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March 27, 2023


Behold the mighty INS Vikramaditya arrives


As one of the military leaders of the Asia-Pacific Region, India possesses a significant military capability, one of the main components of which is the country’s naval forces. Today, India shows all the signs of being a first- class naval power with a nuclear submarine fleet and carrier battle groups. The Indian Navy surely has been strengthened by the commissioning of its new aircraft carrier, the INS Vikramaditya. Coming close on heels of another significant achievement – commissioning of the nuclear reactor of the Arihant. India’s first indigenous nuclear powered submarine, going critical and the Vikramaditya is being seen as …continue reading

Chinese Dragon: Enemy at the gates


Earlier this year an interesting article was published in a staunchly pro government news blog in China. This article predicted six wars that china is sure to fight in coming years to resolve the border dispute and reclaim those territories. For those who’re unaware of Chinese system a lot of the news agencies are directly or indirectly controlled by PLA (People’s Liberation Army) and articles of such nature are penned by Generals or strategists.This quasi official document shows the prevalent thinking within Chinese security establishment, however the most interesting part is not the prediction of wars but how they’re fought. …continue reading