reasons for AAP’s success. From innovative social media strategy to door to door campaigning and mohalla sabhas all sorts of theories were floated. AAP’s success depended not so much on their own efforts. It mirror’s Kejriwal’s parasitic rise feeding off other’s efforts. Delhi was the epicenter of protests against everything the common man in India despised. Anna’s Janlokpal movement, Ramdev’s agitation,Nirbhaya incident, Supreme court proceedings on scams and incarceration of corrupts like Raja and Kalmadi mobilized people against established norms. AAP got an electorate willing to vote anyone who symbolized change. AAP was lucky to be contesting in the right state at the right time.

AAP has turned the idea of governance into a daily soap opera. Emboldened by the non stop media praise and the hubris of Delhi success, Kejriwal and his loonies have unleashed a string of theatrics that seem lifted straight from a B-grade movie. Almost all their actions seem tailored more for camera than for common man. Responsibility and accountability seem alien to AAP government. Decision making has been crowd sourced. The onus of fight against corruption has been transferred to common man with announcement of a lousy helpline number. Bereft of the vision and leadership needed for governance AAP is now looking for easy targets to experiment their version of mob justice. What is AAP trying to prove by targeting Ugandan women or going on dharna demanding suspension of police officials. The obvious aim is to divert public attention from their failures and controversies. The only success AAP boast of is benefiting from crisis. The current dharna demanding suspension of police officials is aimed at provoking action which can be exploited by the party. A police action will allow Kejriwal to claim victimhood while acceptance of his demands will allow him a political coup. With January 26th celebrations round the corner, not doing anything is not an option for central government.

The story of AAP is fast turning into a story of U-turns. Mr kejriwal joined politics because he was convinced dharnas were not effective. Now after failing at governance, he’s gone back to dharnas on the pretext of demanding suspension of Delhi police officers. After announcing 50% reduction in electricity tarrifs, he has now announced that it is only under consideration. The only difference in AAP after government formation is that their immaturity has turned childish. Metro trips, Janata Durbar, Rakhi’s theatrics have only proven how hard it is for the former activists to govern. Views of AAP leaders on Kashmir, Maoists, reservations prove the monkey with a knife theory.

AAP is now entering a phase of desperation. Like a maverick running after get rich quick schemes, they’ve set their eyes on parliament elections now. The euphoria of Delhi success has died and the harsh reality of governance and accountability has dawned which they’re not used to. The story of AAP is not one of a revolution but a clever marketing triumph. They’ve successfully sold the idea of AAP without actually clarifying what they stand for. Just like a daily soap opera AAP is a party high on drama and low on substance. Mr. Kejriwal may have attained power with the aam aadmi rhetoric but to think the rhetoric will propel him to PM’s post is overstretching his imagination.The money that we’re donating is not actually being spent on the dreams AAP is selling but on funding dreams of few closet communists who have scant regard for the country and its constitution. Its high time we stop donating to AAP. Stop funding the anarchists.