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June 1, 2023

Mirror mirror, Kejriwal!


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the honest of them all
Dare not say Modi honest among all, name our leader Kejriwal

He is so honest, he is so smart
He is topping all the chart

He is so cunning, he is so clever
Even Anna got fooled when they were together

He led an agitation, asked for donation
When the time came, used it for election

He is an IITian, He was a commissioner
Never got transferred in all those year

He is a visionary, he is fun
His only philosophy, accuse and run

He is the leader who speaks from heart
Everyone else has a verbal fart

Batla was fake and so was the sting
Give away kashmir, its a human rights thing

He is a spinster and his logic so circular
He can engage a communal riot accused and still remain secular

He talks of revolution , he talks of AAP
He hates right-wing because he is a jholachaap

So many qualities and he is sum of them all
Mirror mirror, is he not the honest among them all