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September 22, 2018

Dear Arvind, I want my money back

[This article has been submitted by Manjunath P from Bangalore. He was active in organising meetings in Freedom Park during Anna movement. An early member of AAP and part of AAP’s social media campaign during Delhi elections.]


Frankly, I had never heard of Arvind Kejriwal till Anna’s Janlokpal movement. The movement had touched the simmering anger against corruption and the dishonest politicians. I still remember how we had switched off the lights in our building for an hour to support Anna. Most of the buildings in our locality had done the same. Round the clock media coverage on people’s participation acted as a booster dose to the already prevalent buoyant mood.

Ignorant politicians were acting immature, sometimes even insulting Anna
and it all just added to the anger. Arvind Kejriwal came on the scene with
reports of his hard line stance in meetings between government and civil
society members. We all supported Arvind Kejriwal. We’ve all seen what happened to the billion dollar scams and their investigation. We had seen the arrogance of UPA government and the treatment meted out to Baba Ramdev. There was no trust left on the government. There was a realization that we cannot get rid of corruption by working with the government.

I supported Kejriwal when he announced his party. I was among the first few
who applied for party’s membership and rejoiced when Arvind came up with a string of exposes. He was taking on the high and mighty like, Salman
Khurshid, Nitin Gadkari, Robert Vadra and Mukesh Ambani. Here was an honest leader of impeccable credentials fighting an unrelenting battle against corruption. Every time he was attacked in media, my support grew stronger. I’ve donated to AAP and even participated in online campaigns during Delhi elections. I wanted to see him win and set examples in fight against corruption. I was overjoyed to see AAP coming to power in Delhi.

Arvind indulged in populist schemes, free water and cheap electricity. This
wasn’t different from any other politician but had to be done since it was
part of election promise. Round the clock media coverage showed AAP
ministers travelling by metro and auto, rejecting government perks. I was
happy but i waited for the revolution to begin. Media, all around was going
gaga over Kejriwal. It was a sweet sight to see same media going crazy over
AAP which was writing us off till some months back.

I was disappointed to see the entire discourse for AAP change from
rejecting VIP culture to preparations for Parliamentary elections. What
happened to the promise of immediately acting on corruption? What happened to all those proofs against corrupt politicians and high officials. The very genesis of AAP lies in its promised fight against corruption but till date Arvind’s government has not even shown inclination to go after the corrupt. We were led to believe AAP leadership has sufficient proof against corrupt politicians in Delhi and still didn’t see any action. Helpline number looks more like an excuse to transfer the onus of fighting corruption on people.

Not everyone in AAP carries as impeccable a character as Arvind’s. A lot of
AAP candidates have either been part of conventional parties or are
rejects. The sting done by Media-Sarkar may have been rejected by the party but the facts remains that they agreed to indulge in illegal acts for money and votes. Despite the claims of transparent money collections, most of us knew that cash was regularly accepted during elections. As if the antics of Binny and Rakhi were not enough, Prashant Bhushan keeps embarrassing with statements that most AAP supporters dislike. Yogendra Yadav has proposed a new reservation quota. The party is behaving as just any other party Arvind used to abuse from Anna’s podium in Ramlila Maidan.

Media is covering AAP just as extensively as it was covering Anna movement. AAP now has everything that it asked for from people and the system but it seems our priorities have changed. We were told AAP government wouldn’t last more than a week and we had to fulfill our promises soon. Weeks have gone by, the government is stable and the principal promise of acting against corrupt remains untouched. I’m told famous people are joining AAP and it will strengthen the party. I wonder how much more strength do we need to act against corruption when we can’t do it being in government. I’m told i need to give Arvind more time and i wonder why did he not set our expectations accordingly. He was the one giving us dates for things he planned to do. His statements on Sheila Dixit, Janlokpal are exactly opposite of his stands just before election.

Frankly i don’t see anything different that has been done by Arvind. No to
VIP culture, transferring officials to distributing freebies, its been done before. I’d sum up my AAP experience as a promise that disappointed. I just couldn’t understand this craze for fighting national elections when so many promises remain unfulfilled. If i could, i would want back the money i donated. This constant media praise of AAP is bewildering when we haven’t even delivered on the promises. With the benefit of hindsight, i can now say, even Anna movement wouldn’t have captured the imagination of people the way it did had it not been for media. I’m afraid AAP will end up as a brief spark in Indian political history once media coverage fades unless they deliver on the fundamental promise of fighting corruption.

