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October 18, 2018

Not 2002, 2001 shapes my view on Modi

 I was an intern back then. Having done my diploma in journalism and mass communication, i was working with a senior journalist to learn the tricks of on-ground reporting and developing contacts.My mentor was a veteran journalist, aged about 52 years. Everyone used to call him Haji sahab. He had gone on Haj with family twice and on both occasions used his contacts in Haj committee to get Haj subsidy. He was a smart fellow. Always getting what he wanted just by approaching one of his numerous contacts. Haji sahab was living in Gaziabad with his parents and two sons, both married and had kids. His only daughter Zuveria, whom he loved very much was married into a Bhuj based family, however she along with her husband was living in Dubai. I was living in a hostel in Noida. Life was tough for me. Brutal heat and cold of Delhi region, food in hostel mess, round the clock readiness to run for the story and above all, rudeness of Delhites. Guess its a cultural thing, it takes getting used to and in time i did get used to it.

26th Jan 2001, was a lazy day. Haji sahab had told me he was going with family to see the Republic day parade and i had decided to sleep as long as i can. I had come back from Bulandshaher the previous day and wanted to use the rare day of peace, sleeping. It had been 6 months in the city and I still had very few friends in city, Infact my neighbors in the hostel who were mostly students and the cook in hostel mess, Pradeep were my only friends. They were all Hindus. At around 4 PM, I was woken up by Pradeep for lunch. Watching TV in the mess, i first came to know of the Bhuj earthquake. Channels were saying hundreds might have died. The next day i encountered an extremely worried Haji sahab. He had been trying to reach his daughter’s in laws in Bhuj without success. Too worried to work, he sent me home for the day. By now media estimate of victims had swelled into thousands. Back at the hostel few of my neighbors were talking about doing something. We spent the day surfing channels and it seemed with each passing hour the tragedy was growing. By evening we had started a drive to collect money for the victims. By next day we had about Rs 9700 collected that we intended to donate to PM’s relief fund. I even approached Haji sahab for donation who was worried sick. He wanted to go to Bhuj but being a diabetic, idea of him going into a disaster zone was firmly struck down by his family. He said he was willing to donate Rs 10000 if anyone was going to Bhuj. That’s when the idea struck me. I proposed i can go there and cover the disaster as a reporter and check on well being of his relatives. I had his approval and the donation. Back at the hostel my friends agreed to join me as well. Surprisingly, Pradeep, the cook also wanted to join us. Said he earned enough paap by embezzling funds from hostel mess and wanted to earn some punya. We were getting ready to embark on this journey. TV reported a special train was announced by government to ferry people from Delhi to Ahmadabad free of charge. Things were getting into place. We had collected about Rs 21000 after pooling in our money as well. Pradeep had arranged another cook for the time he will be away. He had prepared 100 food packets which we intended to distribute among the needy. We were a group of five and we all pledged we would not spend a single paisa from the donations we had received on ourselves, no matter what.

Despite all the urgency we could only start on 30th night. We reached New Delhi railway station hoping to catch the special train to Ahmadabad which was to leave at 10PM. Unfortunately despite our frantic efforts we could not find that train. No one seemed to have heard of this train. How typical of Indian government efforts, mired in ineffective bureaucratic logjams. We asked a TT standing next to a Ahmadabad bound train. His response was “I know people like you hoping for a free ride, don’t you dare enter my compartment or i will throw you all off the running train.” We could not spend money on tickets, every single penny was for victims. And so despite, the TT’s warning we boarded that train. It was a sleeper bogey. We spread some newspaper on the floor and settled near door. In about couple of hours the angry TT was staring at us. He was hurling choicest of abuses,insulting us. I was upset at the humiliation but the students somehow were unaffected and just kept arguing with TT till he left us alone. Most passengers in the bogey didn’t believe we were going to Ahmadabad to help. To them we were a nuisance but no one dared to confront a group of 5 men.

The journey was excruciatingly long. We reached Ahmadabad by 8:30 PM next day. My first reaction was that of surprise. Going by media reports, I was expecting to see some damage in Ahmadabad as well but the city was unscathed. We were confused about what to do next. I called Haji sahab who gave contact and address of few NGOs engaged in relief work. We visited their offices. Some seemed as if they’ve been closed for last few years while others sounded extremely casual about relief work. We had not traveled this far to give the relief money to someone who wasn’t serious about utilizing it in a fair way. Finally someone suggested going to RSS office as they were heavily engaged in relief works. I had my apprehensions. I had heard enough about RSS VHP Bajrang Dal etc during Ayodhya movement. But i did not oppose. The RSS office was abuzz with activity. A lot of people were preparing big packets of relief material. A person said we’ve enough volunteers in the field, you can donate your stuff here if you want. Right ! give money to RSS ? never. I thought. Gladly, everyone agreed the money will be better utilized if we managed it ourselves. The RSS guy told us the epicenter of devastation was Bhuj and maximum assistance was needed there. We took an overnight bus to Bhuj. Food packets from Pradeep kept us going. I woke up at about 3 AM. Absolute darkness all around us, the bus was bouncing over cracked roads. Someone said, there used to be a village here.

About 6:30 AM, our bus rolled into Bhuj bus station. Wasn’t much left of it. There was devastation all around. Broken almirahs, computers, documents strewn around. The main road originating from bus stand towards town was deserted. Not a single building stood intact. There was debris all around. In balcony of few buildings one could see clothes hanging as they were hung out to dry on 26th morning. It looked like a scene lifted straight from a Hollywood movie. First thing my friends did was relieve themselves. They managed to get plastic bottles and there was plenty of space for attending to nature’s call. I couldn’t. It’s a personal thing. Some of you can relate i hope. Well we inquired about relief camps and headed to one setup in a college ground nearby. It turned out to be VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) camp. I could see a big crowd waiting for food there. Muslim women in their dirt covered torn burqas along with their children queued up in a line. We thought it was a good place to distribute our food packets, however the vegetable had turned stale. Poori and pickle were still eatable. We checked with VHP guys and they were only too happy to allow us to distribute food we had. People didn’t mind our poori and pickle packets and within 15 minutes we were done distributing our packets. I wanted to go to the locality where Haji sahab said his relatives lived but the VHP guy said that area is completely devastated. He suggested we should go to Bhuj Military base where most of the rescued people have been camped. The Bhuj Military camp was full of injured and homeless people rescued in past few days. I was able to locate Haji sahab’s relatives who were rescued 2 days back. A lot of people in camp were Muslims and each had a tragic tale to tell. Most of them had lost loved one’s. We started distributing some money among people. We came across RSS volunteers who were bringing quake affected people to camps. I also saw the little girl who was rescued alive after being 6 days under rubble. She had become a celebrity and i could see media flocking her.

It was getting late. We wanted to cover more camps. Someone suggested a place called Mandvi had suffered more devastation. We caught the overnight bus. First place we went to was Haji Hasan hospital. It was chaotic, the hospital was full of injured people. We distributed some money when an angry doctor stopped us. He said we’ll end up creating stampede as there are large number of desperate penniless people. We still had some money which we wanted to ensure reaches the needy. The auto driver told us about a medical camp in his village. We reached that hospital which was nothing but a school converted into a makeshift hospital. When doctors learnt we were from Delhi, everyone stood up in attention pose, They had mistaken us for bureaucrats. We explained our position and said we wanted to help. Upon inquiring, the people there said they’d prefer food instead of money. One shop that we managed to find was selling a Rs 5 biscuit for Rs 50. Ghafoor the shopkeeper was as ruthless about profits as nature was when earthquake hit the region. Sparing some money for travel back home we spent the entire amount buying eatables for the people in that hospital. There are so many stories from this trip that i wanted to tell but i do not want it to turn into a memoir. There is a beautiful message that i got from this trip, one that serves me to this day. Oh, and by the way on our our ride back to Delhi a bunch of TTs argued among themselves, each wanted us to sit in his bogey. We were still ticket less. This time they had believed us when we told we were volunteers who came to help.

Today I hear a lot about 2002. From Mullahs, Intellectuals, Media both Indian and Foreign, Liberals, Seculars and God knows who else. Almost everyone singularly blames RSS, VHP etc.I haven’t heard most of them talk about 2001 which was a far bigger tragedy where Hindus-Muslims in tens of thousands died. I did not see any of those champions of humanity serving there. Muslims, similar to those who today outrage and hate Modi for loss of Muslim lives in 2002, were out there looting other Muslims like vultures. Unfortunately none of the liberal secular narrative unfolded there. What i saw there was much maligned RSS and VHP folks serving humanity without any bias or hatred. They didn’t show any hesitation in helping, be the person a bearded Muslim or a burqa clad women. How many liberals or Muslims can maintain such neutrality when they see a man in Khakhi shorts or sporting a tilak. 2002 riots were unfortunate. One that was provoked because of a cold blooded planned burning of Hindus. In a state where riots started on incidents like bicycle collisions and cricket matches, this was a grave provocation. In a moment of madness, hundreds of innocents lost their lives. Anyone who sits on judgement about 2002 riots should ponder and think. Imagine how it would feel to be burnt alive, Imagine if it happened to your parents or your child, Imagine if they were blamed to have foolishly burnt themselves. In the land of mahatma not everyone is Gandhi. Our history is replete with Hindu Muslim riots across the length and breadth of this country and yet for some reason Media sees Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb everywhere else except Gujarat. We will move on only when we let the pain of past go. It’s time to let 2002 go. Courts have already done so. In 2008 i visited Bhuj and Mandvi again, and i was surprised at the transformation that had taken place. It was here that Haji sahab’s in-law told me of a weird incident. While being rescued by Army, the local Maulvi was upset that the Army men, all Hindus, had to touch his wife in order to rescue her. Think what would these kind of people say about 2002 riots.

On Modi and RSS i’m not asking you to change your opinion. I’ve formed my opinion based on my experiences and i’d request you to do the same. Don’t let some random guy on TV shape your opinion. I’ve seen many preachers of high morality turn into spineless cowards when the time comes to practice what they preach. This country is too precious to be held hostage by a narrow skewed version of what happened in 2002. A lot of blood was spilled by freedom fighters in the hope of seeing the glorious India of yesteryear revived again. I have every hope that despite all odds India will prevail.

