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Curious Indian is a platform for presenting independent views on a range of issues. From socio political, current affairs, defence, science and social issues. The site promotes and encourages people with an interest in these fields to share their articles to a wide audience. One can reach us at admin@curiousindian.com.  The websites hosts commentaries, opinions, essays, reportage and poems. Our contributors are:

Nitin Mishra

Nitin is contributor with experience in reporting on technology and current affairs. As part of a self help group that helps research students get access to information needed in their area of research, he is in a unique position where he gets exposed to and works with in depth research level information on a range of issues. His twitter handle is @curiousindian13

Hashmi Shams Tabreed

Hashmi is a journalist with Urdu weekly khabarnama based in Lucknow. he has authored the Urdu book titled “History of Shias in India”. He travels extensively in UP and mostly writes  on UP issues.. His twitter handle is @hstabreed

Manjunath P

Manjunath is an IT professional from Bangalore. He was active in organising meetings in Freedom Park during Anna movement. An early member of AAP and part of AAP’s social media campaign during Delhi elections

Praveen Koul

Praveen is researcher in psychology and based in Berlin. He is also, a Kashmiri Pandit. Born in Budgam, his family moved to a refugee camp in Jammu, he grew up listening to stories of his home in Budgam and the atrocities that forced his family to flee. He hopes of going back to his ancestral home one day


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