  • sktp

    You are naive. Kejriwal has tentacles deep into Cong. He is close to Sonia Gandhi. Anna is a rustic simpleton who was used by Cong to thwart Ramdev’s anti-corruption movement. Kejriwal was then propped up and Anna discarded. He is Cong agent. His hurry to fight parliamentary elections is understandable if you realize that his purpose all along has been to take enough votes away from BJP in urban areas so that Modi effect is neutralized and Cong is able to form Govt. again with help of rag tag parties including AAP. Alarm bells should have rung in your mind when Kejriwal took support of Cong to form Govt. It is nothing but a staged act.

    • Shashwat

      “You are naive”

      Lol…and you have been enlightened by the divine light of Mr. Modi’s wisdom…right?

      • JJ

        Bachon ki kasam… Hna :-)

      • open minded

        tujhe tab akal ayegi jab humari economy chalane ke liye world bank se bheekh mangni padegi. bewakoof aadmi. lekin modi naa aa jaye. koi nahi tum logo ko ghulami ki adat hai. koi na koi kutto ko haddi daal de. tum saale khush rehte ho. kabhi progressive attitude mat rakhna. people like me frustrate me to the core. go educate yourself. kum se kum economics hi pdh lo toh pata chale na ki kaunsi party ki kya policy hai . kisi ne muffler pehan liya shirt nahi badli do din toh woh aam admi ho gaya? crores ki inki property hai yeh jo tumhare aam admi hain. aankhein abhi khol lo nahi toh jab tak ankh khulegi dekhne ko kuch bhi nahi hoga

    • Xavier Safety

      but now the people [especially the urban] are so incensed with AK & AAP for ditching & fooling them by aligning with the same CORRUPT MAFIA CONGRESS.

      If Delhi Assembly Elections were to be recon ducted today, all the AAP candidates including AK will lose their deposits

      • Jitesh

        So AAP has been elected and judged in 3 weeks and found that congress or bjp is much better in comparision, isnt it???

        • Deep

          didn’t AAP judge BJP’s six year stint against 55 yrs misrule of congress ? Didn’t arvind blackmailed Parliament to enact JLP bill in say 10-15 days or Anna will go to fast ? Now when AAP is in power why he is shying away from taking a big leap and nabbing big fishes who had been indicted in Lokayukta, Shunglu committee report! Study those and implement them or is it that he have skeletons in his cupboard ?

          • Avinash Lewis

            If people of Delhi would have given AAP Majority.. then they would have had right to ask this question?? who are to blame.. Surely people of Delhi, If they opt for lokpal now Congres will withdraw support as many of their cats willl be in cage.. and people of Delhi would not get what they are geting now.. Take it or Leave it as simple as that

            • Prasanna Kumar M R

              Congress does not have guts to withdraw.
              But AK is not ready to compromise power at any cost; even saving all Scamsters of Congress. He is nothing but a puppet like MMS. Only difference he never opens his mouth but AK never closes his mouth.!!

              • Kishan Lal

                AK was a well planned agent of congress to do all those expose dramas and not a single case for filed against congress goons and then he got all the lime light.

            • Radical Thoughts

              Now the people of Delhi is the reason for AAP’s inaction… Don’t worry AK will tell this exact words soon.

            • Chiranjivi Reddy

              I don’t know how you can blame people of delhi for this. If congress withdraw their support, AAP will get full majority in re election. Can you tell me one thinf which AK has done till date for people of delhi other than giving freebies. What was his action for the gang rape which happened few days back?

          • Kishan Lal

            Very well said. In those only 6 years of rule, BJP took India to Current account surplus and then congress came demolished our economy.

        • Bharat


        • Avinash Lewis

          Galat jawab, AAP has been in office for 15 days, what did BJP do when they were in power 15 years back.. and how well did they screw up MCD along with congress… and FYI what did BJP do in other 4 states where they won elections 60 days back..Nothing… AAP had surely perfomed..i would say give AAP time… what best they did in Delhi is copying AAP mainfesto and sure enough they would have never fullfilled it if they would have won …as before…. correct me if i am wrong :-)

          • nksh

            Well Said Avinash

          • akshay

            You are totally ignorant. Just because media does not highlight what BJP CM’s in other states are doing that doea not mean that they are not. For ex, vasundhra rajje has already started probing Vadra case.

          • Raghu

            Well said!

          • madhav

            Following things are done by other BJP CMs in the same period , when AK is busy in giving interviews as if still he is in opposition .