  • Ratnesh

    Hats of to you and your friends. No effort goes in vain. Within 6 years people have came off those painful moment and created a new heaven for them self. Pain of losing the loved ones will not be felt by the media, they need something to sell.

  • Zia

    Mr Shamsh Tabrez Hashmi, I don’t know you are really the one who you claim to be. Assuming that you are let me tell you something. In 2001 I was posted to bhuj and like everybody else suffered damage, thank God not of human life. Your drawing parallel between nature struck tragedy and man made tragedy is itself misplaced. Yes the humanity still carry altruism as an inherent element of trait. So to say that hindu are devoid of it is as insane as your inference that Muslims in general, not of the ilk of shopkeeper GHAFOOR only, are devoid of hhumanity. None of the Muslim or so called pseudo secularist are saying not to elect hindu. All they are saying that here is a person who, by his diabolic plan, has done everything possible to circumvent the system to avoid being fixed for doing what he did. Some would say he planted a narrative and gory act of violence to engineer what he was best capable of. You know he has become the epitome of diabolic execution and circumventing the legal scrutiny by either coercion or buy out. In so far as your lauding the role of RSS or VHP is concerned ur knowledge is limited; partly because of your limited stay; or worse you are manipulating. Do you know there is some Radhaswamy or Swamynarayan sanstha in bhuj which took over the management of relief mmaterial replacing even district administration amend they used to take care of all relief material right at the airport ( part of airforce premise then). And administration turned helpless. Muslims were denied equity based distribution then what chipped in the relief committee under the aegis of JAMIAT ULEMA HIND. And Muslims too got back to its crunch. So far as ARMY is concerned it’s proven beyond doubt our army is disciplined to the core and has never let us down even if it means being utterly neutral. Yes there are many be a red spotting folks identifying themselves as the only worthy custodian of Islam but unfortunately too short of reason to know Islamic way of dealing with non – muslim and they may have enquired abt Person touching his wife is mahram or ghairmahram but that is no where close to diabolic planning/execution of a man in charge of running a state. By all means do vote for Mr modi even canvass for Mr modi but please don’t impoe your wish and will couching as community interest or national interest or humanity interest. Because, you know after all war is defined as imposition of one’s will over the other. Violence part of war is not necessarily the war in its completeness. Do try to see reason in immediate preceding sentence and lot if misgivings would give way to reason.

    • asdf

      & again a comment from a person reading articles on internet … Great …

    • soul

      “Muslims were denied equity based distribution”.Its very unfortunate to hear this because muslims were not thrown out of India but Hindus were thrown out of Pakistan or treated in worser ways there(if ppl write articles about cyber space is not enough).How could u even write this.Have you ever heard of someone who converted into as Hindu????Do u know of any flight hijacks by Hindus???I dont blame anyone but i cant see someone blaming mine.

      • Alshafareen Makani

        please don’t spread hatred among people. The people doing bad are bad guys… they r just a mentally blind people.

        • moronUma

          just like Saudi-arabian pedophile? i agree. An ideology born from a psycho is destined to produce psychopaths.

      • make it a better world

        i am a muslim and i wan’t to suggest u something..why don’t u kill all indian muslims??just make a plan and kill every muslims..u know what after doing that atleast this hindu muslim problem will solve..this is really ridiculous that we r in the 21st century and still fighting because of our different faiths..why don’t we think beyond that??btw u r comparing india with whatever pakistanis are doing we sd copy them??is this ur idea??(i am not supporting pakistanis. i know there are sick people)..but i thought atleast indians could think beyond religion..after 30-40 years we indians will still fighting with each other because of religion, castes, race..but can’t think we r human beings, we sd help each other..

        • roar

          We are not fighting over relgion. We are fighting over Your Religion. Be you Muslim or Atheist or what the hell. All of you are ek thali ke chatte batte.

          That damned idiot is casting aspersion on Indian Army security on the one hand and then equivocates immediately thereafter.

          How come all of terrorists are muslims. Reality is you people want your Ghazi-Dhimmi relationship to continue and have the rest of India follow your silly example. Ain’t gonna happen. Hindus have started climbing up the ladder and they will take over your world. Deal with it.

          • Not arsed

            ^^ Shut up you dick head. Oh btw I am not a Muslim.

          • make it a better world

            really??as i told earlier first kill muslims,then christians, then sikhs, jains, parsees etc etc. after that only hindus will remain..then u start “tu bengali, tu bihari, tu marathi, tu gujrati” etc etc..after that sc, st etc..after these problem over u sd start u r a female and we r we sd kill female.. go my friend..good luck..

          • make it a better world

            i am a student of international relations..i want to give u some examples of non islamic terrorist groups.

            Lehi (Hebrew pronunciation: [ˈleχi]; Hebrew: לח”י – לוחמי חרות ישראל‎ Lohamei Herut Israel – Lehi, “Fighters for the Freedom of Israel – Lehi”), commonly referred to in English as the Stern Gang,was a militant Zionist group founded byAvraham (“Yair”) Stern in the British Mandate of Palestine.Its avowed aim was forcibly evicting the British authorities from Palestine, allowing unrestricted immigration of Jews and the formation of a Jewish state. It was initially called theNational Military Organization in Israel,upon being founded in August 1940, but was renamed Lehi one month later.

            According to the FBI database, there have been 318 terrorist incidents in the US from 1980-2005. That includes 209 bombings and 43 arsons. Out of those incidents, 42% were committed by Latino groups, 24% by Extreme Left Wing groups, 7% by Jewish Extremists, 6% by Muslim Extremists, and 5% by Communists.

            The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), informally known as the Klan or the “Hooded Order”, is the name of three distinct past and present far-right organizations in the United States, which have advocated extremist reactionary currents such aswhite supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration, historically expressed through terrorism. Since the mid-20th century, the KKK has also been anti-communist.The current manifestation is splintered into several chapters with no connection to each other; it is classified as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is estimated to have between 5,000 and 8,000 members as of 2012.

            The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), a rebel group which seeks the secession of Tripura, North-East India, from the country, has been described as engaging in terrorist violence motivated by their Christian beliefs. The NLFT is listed as a terrorist organization in the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002. The state government contends that the Baptist Church of Tripura supplies arms and gives financial support to the NLFT.

            many more r there.but i am sure u r an illiterate better i sd not respond to ur further comments.

          • make it a better world

            u knw i hv only 2-3 muslims of them r hindus..i am thankful to God they r very much liberal, loving.we r just like sisters.not every hindus think like u.good luck with ur narrow thoughts.

          • Abulkalaam

            Are you in your right mind?? Looks like you have been fed the VHP lies to the extent that you have developed intellectual cancer. Don’t read too much of Panchjanya, the hate monger magazine of the RSS. Who told you all terrorists are muslims?? You are pathetic. Come out of your narrow minded thinking. Don’t be like Modi for whom Taxila is in Bihar. Bloody RSS bas*ards are always relying on lies and lies and lies. All false propaganda like muslims have bombs and rifles in their mosques, muslims do love jihad, muslims do this, muslims do that. Constantly fed with such lies, you are bound to develop this cancer. You borrow some ideas from anti-islamic websites and think that you are a champion on Islam and terrorism. You are so pathetic that you conflict the very basis of noble principles of Hinduism and speak as if you are the Head Priest of Hinduism. Muslims in the middle east have a political issue with hostile countries who are oppressing them, inciting them to fight, so they are fighting over political issues, not for religion. Islam is also there in Indonesia, Malayasia, Brunei etc. Never have any war or conflict because they are isolated from the troubled territory of Middle East. After the 1251 AD, after the revival from the attacks of the Mongols in Baghdad and till the 19th century, for 600 years, the Middles East countries were without any war and conflict. All the problems started only after the entry of the British and arrival of new ideologies like communism, baath party, then formation of Israel etc. Yes, I agree, Pakistan is a country that needs to be taught a lesson. They are really behaving like rogues. However, if you paint all Muslims with the same brush, you are not with the Truth.

        • marathon12121

          good one.. finally one sensible muslim voice!

        • NK Sarma

          yes, I agree. muslims should start thinking everyone as human being and think beyond religion. Luckily the majority hindu community is secular, otherwise we would have been a pakistan or a bangladesh. so I wish muslims come free of religious extremism and embrace humanity and nationalism. Lets stop those riots, lets stop burning flags, throwing meat in temples, breaking war memorials, targetting women from other communities, rioting over a drop of a hat. Lets live peacefully as human being, as indians.

          • Abulkalaam

            NK Sarma, by and large Muslims are peaceful just like any other community. And Indian Muslims are particularly peaceful to the extent of being pacifists except for a few black sheeps may be. They share the same blood as you, same nature, cultural background, same values and psychological tendencies. We categorically condemn any innocent human bloodshed or even animal bloodshed if it’s not for serving the compelling needs of humanity. This is there in the Quran and in the traditions of the Prophet and preached throughout their life by the great Sufis, Auliya and the Scholars.

            • NK Sarma

              Define ‘by and large’. In the last 4 years, most of the riots are one sided rampage by muslim community, ex, Asadmaidan, delhi noida highway mosque protest, Protest in UP damaging budha statue, stone throwing in CHennai US embassy, hitting northeast folks in bangalore etc etc. Lets not pick musafarnagar and assam and justify all these one sided rampages. So I don’t agree ‘by and large’ are peaceful just like any other community. 50000 muslims throwing stones in US embassy for some utube video? are you real when you say peaceful in general? is 50000 in TN a few black sheep in your definition. See, no question about communal integration, but if Muslims don’t recognise their problem, it won’t work. Please integrate, control your huge amount of black sheeps, and lets work together for the nation. Teach those huge number of blacksheeps on the correct message of quran and don’t hesitate from punishing them. Lets live as brothers, as we celebrate our common background and ancestery.

