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January 22, 2018

Story of a Narendra Modi rally


Manbela, Gorakhpur: If you’re afraid of crowded places, you should avoid Modi rallies. I’ve covered Modi’s Delhi and U.P rallies. The crowd has consistently been above 3-4 Lakhs. I’m sure congress will be willing to pay a fortune to get such an audience for Rahul’s rally. The overwhelming public participation in a state where BJP was lagging at the fourth place is a testimony enough of a strong Modi wave. Till six months back Mulayam, Mayawati and a host of other UP leaders were dismissing Modi citing the complexities of UP electorate. Their arrogance has given way to panic as ground reports indicate a surge in BJP vote share.

In contrast to other rallies, Modi’s rallies have a sense of festivity and curiosity inherent. Today’s rally in Gorakhpur was talk of the town for over a week. Newspapers were carrying stories on preparations while the town took on the saffron shade with banners and posters. I landed in a place called Deoria which is about 50 KMs from Gorakhpur and drove towards rally ground along with a Journalist friend of mine. From poor laborers on railway station to people at tea stalls, everyone seemed aware and talking about Narendra Modi.

Gorakhpur has always been a BJP stronghold, however today’s rally along with Varanasi and Bahraich rallies will give a massive fillip to BJP’s prospects in purvanchal. Modi’s oratory includes a detailed homework on the local issues. Modi talked of farmers plight. Lack of electricity and fertilizers are perennial in the eastern belt. He talked of the closed HFC (Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation) plant which received a lot of applause from people. He touched upon plight of sugarcane farmers and since this belt hosts a lot of sugar mills, this point was well received by people. A cursory look around and i noticed even the most illiterate looking man was listening to Modi. Modi had connected to his audience.

Modi talked of migration and jobs, issues which touch a raw nerve here. Almost every family has people working outside the state. Unemployment is rampant and young don’t seem to have a choice. Infact people are so irritated with Akhilesh government’s free laptop scheme that majority are trying to sell it in open market. A group of students i met said, quality of education is poor in UP due to which they end up spending a fortune on coaching post college. A lot of them spent money to learn how to use the laptops they received. They said it would have been better had the same amount been spent in imparting computer skills after which they could have got some job. An elderly nearby named Govind Yadav said his both sons have got free laptops and all they do is watch movies. Getting two buffalos instead would helped their family earn some money.

Modi’s talk of skill development and jobs is successfully appealing to all. I came across Muslims, Yadavs and backward castes who all seem to be supporting Modi in the hope that the area will develop and jobs will be available locally. Modi also seem to be benefiting from his earlier speeches. His call to Yadav’s in Patna rally seems to be working. To a lesser extent Muslims also seem intrigued by his call in Patna and Varanasi rallies. Muslims were asked about 2002 riots by a bunch of Journalists to which their answer was either they can stick to 2002 and continue dying in poverty or give Modi a chance. One unique thing i continue to notice about Modi’s rallies is participation by ex-armed forces personnel or their family. “Modi’s strong image and sympathetic approach towards soldiers is why me and my unit are rooting for him” said Rajeev a soldier in Army. He was on leave and came from Bhadohi to attend this rally.

BJP was in a hopeless state just a year back. Modi single handedly seems to have turned the party around with massive gain in vote share. In my travels across the state, i noticed almost every party losing voteshare to BJP. Modi’s appeal is across all castes and his OBC, poor chaiwallah image is working to his advantage. If i were to risk a guess i’d say a 40+ tally from UP for BJP is entirely possible.

  • Ranveer Singh

    yes, I’m yet to come across a prediction that’s attributing less than 40 seats to BJP. A whole lot of groundwork in deep pockets and this may well be a clean sweep.
    NaMo supporters need not be complacent however – we’re not quite there yet, we have work to do.
    Lets do it.

    • MrModi

      Thanks for the hard work

  • raksha

    Modi is fake , doing something at state level doesn’t mean that you will be able to deliver the same at national level. I am not saying he can’t however I am saying ,don’t repeate the same thing again ,again and again. If you say that this happen in Gujarat then take blame for ill practices as well.
    Life of an individual is at highest price which was put on stake by Mr. Modi.
    May be he was a tea vendor but now he is one of the PM contender. He must have the knowledge of history , if you don’t know ,don’t say. Mr. Modi keep on doing same mistake again and again related to history . Those who favor modi will say its scripted and done by others ,so should I say even everything was done by others in Gujarat which is claimed by Modi.

    • R Prasad

      You claim Modi to be ‘doing something at state level’ & yet you call him ‘fake’. That’s self negation & self contradictory! Your argument sound like fake!

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Your rant makes no sense. try to write more coherently and clearly and what does this statement “Life of an individual is at highest price which was put on stake by Mr. Modi” mean? could you explain.

    • Sumanth

      You must be confused, You are a fake poster.

    • Happy

      would you ask Raul/MMS/Sonia and rest of ministers that how much knowledge they have about India/history? He did not made any mistake in history but pseudo secular MSM twisted the facts.

    • BNS

      Agreed, let’s say for argument’s sake Modi cannot do at the central level what he has done at the state level. But what are the other choices doing? One (Rahul) has been in Center for 10 years now, and the other (Aravind Kejriwal) cannot even manage the state of Delhi. And you still say these two are better choices! Strange logic.

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  • Usha

    Why does the Delhi survey then say that AK is the top choice for PM. PM and AK? Ludicrous!

    Survey seems fake and planted, but it affects some ignorant minds. I am concerned.

  • Abhishek

    I am surprised by the reaction of the people, like some saying that Modi is fake, it may be but what about arvind isn’t he behaving like an arrogant man who don’t know what should be said and done. About speech of Modi in which many say his knowledge about history or culture is wrong , it’s my request to please see what he say and than check what the history is you can’t say about local history when you are in delhi, than you are behaving like AK. check your knowledge of history as it seems biased and i am following Modi rally not today or when he is declared PM candidate but I have seen his rallies from 2005 and rarely he is wrong in local history. He always do his homework and i believe he was,is and will be a good student of Politics. I was seeing today’s news paper even Mr Mirwaiz liberal separatist from Kashmir, he is muslim and Kashmiri than also he wants that Modi to be the P.M of India so that the problem of Kashmir can be solved for ever, similarly in other parts of country people wants Modi to be there next P.M. so that there problem can be solved.

  • Sumanth

    Can you shine light on Odisha mining mafia and Naveen and UPA involvement. BJP has not made much headway in Odisha. The size and scale of mining scam is breath taking. 60,000 crores !!! Here’s some info.
    This will really rock Naveen’s hold on Odisha.

  • Sumanth

    Can you shine light Odisha mining scam involving Naveen and UPA. The scale of the scam is breath taking at 60,000 crores. Here’s some basic info. I am sure you have more deeper sources to research.

  • Sumanth

    Can you shine light on Odisha mining scam involving Naveen and UPA. The scale of the scam is breath taking at 60,000 crores. I am sure you have more deeper sources to research.

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