            • KZHS

              this needs to be done as it is being followed now…hope same shall continue

          • priyanka dey

            I agree avinash

          • Wakeup
          • flash

            What AK did in 15 days:
            1. Freebies (an be done by simply signing in a cheque) when infact they promised exposing the corruption and thus automatically reducing the prices. This one move will ruin the economics of Delhi
            2. More and more anti-development naxals joinning in AAP
            3. Reservations in Delhi
            4. AAP Carders taking over schools/hospitals like CPI in WB
            5. Minority appeasement and nothing else

          • Kishan Lal

            Really? You can’t see how Kejriwal fooled people of Delhi? 50% electricty rate reduction is not ordered by the companies but it is based on 200 crore subsidy that delhi goverment is giving….It is people’s money used to give it to those electricity companies to get people’s attention and votes. WOW what a gameplan.

        • KapChill

          AAP has been elected?? Where? It was the second largest party which aligned with the non-NDA parties to form government. This AAP government is similar to Deve Gowda/Gujral’s government which were propped by the congress to keep the BJP out of government.

        • AAP joins hand with Congress

          AAP was not judged in 3 weeks for their inefficiency but for their intent. Joining hands with congress is just not acceptable. Majority of us voted for AAP to stay away from congress and you guys do a sham of a referendum which does not cover even 50% of your voters and say we need to join Congress. Why was this not made clear before the elections. You could have very well said after elections we will conduct a referendum on either taking or giving support.

    • Salim

      A corrupt Govt is better than a corrupt and communal Govt which is headed by a mass-murderer who is more concerned about what happened 1000 years ago rather than where we can be a 1000 years later. BTW if Modi wins, Baba Ramdev will also bring back to India the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of the iron ore stolen from Karnataka’s Belikere port for 30 days by Modi’s new bed partner Yeddy.

      • sktp

        After killing and banishing all Hindus from Kashmir due to religious bigotry, you Muslims have no right to complain of communalism. What happens to your secularism when you become a majority?

        • Dharmo Crat

          Kashmir only? Add Pakistan to the list. Add Bangladesh to the list. Add Afghanistan to the list. But the problem is not Muslims it is Islam. All these people are converted Hindus only being made to fight other Hindus by Islam. The process will continue till there are few or no Hindus left.

          • Deshpremi

            Dharmo Crat bro you are right, the real problem is Pisslam…But time has changed we will not only fight but root out Pisslam togather. The only thing that makes the swiles roar is government support, once we have an able leader like Modi who can make strict decisions without any bias. Once this happens they will hide in their shell.

          • ThinkBig

            Add few more, Lebonan, babylon, mesopotamia, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan. Unless you know bit history(explained in below links (may repeat in your country as well)

            Knowingly(stratigists) or unknowingly(moderates) they use these deception tactics practically at large scale.

        • ThinkBig

          Secularism is ONE WAY to Islamise, Globally. India Is no exception. Indian’s ignorance (including most of Muslims not aware of it, some/most forced converted from Hindus again) that they are encouraging a death cult, totalitarian system in India.

        • Ashish Barla

          Brother dont make this a communal fight.Plz talk about facts.That’s how Britishers ruled us and now our politicians.Openup ur eyes.remember divide and rule policy..

      • Common Man

        You can go back to Pakistan..which your ancestors shud have done 60 yrs back

      • ThinkBig

        if one wants you to forget the history and not to learn from it. Then don’t trust him, he is trying to deceive it.

        Anytime you need to learn from what happened in past to fix and go into future

      • nimnam

        Once you are fooled, you do not want to accept it. And you play double blind. It takes strength to understand you made a mistake and correct it. But correcting means you are fooled and that means you are a defuncted mentally. Who wants to do that.

      • Harun

        All Muslims are not terrorists, but all Terrorists are muslims. Also, people following Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism – people of all other religions have had Islam as their common enemy. Why???? Because the fault is with all the non-Muslims????? Or because the fault lies in you and your ilk????? We don’t want India to be a burkha-covered, lice-infested bearded, cap-wearing $hithole that your “secularism” wants to change it to… We see through your bull$hit. You have no takers. You are the outcastes – the main problem of the world.

      • AK Fan

        go cut your balls and donate to Pakistan

      • Amol Walunjkar

        So you believe in such party who uses plays religion based politics and shout to world that “we are secular”….and on top of that its Maha-corrupt too…
        wow…what a immature thinking

    • Shuddh Desi

      Manju anna would have written a story glorifying Kejriwal, had he decided to join Feku. Hard luck, he lost his eggs along with the basket.

      • Dharmo Crat

        Kejri blind believer. Even after he takes support of the most corrupt party, against whom he fought, despite repeatedly asserting that he would not, you still lick the man’s boots.