              • Riaz Ali

                Seems you are brain washed by the sangh propoganda. In every riot in India post 1947, 80 percent of all the people killed are muslims, the property destroyed the people made homeless are all muslims. Take bhagalpur, meerut, mumbai, pune, sambhal, jabalpur, ayodhya, gujarat, assam, muzaffarnagar. every where and then you blame muslims.

                • moronUma

                  Islam = Terrorism.
                  Hinduism = Peace, love.
                  Need proof? Look at India, it is secular since 15000 years. Gave the gift of wonderful yogic cultures like Japan, China, South Korea to the world.
                  Look at Islamic nations – Hindus population is butchered and reduced into a small 1% minority using sword, acid attacks(happening even today in Indonesia), jhaziya Tax, extremist Sharia laws and property prophibition(happening even today in Malaysia). Arabian region is already well known for how they cut hands of Hindu migrants if they are found carrying Shri.Ram’s photos in their pockets.

                  Afganistan(Upaganasthan, a Sanatani buddhist culture) was as beautiful as today’s Japan till 1400 years ago. And then a psycho religion was born in Aravsthan(re-birth of Tripurasur/mohMAD). It invaded Upaganasthan & imposed hateful, “Saudi-Arabian Allah is bigger than other Gods” type of psychopath thinker, islam on it.
                  Conclusion: Islam is for stone-age, barbaric society. Syria, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, Bangladesh deserve the shit they are in.

                  • basanta

                    It’s “peaceful”, when you’re not a Muslim living in
                    India. Just like Islam is generally peaceful when you’re not an infidel
                    living under an Islamic state. It’s when you’re actually at odds with the
                    religion that it becomes less than peaceful. Such is the case with most

                  • basanta

                    Hinduism espouses Slavery

                    According to Hinduism (read Geeta and Mahabharatha and various other Hindu documents), the sudras are made to serve the other three castes (Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaisyas).

                    More than one lakh Jains were slaughtered by the Hindus during the middle ages to further their cause. Jainism was very powerful in those days when the preachings of Mahaveeera took the country by storm. More people converted to it and slowly the Hindu population was getting reduced. The Hindu priests would call the Jains for a discussion or argument. If they lose the argument then they will be lanced. A number of such locations where thousands of such jains were lanced and left to the vultures are still marked and noted.

                    these evidence does not prove that all hindus are bad.lots of good people are there who serve for good cause rather than blaming others.if u want to do something for ur country then do some useful india where 40% of the population is below poverty line, 20% are criminals, 50% of the population do not have proper sanitation then there are lots of work to do rather than barking here like a dog.

          • whoami

            please don’t say all hindu guys are saints..then no rape case wd happen in india..and please don’t say all the rapists are muslims..either hindu or muslim bad guys are bad..”targetting women from other communities” it is a biased comment..lots of rape and molestation happen in india even in whole world everyday and not only muslim guys are responsible for that..all sick minded people are involved in those barbaric acts..

            • NK Sarma

              nobody will say all rapists are muslims, please don’t instigate communal hatred. you are deviating from the context, that is communal riots. When muslims target hindu women, it creates riots and as civilised society we must stop such incidents and riots like mussafarnagar. Please don’t twist the context, the call is now for peace and harmony and not hatred.

          • Riaz Ali

            please stop attacking mosques, burning muslim houses, shops, throwing beer bottles, pork into mosques and madrassas, attack muslims for having beards etc and spreading rumours and hate mongering. There are more important things to do in nation building.

            • moronUma

              first u stop masturbating on internet. u remind me of shahruk khan(always cribbing about America), a sad person.

    • Ankit Purohit

      Agree with you Ms Zia, the story looks like a paid news. Though there might be a very good part of RSS & VHP, but I would suggest the people blindly lauding this guy to see documentaries like “Ram ke nam”, on Gujarat riots, or even watch their activities around you, and you would know the truth. I am a religious HIndu, but hindu right-wing politics is something which I despise. Me and my muslim friends always go along with each other, discussing about our festivals and celebrating each others’. Why can’t this happen in the entire country…?
      People, think… Think if this article so truly wants to decriminalize RSS/VHP then why has the role of GHAFOOR been added? If the article is biased, at a time when elections are at peak, then what it supposedly has to mean?
      I am a student of Marketing and Media, and know how such articles are being used as a subliminal advertising tool. Someone actually PAYS to publish this article.
      The entire theme, “HAJI sahab” to this journalist guy is fictitious. And just imagine, TTs quarrelling among themselves that these people will sit in their bogeys, does he try to mean that luckily all the TTS he got in his train were Muslims.
      I see so mamy flaws here, just cant type so much. Will urge you to think once…!

      • Arjun Kanjiramparambil

        You my friend are an idiot of epic proportions. This is one guys account of what he saw in Gujarat during 2001. Asking why gafoor was added and why haji sab exists is like asking why you were born on sunday and not monday. It has no reason it just happened. The area of kutch where quake occurred has more muslims than anywhere else in gujarat. As for paid news your buffoonery is self evident. The writer is a reporter and must have published his story already in 2001.

        I think this is an article that beautifully captures a moment of hindu muslim brotherhood. Respect for human lives when people forgot their differences and helped each other. An event that does not fit in current context of secular communal divide and hence people like you viciously attack and slander any attempt to reduce the animosity between hindus muslims.Aren’t you doing zeher ki kheti ?

        • Alshafareen Makani

          But why the author compare the scenario of 2001 and 2002 and try to show there is no deference in this two historic days. In 2001 we could see helping hands, where as in 2002 we saw a terrific riot turned into GENOCIDE… I feel, author should have visited Gujrat in 2002 as well. We common people always have helping hands for all, not based on caste a person belong… that’s what I saw in mumbai riot in 1992-93 & July 26 2005 the day, city experienced one of the worst floods in its history.

          • sai kiran sharma

            As far as I understood, the author is trying to tell that the RSS and VHP are really not the demons we are made to believe by the media. 2002 was a man made crisis. But the point is Hindus reacted only to a maddening incidence of burning their folks. Which I think is normal when it comes to mob mentality.

            • satyakam

              Point is RSS is never a demon because the basic principle on which it is built and work is for human kind. how many incidences have you heard whether any of your soc called religion orgzs worked for people? It was Modi because of which you see other religion people still in Gujurat.

              • sai kiran sharma

                I am not an anti RSS person. I have known RSS for quite a long time. And yes I agree with them. The Demonization was done by pro leftist media.

          • Stupid Indians

            I hope you also realize the pain of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir and Minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. I don’t blame religion for such incidents, but this is due to ill mind set spread by Religion extremist. After all We are Humans I hope someday we act like it.

          • Concerned One


            GENOCIDE is strong word. It means extinction by killing for a targeted community. Are there no Muslim Survivors in Gujarat? In fact there is a very big fraction of flourishing Muslims who support Narendra Modi. Would it have been possible if it was GENOCIDE?

            Were no Hindus killed in that riot? If it was GENOCIDE no Hindus should have been killed. It was not GENOCIDE. They were RIOTS and that is also unfortunate and grave.

            The extinction of Kashmiri Pandits is a GENOCIDE. How many Kashmiri Pandits are left in Kashmir? The extinction of Hindus from Afghanistan is GENOCIDE.
            Within next 2-3 decades there will probably no Hindus in Pakistan. That will be GENOCIDE. By the way there were around 5 Million(50 Lakhs) Hindus during partition in Pakistan.

            When you say GENOCIDE it means that the Hindus targeted to wipe out Muslims from Gujarat. That is not true. That is Indirectly spreading Hate which I am sure you do not want as is evident from your previous comment.

            Concerned One.

            • gulam i am cool

              Genocide: The systematic killing of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, etc.

              I dont see by any means mentioning of any number of killed or anything.
              There was a Genocide in Gujarat and was thankfully not wide spread and was only in some places like Naroda-Patiya villages..

              I guess u are trying to justify the 2002 Gujarat riots by quoting the incidents from other places.

              • nathan

                well then what about the millions of hindus who were killed and tortured by those ruthless mughal invaders. What about all the HIndu women who were raped and made to live as sex slaves for the Aurangazebs of the world?

                In fact most of the muslims in Asia were all forcibly converted and their great great grandfathers were brutally assaulted and their great great grand mothers were raped. Islam was a religion of invasion. If you go back by history, all across Asia there was only Hinduism. That is why you find temples even in Ankor Watt, Indonesia, Malaysia and even China. Hinduism is the oldest religions and has been prevalent in the Asia region for many many centuries.

                But then the Mughals came along and invaded this peaceful place and broke temples, insulted Hindus and desecrated deities. So any Asian muslim (specifically Indian and pakisthanis) should remember that their religion Islam actually reminds us of the 1000+ years of slavery and torture by Arab invaders. Hence it is nothing to boast about. Same thing can be said about Christianity which arrived in India only after the British in a big way.

                So before you muslims and christians spew venom on Hindus, remember that your ancestors were all Hindus or followers of Sanatana Dharma. So do you think they are going to like what you are doing?

                • gulam i am cool

                  It doesnt matter what u were in the past. If u want to live in the past then its ur wish but u are defined what u are in the present.
                  Before u say all idol worshipers were Hindus u are wrong.
                  Even Mecca was once a place of idol worship.
                  Hinduism is an ancient religion I agree.. But is this justification enough to convert to Hinduism??
                  Almost all Hindus today live a totally different life which was earlier..
                  Ever wondered what are in the Hindu scriptures??
                  Hindus cry foul on Muslims for eating beef but do u know that Brahmins in ancient India used to have beef??
                  There are many things which have been changed in Hinduism and I guess Hinduism today is not in its purest form.
                  It is wise that one needs to follow the divine orders rather than believing old is gold.

                  • satyakam

                    Mr.Cool. Who is asking to convert to hinduism? It is you and your kinds who kill, force people to accept your religion – want me to give reference of Quran? Brahmins eating beef – Already your ancestors have distorted sanskrit words and confused people. Do not get confused and try to confuse us. Sanskrit being the best scientific language in the world, the meanings are varying with one word denotes a lot of things. Tell me whre is it written that brahmins eat beef and I will explain the actual meaning.

                    • gulam i am cool

                      Ha Ha Ha..
                      Now u blame my ancestors of manipulating the sanskrit scripture Mr. Satyakam.??
                      Great.. FYI. Sanskrit was not known by my ancestors to tamper with them..
                      And even Arabic has many meanings for a single word. The interpretation depends on the context of the sentence..
                      If it is so as u claim then u are following the wrong scriptures then..
                      Also I know my Quran and no need to teach me.. Its an ultimate guide and not only speaks of goodness and also teaches us to maintain strictness in the hour of the need..

                      And yes abt the meat eating in Ancient India.. Here are the links do scrutinize the articles well..




                      There are many but these would be enuf for u to understand the matter..

                • pakhi

                  do u have any evidence or historical proof that mughals forced people to convert to islam??do u know the origin of the name “hindu”?

                  “The word Hindu is very much misunderstood and misused. Many people have no idea how the word originated. In India, some politicians use the the words Hindu and Hindutva with communal overtones either to promote or oppose some ideology or party. To the rest of the world, Hindu and Hinduism refer to a set of people belonging to definite religious system.

                  The fact is that the BOTH the words “Hindu” and “India” have foreign origin. The word “Hindu” is neither a Sanskrit word nor is this word found in any of the native dialects and languages of India. It should be noted that “Hindu” is NOT a religious word at all. There is no reference of the word “hindu” in the Ancient Vedic Scriptures.

                  It is said that the Persians used to refer to the Indus river as Sindhu. Indus is a major river which flows partly in India and partly in Pakistan. However, the Persians could not pronounce the letter “S” correctly in their native tongue and mispronounced it as “H.” Thus, for the ancient Persians, the word “Sindhu” became “Hindu.” The ancient Persian Cuneiform inscriptions and the Zend Avesta refer to the word “Hindu” as a geographic name rather than a religious name. When the Persian King Darious 1 extended his empire up to the borders of the Indian subcontinent in 517 BC, some people of the Indian subcontinent became part of his empire and army. Thus for a very long time the ancient Persians referred to these people as “Hindus”. The ancient Greeks and Armenians followed the same pronunciation, and thus, gradually the name stuck.”

                  • pakhi

                    after the mughal and british invasion the concept of “India” (a nation-state) has arised.

                  • satyakam

                    Another ignorant fellow who is asking for proof of what Aurengzeb did :-) if you so much love history, please do read the history written during Aurengzeb by his people. And do not give your intelligent references here about Hindus. Read the Vedas if you want to give reference. Understand who wrote india history and how is it so different from the history writtten by the authors whom the kings themselves appointed to write their life story. If you will use your brain, you will stop going to Taj Mahal – which is a temple,

                    • Riaz Ali

                      taj mahal is a temple which is another delusion. take some medication.

                • (not a muslim, not a chaddi)

                  comparing 21st century democracy to mughal times…..way to go!!!!! *claps*

                • Sri

                  Absolutely right. Using Hindu women as slaves they were also put behind a purdah to prevent their identity. This is how the history of hijab or purdah started. And there is no 2ord purdah or hijab in the koran.

          • Rishabh

            woah woah woah…
            Lady, the killing of jews was a genocide.
            In 2002 people died, BOTH Muslims and Hindus died.

        • Ankit Purohit

          I have my opinion, might be idiotic to you, but is pragmatic to me. The point that you are missing is that the entire conclusion about ‘Muslims not caring about Muslims’ that the author draws here is flawed and in all possibility meant to attack the Muslim community. Only one man who is selling a biscuit pack worth Rs 5 for Rs 50 can represent the sentiment of the entire community to him, but when the VHP and RSS give swords in the hands of small children shouting slogans “Baccha baccha ram ka, janmabhoomi k nam ka” and ready to shed blood on one temple just for the sake of politics does not move you. The wrong has been committed not by the normal people, but by these demagogues. RSS might do a thousand things that are good, but if they spread terror in the society, be it against Muslims, or against girls in Bangalore’s pubs, or on youngsters during Valentine’s day: its wrong. Don’t laud someone for just one instance, for a man is but a sum total of all of his deeds.
          As far as the Rs 50 biscuits are concerned, there were a lot of HIndus selling mineral water in Kedarnath at Rs 700 during the landslide, more so at their own holy place. What do you have to say at this? So, all HIndus are inhuman? Does that sound like a logical analogy to you..?
          Also, to clear your doubt, putting your point is not stupidity; I back my opinions with logic! PR agencies do publish paid news if you are aware. There are theories relating to the same: Hypodermic Needle theory is one of them. Get your facts right before you call someone stupid. And from next time on, debate like a human, not like a hooligan and incriminate someone on the other side. Don’t go with the wave, because that’s the easiest thing to do, try and analyse things in perspective.

          • stormchaser1983

            meanwhile, 300,000 of your people (based on your last name) have been driven out of their ancestral homes in kashmir. Jus sayin bro, open your eyes to all faiths.

          • AR

            If all you got out of that story was gafoor selling biscuits for Rs 50 as author’s attempt to paint muslims in a negative light, you need to improve your reading comprehension! I read it just as an example of faceless greed.

            The point of the story was that much vilified organizations were there to help whereas the so called seculars were not. And their help did not hinge on the caste or creed of the needy. Do you deny that?I get your point that any kind of hooliganism is unacceptable but why are you so bent upon decrying the good deeds of an organization, and questioning the intent of the author, when you do not infact counter the facts presented in the story? You say that you see many flaws, while you really point out none. When does the author imply that all, or any of the TTs, were muslims or hindus? Is he biased? Or are you?

            As the author said, try and form your opinion on first hand experiences and information. The slogan you mention above (“Baccha baccha ram ka, janmabhoomi k nam ka”) appears to be picked from a bollywood movie or a third rate news story. Follow your own advice and think once…!

            • (not a muslim, not a chaddi)

              “Baccha baccha ram ka, janmabhoomi k nam ka” and many other equally brilliant dialogues are creations of not Bollywood but, leaders like advani and other VHP leaders. There is a documented proof of them roaring this filth in “ram k naam”. Watch it if you take interest in watching anything else than Feku’s great orations. :*

              • moronUma

                “Baccha baccha ram ka, janmabhoomi k nam ka” <— whats wrong in it? It simply means Hindus want their broken temple to be rebuilt. No "indian" muslim should have objection to it. Those who are traitors will oppose this.

                All of my muslim friends always tell me that they feel ashamed of what BABAR did in Ayodhya and it is a shame on their ancestry. Yes, these are exact words!
                i know this might shock those arabized(non-indian) muslims here.


            hats off….bro….to read and believe is the easiet thing to do….but to read, analyse, putting facts/truth/sense before everything and to know the real cause or objective behind an articles… best but tough thing to do…….sadly very few do the latter…..

          • Dilip

            For God’s sake, learn what RSS has done before commenting on them.. Attack on girls in Bangalore pubs was by some ‘Ram Sena’ and not RSS. Congress has been doing this always, props up similar kinda names and do wrong things and people believe half baked news. First learn the history of RSS. Don’t show your pseudo-secularism here.

          • satyakam

            Oh! yes my friend. you are not the only one of your kind – PseudoSEcular. Why your heart is not crying for the kashmiri pandits. Keep all your PR and marketing knowledge with you. This article is about the right side of VHP/RSS which is seen during every other calamity in India. The way the work relentlessly for human kind beyond any religion – The article is just another proof of that. It is not about Gafoor or Hazi. But your psedu-secular diverted mind can not see that. I can go on here talking about RSS. But your if you are a true indian, go and check the facts. Else someday you will also join your so called friends who are living in mess throughout the world and are making our country a hell too. It is because RSS, our country is still a country with our our values intact (1000yrs of rule could not wipe off us from this land) and with your name as Ankit Kaushik. Read true history, get the facts right and be proud of your existance. I have seen people like you who keep on talking about 2002, babri Masjid alll the time. but do not talk about other riots – why? 2002 riots is the only riot where Government works at its best and because of that it stopped from being the worst riot in the history of mankind. Where were you thousands of innocent karsevaks where killedin UP in 1990. you are so concerned about Babar – who looted this country and do not care for Ram who shaped this country. So stop your non-sense preaching. We are not interested.

      • Skeptic

        Ankit Purohit, I suppose you are some authority on identifying paid news on the internet. Things that do not fit into your blinkered, prejudiced mind are paid for. Else, if they seem to further your viewpoint, they must be the ultimate truth.


        hi Ankit, yes…completely agree……story has many anamolies which are evident if you read carefully…….Muslims are more safer under Hindu goverment than they are in a Muslim government……we can look across our borders and see the difference/reality….i dont recall or remember any muslim leader for past 3 decades who has done good for the community……….

      • Rajiv

        Even if it is paid news, the article speaks the truth. The organisations named are known to do excellent work in times of disaster. ( I am not a member by the way ). It’s also true that the ordinary human being responds with his/her best in times of disaster. Again greed is not confined to any particular religion. As for you, Ankit, you probably feel very good about yourself, ” see how uniquely good i am, that i am able to recognise and speak about the bad things about my fellow Hindus “.. Sure, you are a good person. But , i would be more impressed if you were a little more objective. You don’t seem to be able to see any good done by Hindus and their institutions. On the other hand you do redeem yourself by being totally blind, or silent, about the sins of followers of other religions. I have many Muslim friends too, and wish that all Hindus and Muslims could be friends, just like you do. But, i do not share the implied belief in your post, that Hindus are solely to be blamed for this lack of amity.

        BTW, i too have a true story to tell about 2001. A cousin and her husband lost their lives. The children survived and were taken care of by the husband’s Muslim friends till another of our relatives reached Bhuj, in search of this family. This relative had this to say, with tears in his eyes … ” I can never forget the role played by the Muslim friend and his group. They were the ones who helped pull out the already decaying bodies. They were the ones who carried the bodies to the cremation grounds on their shoulders, all the time chanting Ram naam, just as a Hindu would have done, They were the ones who arranged for the wood. And the friend lit the pyre “.

        Nobility is not the preserve of any religion. It’s part of all humanity.

      • Ygd

        Ankit, I agree with most of your analysis and observations. The give away was the Ghafoor element. The slant that element gave seemed deliberate.

    • l kant

      u r full of prejudice mindsets….

    • Saurabh Jain

      Great! Thanks for the mention of the extra-ordinary work done by Jamiat Ulema Hind. Probably the co-operation shown by Modi’s organization and JUH is the reason why Madani is such a strong supporter of Modi.

    • golu

      Yes, it is all a lie.. Let’s kill each other! We are what we are on the basis of the experiences faced. The author experienced good, so he has a good opinion… You might have faced bad, so you have a bad opinion. Don’t force your opinions on others.

      If someone from the community I belong does wrong, I say it is wrong… I don’t generalise.

    • sri

      The author was describing the role of RSS , Bajrang Dal and VHP during times of disasters. He says that these acts are contrary to what has been said about the group.

  • VeVePe

    Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the truth shall remain.

    Friend, your heart felt words come from the Truth, please accept my Salaam.

    • moronUma

      In india, we say “Namaste”. Salaam is used for Saudi-Arabian cultures. Or, are u assuming that author of this article is from Saudi-Arabian culture? i say “Namaskar” to all my muslim friends and they return the same with smile. (don’t worry, they are not Arabized fanatics like others)
      One of my muslim friend told me once – “It hurts me when all my hindu friends tell me ‘salaam’ and not how they interact with other friends. Why they use salaam for me?”. I replied him – “They think you came from Saudi-Arabia. Thats why they keep u outside native culture because they think Islam prohibits muslims from bowing to any other God and culture(other than ALLAH). And i think they are right.” He was shocked at my answer but that’s how u make good friends – Tell it on the face. Since that day something changed in him and he started reading about indian history and hindu philosophy, Ramayan etc. This is how we change hearts in India, our speciality.

  • truth

    amazing article

  • Ashish

    Even though I am going to vote for BJP, your overtly pro-RSS article almost made me change my mind -do they need to plant such sham articles to turn people’s opinion in its favour? During the 2005 earthquake which hit Kashmir, or the floods a few years back in Pakistan, it were organizations like LeT, JuD which were the quickest and most effective on the ground in providing much needed support to the affected. Does that make them saints, or does it justify their sponsoring of terrorism?

    • sudi

      i just wrote same thing on myfriend FB wall

    • Dusyant

      Those who say , I was going to do this but now becoz of blah blah i won’t, generally weren’t going to do it anyway.You were never going to vote BJP. You probably are a Paki who is just upset at this article.

    • amit

      I hope you understand the differnece between LeT helping a mulsim in pakistan and RSS / VHP helping muslims in india, or are you too naive?

    • gopi

      Sad to say ….FUck off

    • abcd

      then probably you should read more about RSS as well as their role in the worst of calamities that have hit Indians states….you should substantiate your rss-terrorism thing with proofs else you are just a pseudo-secular blabbering all that is spewed by the news traders every now and then.

    • Rati Hegde

      Sir i think the article wants to talk about RSS helping non-Hindus, not because they wanted some share of TV time, but because they were just helping people in need. BTW what did LeT do with Kashmiri Hindus Ashish ji? RSS always does help during times of natural calamity, in all the states of India, irrespective of which community is affected the most … this is a fact. Regarding your voting choice, don’t you know you have to keep it a secret?

    • Gautam Natrajan

      It is disingenous to compare the RSS to LeT and JuD. You can say that when RSS men hijack and crash planes or go on a rampage with AK-47s or plant explosives on trains. The RSS is a large volunteer organization that is mainly involved in charitable work. They have a few extremists but so does any religious organization, but the majority of people working there are good men who bear no ill intention towards Muslims. Just go to the nearest RSS shaka and talk to the people there.

    • sai kiran sharma

      We all know that you are a troll. Good luck voting AAP

    • Priya

      @ Ashish
      It is so sad to see such jaded opinion on RSS and sangh parivar, when they do such good work selflessly. I have had the privilege to see them at work. We are so tuned to doing things with selfish motives that we see a conspiracy theory every where. Kudos to the author for presenting a unbiased view of the work that RSS and Parivar does.
      it is shameful that RSS and L e T in the same breath, there are thousands of RSS Shaka s in Our country, if you manage to find time to get away from media which is making all your opinion, it’s will be reality check. Be sure to go unannounced so that you don’t feel even that is staged

    • Skeptic

      You’re a fence sitter, and a rather shaky one at that. Regardless of which party you wish to vote for, make sure your reason for it holds against the random viewpoint of another person.

    • sandeep

      Are U an Indian…or an agent from Porkistan…shame on u..comparing RSS with LeT and JuD….

    • Rajiv

      Ashish, are you saying RSS sponsors terrorism ? Are you doping ?

  • sudi

    great article… lets google and find out about the relief camps done at kashmir and pakistan when hit by quake… plz write next time touching story on this one too.. thank u for sharing

  • Keere

    Good story and well done by the author to help the less fortunate. However, I should point out that Modi became CM in October 2001 and had little to do with relief efforts. You can however praise RSS if you think they are good.

    • Jatin

      You’re probably forgetting the rehabilitation work done by Modi which is absolutely amazing.

    • abcd

      then you should probably read more about it…the Gujrat-earthquake-rehab work was so commendable that it was adopted by the Central govt. as is(verbatim)…It was referred to by the Sri lankans during tsunami, by afgansitan during the taliban was, by iraq during their earthquake…all these happened post 2002, 26th jan when the one year efforts by the Gujrat govt. were praised by the Central govt.

      • Keere

        May be you should read the article properly. It clearly talks about Jan, Feb 2001 and I am saying Modi had nothing to do with that. May be he did a good job after he became CM. I don’t know that for sure. For all I know it is a collective effort and cannot be attributed to one person who became CM 9 months after the earthquake.

    • Gautam Natrajan

      Actually Modi was made CM because of scams in reconstruction efforts by Keshubhai Patel. He did a good job of rebuilding Gujarat after the quake.

  • gopi

    Jai ho writer..first time I saw someone analysing sangh parivar with open heart…

  • truth_theory

    Today for the first time, you said what so many of us never dared to say. Take a bow!

  • Pathik Sharma

    Excellent Job! Amazing article. Thought provoking…

  • Rishabh Sachdeva

    Weren’t there a 1000 Gafoors or whoever you met who came alive when the flood tragedy hit Uttarakhand last year? Don’t be hard on a muslim trying to make a quick buck, a hindu, a christian, a sikh, a buddhist etc. have all been there..Also, I respect how much your personal experience has shaped you but reading this it feels like you went to an adventure park, you took a few rides, you did a little bit here and there, checked a few things, made a few opinions and came connect disparate things far too easily..your reasoning essentially seems to be like it always happens or happened..and the muslims got what they deserved..which is mediocre and distasteful reasoning as far as I am concerned,,you are being quite the intellectual ineffectual I must say! anyway, as long as it makes you happy!

    • abcd

      pseudo-secular spotted

      • Rishabh Sachdeva

        What would be secular? If I called you a pack of dogs or puppies? Anyway..pseudo secular is a tag I am fine with because all I see is a bunch of pseudo religious self appointed saviors with as much to offer to religion and God as they have offer as debates..stuck in the past, centuries back and lecturing about forgetting something that happened 10 years back..blah!

        • Ninan

          Morons like you who have never done any good to anyone, ever, try to find their own logic in real life scenarios. Sitting in that dingy corner table preaching your perverted sense of secularism ain’t working for you . Its time for you to go back to cuddling that cactus you’ve hidden in your closet

          • Rishabh Sachdeva

            I could cuddle seem to be quite cactusy! And nope no dingy tables here but seems like again you have plenty of cliches pilled up on your desk..clear them..clear your head..we can all do without your clatter talk..

          • Rishabh Sachdeva

            And for God’s sake atleast keep your profile open and be in the open about who you are and what your views are..I love that people hiding behind internet profile go around preaching about closets..what are you worried about Sir/Ma’am?

        • Gautam Natrajan

          Remember this if you are ever stuck in a natural disaster and RSS men come to rescue you and provide aid. Then will you reject them and die with hate or realize the truth: That most of them are good people after all.

          • Rishabh Sachdeva

            I dint say that the RSS doesn’t do good work..I would have no problem contributing or joining them in charitable work..I am not painting them with one brush but I sure as hell wish that RSS well wishes would stop painting everyone else..such nationalism is pretty unappetizing if you may please..

      • Rishabh Sachdeva

        abcd atleast don’t use a pseudonym before you throw pseudo secularism on everyone’s face..atleast face up..then maybe people will take you a little more seriously..

    • Abhinav Garg

      “reading this it feels like you went to an adventure park, you took a few rides, you did a little bit here and there, checked a few things, made a few opinions and came back”

      he has done a lot more than that .. your comment is completely baseless

      • Rishabh Sachdeva

        Who’s deciding bases here? I think it’s a mediocre article and I am saying it out loud..

        • Abhinav Garg

          what do you mean by the term “mediocre article” … you are free to shout your lungs out .. its a free country enjoy while it is

          btw .. who are you to decide if its a mediocre article or if its a good article?

          bases are decided by logic .. your comment is baseless because the logic you stated is weak

          • Rishabh Sachdeva

            Looks like your lungs need more rest than mine..I think it’s mediocre and that’s my opinion..ur free to agree or disagree with it..I think it neither has the depth of insight nor the incisiveness of analysis..but like I said that’s my view..I am not here to convert anyone..

            • Abhinav Garg

              if that is your view and you are not here to convert anyone then STOP REPLYING BACK.

              • Rishabh Sachdeva

                If you would stop shouting then maybe I will..

                • Abhinav Garg

                  so there is no way of opposing what you said without starting a hot argument … which is typical Indian mentality … either agree with me or dismiss the matter following a hot argument

                  • Rishabh Sachdeva

                    Well lets talk logic then..this is from a Shia muslim right wing author..Shia vote for the BJP and are aligned with them against the Sunnis…this is not a change of heart article, this is a nice story told so convincingly that it almost passes off for real journalism when it just another propaganda piece..and therefore for me a mediocre piece of reasoning so obviously going only one way that it’s of no or little value..except of course to the BJP supporters..which is absolutely fine..

                    • Abhinav Garg

                      I think in the last paragraph the author clearly says that he had made an opinion based on his experiences which is the best way of making an informed decision. The author is simply asking to not to make a decision based on biased and manipulative media persons. He just reported what he saw as first hand experience. Not everyone can have the first hand experience so others have to rely on the media sources. But even then one assumption holds true that life is not completely black and white. It comes in shades of gray and so what he is saying can be true also. You are sounding like no it can never be true and its all made up. You are trying to push it based on the logic which applies in political scenario. The author is talking about a natural disaster which is different. I don’t believe that even in such a catastrophic event there will not be a group of people who will help others irrespective of religion or cast. But I will not make any political decision based on these experiences.

            • Kis

              Ask what you have done for your country, before taking a high moral ground. How many relief efforts have you been a part of?

              Rss has a right winged ideology. RSS is not however a terrorist outfit. Moreever, helping someone on the ground does not give them a clean slate on Babri masjid incident for example. Indira had an ideology that lead to emergency but also strong leadrrship on other fronts. Congress current ideology is power at any cost – even if it means misgoverence and corruption. Such discussions are imp but more those discussions on price rise n unemployment. We had bjp rule and thre was no ensuing chaos like other pseudo-secular outfits suggested.

              I support modi bcos he is a stromg leader and clear thinker who is not afraid to shout his mind out. I dont see any other leaders in india whonhave his stature today.

              Vote for someone who will work on development and our nation.

              • Rishabh Sachdeva

                What I have done or not done is a matter of discussion which I hope I don’t have to share here to prove whether I am national or anti national..please don’t equate questioning one side as necessarily supporting the other..together the two sides should be held responsible for how we stand as a nation..the BJP was voted out in 2004 by the people of this country and if it’s brought back then I think everyone should respect that..we need both right and left to function well..but a vote for change should not be construed as a vote or obtuse ideologies..the people of this country are no fools..

        • Gautam Natrajan

          It is not an article. It is his personal experience. The RSS does indeed do a lot of charitable work even for Muslims. Ask survivors of the Uttarakhand flood and they will have similar stories. Then say if there are being mediocre.

          • Rishabh Sachdeva

            I said the article was mediocre because it ran away with it’s analysis way too easily..the communists ran the best camps during partition..protecting both sides..doesn’t mean that everything else they do is above questioning..

    • Ninan

      Maybe you’re dyslexic cuz your stunted arguments make no sense. It’s a personal account of an event. The writer clearly say in the last para that everyone should form their opinion based on their own experiences. You’re implying too much too negatively to be taken seriously. Maybe its time you take your head out of your ass

      • Rishabh Sachdeva

        Maybe you can show me how?

        • Ninan

          You got it in there, figure out how to take it out yourself

          • Rishabh Sachdeva

            You just seemed so much of an expert I reckoned no harm trying..doesn’t seem to be getting any where though..

    • becoz

      oh i see…well..what have you done? :-/

  • focus

    someone once told me that the people who do maximum work during any disaster are from the army and RSS and the first responders are usually from the RSS

  • Kiran_Salunkhe

    Kudos !!! Thanks for bringing some truth out of the Filth spread by Media…

  • lakshmi kant

    logical approach to explain prejudice mindsets….

  • Tariq

    how much money do you get for writing these articles or you are just so silly?

    • champu

      About the same that you got for posting this comment

    • Mehul Shroff

      You think someone would pay the author for writing on a blog site? If that was possible, all netizens would be minting money at the moment!!! Unfortunately, no one paid me but I still write that blogs are places where individuals express their points of view, and share their experiences. While you are free to disagree with them, but calling them “paid” if they are not in line with your opinions is completely unwarranted for. I would advise you to stop reading blogs and save yourself from the “paid” articles.

  • Rati Hegde

    you reminded me of the scene in Uttarkhand when Maa Ganga seemed at her angry best, last year. When newspaper reports said that the Govt. was doing this and that, in actual, the govt. was doing nothing. It was the RSS volunteers and the Ashram people (for eg. from Parmarth Niketan, etc.) who were actually doing the work, without waiting for Govt. orders or money or help. And here again, they were not asking about the religion of the person who wanted help. Thanks for sharing this brother :)

  • Mehul Shroff

    Well… I have a experience to share as well here… I was on the ill-fated train in Mumbai that suffered a bomb blast, one of the seven blasts that had rocked Mumbai. The compartment next to mine was completely blown off and the train was stranded just outside Bandra station. Just as the incident occured, several hundred Muslims, who were offering prayers at a nearby mosque came running towards the train and even before most people realised what had happened, they were helping people get out of the train safely, and tending the injured.

    What I am trying to convey by this experience is nothing different than what you are saying, but I just want to say that in times of crisis, most people, be it Hindu or Muslim will come forward to help without looking at whether the help is going to a Hindu or a Muslim. Kudos to RSS, and kudos to those few hundreds Muslims who came forward to help, without bothering if the person they helped was a Muslim or a Hindu.

    We really do need to get beyond 2002, and we need to propogate more such stories of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, because I am very sure that apart from a few handful people, the people by large, be it Muslims or Hindus, want to live in peace.

    • DILIP

      Thanks. Your view whic is very positive need to be kept in our mind, hear & soul. This what the parable of Good samaritan in the Holy Bible tells us.

      • moronUma

        Bible is holy? how? Bible calls those who put Murtis in temples, as “pagans” and ridicules them. And on other hand, it praises those who put Wax/Fiber statues of Jesus in Churches. Hypocrisy! Same with Quran. It asks to kill those who keep Murtis in temples or even a photo of Shri.Ram in pocket.
        Bible is a fiction written by Paul on orders of Roman King(useful as a tool of Conquest since it was normal idea in barbarian europe those days), 250 years after death of a fictitious Jesus(who never existed and whose photos are merely modern copy-cats of Sanatani Iran’s ZarathuRashtra(a Hindu Rishi)’s photos(with one hand up and light shining from behind).

        The author of above article need a doctor. He is seeing RSS through prism of religions. i love Sanatani yogic system because it is based on Science, just like Vedas. We need to get world free from curse of Abrahamic concept of religions. That’s what Modi said in his 2007 lecture. He beautifully explained difference between Indian culture and foreign imports.


    Mr. Hashm, read your article. I hope it is true and your approach of neutrality, I agree the efforts of volunteers of RSS should not be ignored especially during the Earth Quake. But as far as the riots of 2002 are concerned, people are not against the people of Gujarat, but their anger is about those
    i. who put the train bogeys on fire.
    ii. Who ignored the fact that few people did (put fire on the train bogey) it and transformed it into ANTI MUSLIM WAVE.
    iii. Who did not let the Army enter Gujarat and avoid further destruction of Life and Property
    iv. Who say that Muslims are Happy in Gujarat especially when a recent article (news) says that VHP’s President said the protesters to take complete control of the house and put a ‘Bajrang Dal’ board on it (
    v. etc etc etc……

    The list would go on and on and on….. still you think that we should wash away the blood stained hands with the rain of so called development….. AND ONE LAST THING BHUJ WAS A NATURAL THING BUT FOR THE 2002 IT WAS HUMAN ERROR DUE TO WHICH PEOPLE DIED.

  • Monoranjan Gorai

    No doubt you had done a Great Job by helping the needy. No doubt there are great people in RSS, VHP, BJP & also in congress. But now we are not just going to vote based on what a party have done 10 years before or a Party’s performance in other state. Just think, would you vote Yadurappa in the name of Modi? Even if you say yes, many people like me would not vote for Yadurappa. So, I would say vote for your MP not just for PM. Again, in few scenarios, MPs are comparable & debatable, that time, off course go to higher level & take PM’s consideration also.

    • Indian Princess

      Yediyurappa. And no, time has come to vote for PM. Selecting MP’s often turns up a mixed mandate screwing up chances of a fair stable government.

  • Aarti

    Thank you for sharing this piece. Brouht tears to my eyes. After long I read an honest writeup, not motivated in anyway. Also, its the first time in my life i read about VHP in positive light. No one has ever done that.
    Most importantly, i agree, yes we shouldnt believe the random guy on TV. I shall believe my gut and what i experience.

  • Mayank

    Riding without tickets, pre judging someone without actually meeting with them, and nagging because you were not given proper treatment in the middle of a natural crisis… It’s just amazing that people like you can actually type

    • mayankwa

      brain fart detected

  • mayur gupta

    Well i dont want to say any thing about RSS,, but as for the riots are concerned congress is to be blamed from 1947 riots of hindu muslims to till date riots in 2012@Assam

  • Faizan

    well… the author has the judgement about who actually incited the incident of burning train bogeys… I guess, the history has to be read… however, India has always stood up most challenging calamities in the past and will do so in the future… beyond going the boundaries of religion, we are all Indians first adn we are all human. When challenges are posed, when we are threatened, united we stand and united we will… pakistan can’t handle their own stuff what the hell can they do anything about Kashmir of Indian Muslims… I am a firm believer that I am not a minority but i am an Indian Muslim… so being Indian itself puts me in the mainstream society of India and I dont need any political parties support for me terming me as minority and I dnt need any communal parties to threat me, I travel everyday and im surrounded by my non muslim brothers and Im perfectly safe and sound… So we all need to go beyond the political divide and look at the country that we all dream of… Mera bharat Mahan… Jai Hind!!! And yes I have nothing to say on 2001-2002… all forgiven and not forgotten but dont want to give those people a chance to taint our great nation….

    • prathham

      It’s not authors judgement, its courts judgement. Just because you closed your eyes doesn’t mean world ceases to exist. 19 people have been sentenced in Godhra train burning case.
      I’m just as peace loving and secular as you are. No one needs anyone’s forgiveness, the rule of law prevails here and if courts find anyone innocent then that should be end of it.

      • Seema Jain

        Prathham, Faizan has’nt “closed his eyes” and neither is he denying what happened in 2002. You need to read his comment properly where he says that what happened in 2002 was the work of a handful of people (or probably more) and that should not affect the feeling of brotherhood that Hindus and Muslims share by large.

        • Faizan

          thanks for clarifying my first sentence… I never said, i dont have the judgement… and i really dont think we need to act and react on any of the comments… we just need to put our head together, get our thoughts right, introspect and work towards building a great nation… we all may have Grievances but that doesnt mean we should stop growing and living in the past… we need to prepare today for a better tomorrow… We cant give hatred and divided society to the generations coming… On a lighter note but a very important one… our grandfathers use to have rupya ser ghee and we dont even get the pure form of ghee easily… so we have lots in hand to do towards development rather than getting into who did it… Let us show faith in our nation and our people…

      • Sam

        Dear Prathham,
        In India, Most of the supreme courts big decisions are political decisions and not the actual decisions what it should be. In India, Court always think about after-effects of a big decision. In India, courts are not that powerful as of that US that they can directly take a direct actions against a senator but of course more powerful than the UK courts where Parliament is sovereign(Proud of that).
        Eg: Cases like Godhra riots, where culprit(s) havent been punished, or 1984 riots Culprits still wandering freely.
        Ram Mandi/Babri Masjid land division. Any illiterate can tell its a political decision to avoid any clashes.(Respect court for the decision)
        In Kasab’s hanging case, final step of Supreme court appeal didn’t happen and hanged in a hurry. (Obviously he deserved the verdict but the hurryness was a political decision by the ruling party to stop little trust of the people)

      • Sam

        Dear Prathham,
        In India, Most of the supreme courts big decisions are political decisions and not the actual decisions what it should be. In India, Court always think about after-effects of a big decision. In India, courts are not that powerful as of that US that they can directly take a direct actions against a senator but of course more powerful than the UK courts where Parliament is sovereign(Proud of that).
        Eg: Cases like Godhra riots, where culprit(s) havent been punished, or 1984 riots Culprits still wandering freely.
        Ram Mandi/Babri Masjid land division. Any illiterate can tell its a political decision to avoid any clashes.(Respect court for the decision)
        In Kasab’s hanging case, final step of Supreme court appeal didn’t happen and hanged in a hurry. (Obviously he deserved the verdict but the hurryness was a political decision by the ruling party to gain little trust of the people)

    • Prakash Mehtaame

      I am glad that you do not consider yourself minority. There are only two types of people in India, Hindus or those whose forefathers were Hindus. Sooner all people realised that they have same DNA, all communal problems will be resolved.

  • Suniel Parihar

    This article should be read out in all madrasas across the country and made part of our school social studies text books.


    Very good sharing. But can some part of philanthropic work take away your sins? As reported (like this) Extreme outfits used to do charity too.

  • Guest

    Journalism diploma you say, and still haven’t capitalized your ‘I”s.

  • r

    Dear Curious Indian, whoever you are, where is Mr. Modi in all of this? My curiosity is- where is the connection between the title and this article!
    It throws around the names of some organizations and appeals to the reader to have sympathy toward it. This article has some curious, must I say dubious, intent in it.

    • Ninan

      Dear birdbrain, if you missed reading,the writer went to Bhuj in 2008 and was amazed at rehabilitation. You may not know but affected areas had high concentration of Muslims.

      • r

        so what, if you missed reading my comment, read again, dear friend.

  • Somit Biswas

    so because of your wonderful experience we should vote for Modi and the Sangh.Therefore, for the wonderful work done by the Maulana Masood Azhar led Jaish-e-Mohammad and the Hafiz Sayeed led Jamaat-ud-Dawa during the PoK quake, the Pakistanis should make them Prime Minister.I mean what kind of ridiculous logic is this.How much have guys like Shahid Siddique and been paid?? Are zara haule haule kha lo mian.Elections aur bhi aayenge.

    • sarath

      Beta Somit, where in the article has writer asked someone to vote for Modi. Instead he says don’t rely on TV media and everyone should make up their own opinions. If that’s ridiculous for you then you deserve a medal from lunatic society.

    • Vikram

      Shame on you dude.. get a life first..

  • Indian

    I am not giving my name as people have a hobby to find my religion by my name !!! that’s not what need to be discussed, what is most important is the judgement of integrity of a person, while such incidents occurs in our country, we are not judges and to whom we are judging. Only hindus have patriotism, a muslim can’t be a patriot in India. why we judge the patriotism of a muslim person. He has equal rights for this country as other either hindu, Sikh or any other religion person have. Some opportunistic people of both the hindu and muslim religion can’t put a question on the patriotism of large group of people of this country !!!

  • pramit

    All the articles posted through this site glorify a certain ideology, i.e. of BJP/RSS. Even the right issues raised here loose their relevance when you present them with a narrow perspective.

  • Alshafareen Makani

    In 2001 we could see helping hands, where as in 2002 we saw a terrific riot turned into GENOCIDE… I feel, author should have visited Gujrat in 2002 as well. We common people always have helping hands for all, not based on caste a person belong… that’s what I saw in mumbai riot in 1992-93 & July 26 2005 the day, city experienced one of the worst floods in its history.

    • Guest

      Do you ever remember the GENOCIDE on Kashmiris?

  • Ranga

    Very well. Thanks for sharing your experience. Indeed an eye opener.

  • Realist
    • Realist

      Mr. writer of this plausible article. I’m confused. Is your narrative true or the above article which is completely contradictory to your travelogue. Thanks for the honest information anyway :p

      • abhijatyatewari

        there are extremists on both the sides , and the author wants to say that , the hatred should be swept off ppls minds, that how these kinds of leaders wouldn’t be taken seriously , then will close to shut down their show. If posting links to articles justfies any kind of point, there are examples of Azam Khan etc whose speeches in resent articles can also be refereed.

  • Angad Chhatwal

    Henceforth, we have to rely on natural disasters and calamities to expect good from people. Hate speeches, communal discrimination and fear, they just are….ab ki baar modi sarkaar? So much for building a nation.

  • Stupid Indians

    Looking at Pravin Tagodia’s todays statement, I don’t think VHP is interested in Harmony between Muslims and Hindus, Regarding RSS, yes I know they have worked for Indian rather then religion, but after all VHP is RSS branch..right?

  • Imran

    All religions teach some basic things.
    1) Not to exploit others for selfish gains.
    2) Having helpful attitude towards others.
    etc. etc.
    … but then, aren’t these things ‘common sense’!
    Do we even need a religion to teach us, all this?

    People who behave with any sort of harmful intentions just use the religion’s name as scapegoat.
    While the truth is, that they do it for their own selfish interest or are too dumb to let them get manipulated by others to serve others’ selfish agendas…
    … in the name of religion.

  • Mohinder Paal Singh

    I still remember the work done by RSS during Morvi flood when all Government organisation refuses to do clean the dead bodies from Morvi only RSS has done that….Keep it up RSS.

  • Anonymous

    and you did it yourself. Shaped your opinion about Muslims based on the “opinion of some random guy on tv”. Everybody is aware of Modi’s “secular views” (Pun intended)
    If you support him, that’s good for you. But don’t come with some emotional story just to prove your point.
    A fox in sheep’s skin will still be a fox.

  • Sadiq Ahmed

    Its not about Hindu and Muslim,its about good and bad the religious words is just choice to blame…i have came across many people to find out what happened in 2002…everyone as there own tale…we should blame ruling govt., of respective states what they are doing….when we Indians a head of technology,rich cultures and lots of money in banks…what govt is doing.,…I request all indians to talk about bad and good person not hindu/muslim…

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  • Amit

    Where is the comparison???there is no event or experience describing the 2002…the author was there for rescue/help during a natural calamity….where was he during the 2002 happened in gujarat…

  • Dharmendra Bhavsar

    Thanks for sharing this. It will definitely change people’s idea about Modi and RSS. I suggest you put this in the print as well so that it reaches maximum people before the polling finishes. This is the need of the hour. and hats off to you too.

  • Dharmendra Bhavsar

    i am utterly shocked why people remember only 2002. what about those who were burnt alive in the Godhra train incident? Nobody is talking about 1984. Disgusting. Very disgusting.

  • Dharmendra Bhavsar

    Tell me where is the need for the muslims to say “Islam Khatre mein hai?”

  • Jaya

    So that is why Vote for Modi ,Vote for BJP Vote for better India…….. Bharat Mata Ki Jai

  • dranup

    I will agree with most of this article. One thing that surprised me was the well organized system of VHP and many others. I visited hundreds of sites for three days. In Muslim area I was told not to take any pictures so you will not see those pictures. There was a separate relief camp for them too.

    What was unbelievable is the re-bonce of the area to normality within 5 years. Watch this video. there is one more.

  • Bholanath Goyal

    Hashmi Saab – Hats off to you for your bold and courageous stand during this atmosphere charged with electioneering slogans and uncontrolled speeches. Why these so called leaders can’t take a fair stand in the interests of country.But what advice you would like to offer to people like Azam Khan and Giri Raj Singh.

  • Rajesh Menon

    Well I too have an experience to share. I was in Mumbai during the roits that took place in 1992-93 period. I had an office right in the middle of a 90% muslim dominated area. Everyone who was anyone including my office colleagues told us not to go to office until the riots had gone down. Each day we could see burning buildings and see angry mobs on both sides of the religious divide killing and looting the other.

    Our office was on the 3rd floor of a building owned by a muslim who ran an eatery on the ground floor. A few of us who managed to reach office, the owner used to welcome us, hug us each and then promptly lock the door to the ground floor. He used to make food in his kitchen and serve us as the restaurant was closed. We learnt later that his son was killed in the riots that took place, but the owner still welcomed us each day with a hug.

    During the same period I had a close shave with a bunch of the so called religious thugs. One night while returning late to my flat I encountered a group of young men sitting on the wall armed with swords. They kept saying Har Har Mahadev and when they saw me and my friend, a few of them jumped down and asked us our names. On hearing our very sound ‘ Hindu’ names they told us to go inside our flat and not come out till morning. About 1/2 hour later we heard screams coming from the other side of the wall where there was a JJ cluster. Next day we learnt that some 4 muslim men had been killed during the night.

    The point I am trying to make is the same as Mehul below…Crisis brings out the best and worst in human beings. No doubt the RSS and the VHP extended themselves in giving succor to hapless human beings. It was a disaster that transcended religion in the same way as my office building owner took it upon himself to safeguard his Hindu tenants despite having lost his son in the riots.

    Your story about the 2002 riots being an outcome of what happened on the train reeks of a tilted bias. The answer to a carnage cannot be another carnage. No doubt hindu sentiments would have been aroused due to the train burning incident but to allow such sentiments to run riot across the state as a Government is unpardonable. The duty of a Govt is to provide security to its citizen irrespective of color, caste, religion or sex. When it turns a blind eye and allows hooligans to run riot for days it doesnt deserve either pity or any rationale.

    Modi as head of the Govt was as responsible for the riots as the actual ones who did it. Did you know that Hitler never gave either a written or a verbal order to kill the Jews during the Holocaust? Look it up. But who do people squarely put the blame on ? History is replete with similar examples.

    • satyakam

      Agreed. Modi was responsible as the head of state to maintain law and order of the state. And that is exactly wht he did during that time. Dont let all your good words about humanity shadowed by some prejudice sentences. Do you want me to believe all the fake NGOs, Teesta, Police who were outrighly rejected by Court. Suggest you carry the message to support the right when you write something. Govt is unpardonable when it can not protect Skihs during the 84 riots, when it can not protect the two brothers killed during Muzzafarnagar riots trying to protect their sister.

  • uday

    Anything good for one side is PAID news for the anti party. Everything is being served in such a sensational way that even the most dormant kind of comman man clutches his fist in anger and hurls abuses to the other side.
    Bottomline is we never make friends after asking his religion or caste then why such hatred…..

  • Kc Pandey

    Mr. Modi personally went to Uttrakhand and saved 15000 Gujratis in one day. He also spends half an hour every morning solving arithmetic problems for IIT students.
    Mr. Modi is the best of RSS.

  • MKS Dri

    It is my firm conviction for over four to five decades that the Hindu Muslim decide have been the political creation of some leaders of most of the parties to garner vote bank and to make most of the unfortunate riots that have been engineered by these narrow minded and self serving politicians and religious leaders. As common people, there is absolutely no divide between Hinus and Muslims as there are numerous occasions when they have helped each other in such riotous conditions. I am sure that the time is not far off when all these decides created by political leaders will vanish as more and more people are getting convinced about their mutual amity and communal harmony that will help them and the country to grow in right direction

  • MKS Dri

    Pl. read decides as divides. It was a spelling mistake by oversight

  • sameer kausar

    Hamshi shamshi whatever.. how much are you paid by bjp for reporting such stuff… dude the logic and humanity says even if you save 2 life and kill one.. your act of killing cannot be justified… and I think we have enough evidence to prove modi.s involvement in godhra riots… your so saviour vhp president praveen togadia.. whenever he opens his mouth I can just feel the bark only hate words come out… I am not able to understand how people get moved by their hate speech… I mean how can a person whether he is hindu muslim sc st obc can differ from othe he has same set of limbs… the similar physical appearances. We get aroused by opposite sex…. We love to eat have sex…. the unfortunate ones masturbate… I mean why divide then… live and let live…. and fuck offf….

  • Ashblackhawk

    I would say if every Indian have your attitude to look far and deep in the society, India will be a golden sparrow again. Look beyond tilak and burka and you will see a beautiful human. At the time of calamity no one in India has bothered to look at religion as all Indians are born on the same land and speak same language. This common bond should be enough to bury the differences and live as one harmonious society. Unfortunately, politicians on both side of spectrum want to divide people and rule. This is sad.

  • roar

    Dear writer,

    Kashmiriyat kashmiriyat kah ke Hindus were deprived of their lands just the way Hudiabiya ki duhai de ke Mecca was seized from the Pagan Arabs.

    Difference is Pagan Arabs were fewer in numbers and did not have good lines of communication amongst themselves. Not so with Hindus :).

  • The Hibernationalist

    a great read …kudos !

  • Dharmik

    This whole article seems to be fake, any reader who has read a few novels, can make out from a few points, dat this is complete fake.
    1. Did not spend money on tickets even if they had 21,000₹ with them. Wowww!!
    2. The whole haji sahab personality seems fictional!
    3. TTs fighting at the end for his friends! Seriously??
    4. Last but not the least, the whole article seems too good to be true! The incidents seemed to be taken out of a Chetan Bhagat novel.

  • Ashish Nigam

    I have also seen RSS people helping others without caring about their religion . . when there was a fire tragedy in Delhi ,

  • sameer

    You must be a shia or bohri, who are big chamchas of RSS. There is clear agreement betwwen them and rss that is you support us and we will not hurt you during riots.

  • sameer

    Summery of the article is that rss and vhps are finest people on the earth and muslim are very greedy and always have negative thoughts about rss even if they are helping muslim. totally fake only m0r0ns can beleive.

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  • Sohail Sayed

    Do you really think that you can talk this of all Muslims through this one experience. There are good and bad people in all religions. People like Ghafoor deserve the worst punishment. But there is no way you can generalize all Muslims based on this. Very badly written post with worse intentions.

  • Getting the facts right

    I really doubt that you are a journalist. First based on your writing and second
    stating the facts. If you are a journalist you would have known that Ahmedabad
    was hit very hardly by the earthquake but you say “We
    reached Ahmadabad by 8:30 PM next day. My first reaction was that of surprise.
    Going by media reports, I was expecting to see some damage in Ahmadabad as well
    but the city was unscathed.” That is not true at all. The first picture
    released to the internet after the earthquake was of Mansi Complex near
    Satellite area in Ahmedabad. And it was devastating. I am from Ahmedabad just
    an FYI. Also, Narendra Modi was not the Chief Minister of Gujarat in January
    2001. Check your facts he took the oath as a CM in October 2001. So whatever
    you are writing is a big lie.

    If you want to make up a believable story, atleast check your facts, first self made journalist.

    • db

      was their any damage around kalupur railway station? if not then how people who came outside will know? they will not take tour of whole ahmedabad when they wanted to goto bhuj.

      may be i am wrong. fyi – 150 12 grade science student died in maninager when school was collapse due to earth quack .

  • vaibhav agarwal


  • Anonymous

    Awesome Post bro….feel proud that there are still people like you in my country…..Peace ,Love ,Cheers!!

  • rj

    there really are only two kinds of ppl- good and bad and even thats not permanent about each. so it follows there are bad apples in every race religion region caste gender etc but you can’t make generalisation about the people from any religion region etc based on a sample first hand experience. so lets not fight based on these superficial division of human beings into categories

  • DRS

    you can hear similar stories from Pakistanis about Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaat Ud Dawa’s role during Earthquake in PoK few years back…..

  • RVenkatanarayanan

    If only our political vultures are willing to keep a bit of their mind open, if only our rootless intellectuals have some field knowledge and experience and if only our Media can be a bit impartial and focus more on news than on their own views, how different India could have been in the last 65 years! Even now it is not too late. How much more important social harmony is for our plural society than the so-called economic growth of our economists!

  • Prasun Banik

    Needless to say very well narrated. Fact is that we Indians have been driven by some of the opportunist’s idealism and not by ours own for long. I have never seen any natural disaster or a mass accident where people hesitated to come to help only because the victims were not of the same community. During those period everyone helps each other. Its only during the preaching of some opportunists and that too for their own good that we forget all the good in ourselves. During the 1993 Bhopal Gas tragedy, everyone helped each other. During 1998 & 1999 unfortunate train accidents where more than 200 people lost their lives everyone helped each other.

    2002 riot was really unfortunate, but it has happened and nothing can be done right now. But if we (both Hindus & Muslims) still hold onto that and try to make it a huge issue only during Elections, do you think it is worth. Don’t you think it is humiliating to the effort of those brave and kind heart Indians who helped during that riot and might have lost their live while saving another live.

    All i want to say is that, 2002 riot happened 12 years ago. Don’t you think the issue became much more active only in the last 6 months. Everyone trying to take the 2002 Gujrat riot much more seriously than ever only since September 2013. How many people has forgotten about 2002 riot thinking it to be unfortunate and moved on. But some people don’t let the wound heal rather scratch them a lot more only during election period.

    Why are we not much sensitive about the 1993 Bhopal tragedy or the 2013 Uttaranchal flood problem? Those tragedies cost more lives than 2002 riot. Only because during those tragedies a bunch of communal guys didn’t kill others. Is that how we measure tragedies’ sensitivity? Ask yourselves and find out the answer to the questions.

  • fagy5

    need a scamfree india.

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  • Bharat Kumar

    I applaud you for seeing the truth with your eyes. I also applaud you for your drive to help fellow people. However I have a problem with you not buying the train tickets. It doesn’t matter if you were a volunteer. The brazenness with which you criticize the IR for their slowness and the description of ticket less travel in the same paragraph is appalling to me.

  • Surya R Praveen

    We all believe that we have holy books w.r.t religions,
    Bible for Christians, Quran for Muslims and Bhagavad Gita for Hindus. What does
    it teach – Killing?

    Bible – Dt.13:6-10: Then shalt thou bring forth that man or that
    woman, which have committed that wicked thing, unto thy gates, even that man or
    that woman, and shalt stone them with stones, till they die.

    Quran – 2:191-193: And
    kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned
    you out.

    Bhagavad Gita – Ch 4
    verse 8: For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked
    and for the establishment of righteousness, I am born in every age.

    I have a question to all my fellow friends, when an Olympic
    gold medal OR a World cup won, why don’t
    we think that it was achieved only from a Muslim, Hindu or a Christian person.
    Instead we unite them and speak in a single voice that they all are Indians who
    won. Why can’t be the same with all other aspects?

    All holy books preached only one major teaching i.e LOVE. It
    is the only way to unite the whole world.


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  • 0nlyPeace

    Excellent writeup…..thanks for sharing..

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