        • Deshpremi

          ha ha ha AAP Shuddh Desi ass licker….LOL

    • ThinkBig

      Cong+AAP playing ‘Indian Subversion’

      AAP, is a classic example of how Sub-Version works, A must read, how AAP/Cong,Media doing: its called Sub-version(ref below link)

      Below Text Copy paste from below FB source and video link: ‘Indian Subversion’ : An Analysis
      The stages involved in subversion of a nation OR a society are nicely explained here in details, to model the scenario in India. Former Russian ‘Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti’ (KGB) agent ‘Yuri Bezmenov’ has fantastically explained the four stages employed by a destabilizing power.

      The four stages are as follows : REF:

      1. Demoralization
      2. Destabilization
      3. Crisis
      4. Normalization

      When applying these four stages to Indian context on longer time-scale, there is a one crucial stage prior to demoralization. That is “Deracination”. Here, I will elucidate how this 5-step process is being constantly applied to India. Continued….in ref link of FB at bottom:

      Expose the LIES, Deceptions
      Expose the Diversions
      This is how starts AAP starting/faking in Gujrat. Need to send them off right away:

      We need to start tagging all with ‘subversoin’ as suffix with the aap like below, so that #AAPTards get some light on their ignorance. #IndianSubversoin #AAPSubversion, #AAPConSubversion #AAPTards,#AAP

    • nimnam

      Anna is to Delhi what Cheeranjeev was to Andhra

    • Ricky

      When people say that AAP ate into BJP votes, it sounds as if votes were private property of BJP – the party either inherited them or bought them

      • Shambhu kumar

        Vote is not private property of BJP but, it is plan of congress to neutralize the movement of Modi by using AAP.

        • Arindam

          Which movement you are talking about Modi.. I challenge Mr. Narendra Modi to take control of Bihar or UP and transform it to another Gujrat in a 5yr tenure.
          And I am confident that SP or RJD can transform Gujrat into another UP or BIHAR in a 5yr tenure…
          Its all about a fight against the evil and the way to achieve it rather than to win the top position.. Arvind never claimed himself for a CM of Delhi but Modi’s first projection before election is “make me the PM and then I will show….” what rubbish !!

          • open minded

            they made him the CM in gujarat and it is way ahead of most of the states. what more proof do you want. all kejriwal did was promise people to do stuff and you gave gave him a chance just on his prior commitment. SO someone who has a progressive track record of 12 years should not be given a chance but a person who has made false promises and resorted to populism he is a very good choice. we are going backwards. please open your mind. go travel to other countries and educate yourself. we are far far far behind in all aspects. yet we are indulging in this stupid game of freebies and votes. we are an EXTREMELY FOOLISH, ROMANTIC, EMOTIONAL AND AN ILLOGICAL SOCIETY with confused notions about governance . koi rhoda drama karde emotional ho jays hum usko hero bana pete hair. GO TO GUJARAT AND SEE. don’t sit on your ass with your pea sized brain and start commenting on these issues based on third party inputs, unless of course you are an agent with some ulterior motives.. educate yourself

            • Amol Walunjkar

              You are right!

            • Anil

              Have you judged MODI within three weeks when he first became CM, just answer this ? You can say that MODI has 12 year experience have you ever thought that you are refering to the work he has done in past 12 years not 3 weeks. I dont know how people can behave in so irrational and biased way. Have patience and see what you dont want to.

              • jg

                I am sorry to intervene, But Modiji did not come to power on day one, he had a background working in politics for a longs past, Can Arvindji claim that ?

                Any new person in any field starts with small responsibilities and move on with bigger responsibilities, A person would be considered fool in normal language, if he think of going on top directly just after taking a first step. Dont you think Arvindji deserves time to digest the victory, and move with a bigger confidence and a strategy. Also after proving his capabilities

                There is difference between confidence and over-confidence

                • kiran

                  Kejriwal was in social service b4 coming to politics, And Modi was with RSS (communal) b4 entering politics

                  • Avinash Lewis

                    true… can anyone challange that…

                    • Ashish

                      Yes..What challenge do you want to see ?

                    • Mithilesh Singh

                      look at my reply to her..aaptards…duffers and ignorants

                  • Ashish

                    Do u think RSS is communal? if Yes then you are the biggest idiot in this world…The organization which does the most social service in India like India army is RSS…You got to go out and see it buddy…

                  • Kameshwar Yadav

                    o really,no,he (kejriwal) was earning lots of money through his ngo’s.

                  • Mithilesh Singh

                    and RSS is a strong nationalist social service organisation, ignorants dont know this like you…AK was in a communistic org who asked for parole of fools will make my country suffer because of your ignorance…AAtards

                • Nakul Mehrotra

                  Ask your Modi ji to fight against corruption?

                  • Vijay Kumar

                    Who said he is not fighting? just because media does not tell, does not mean he is not. Do you have any evidence that you can submit it in court, that modi has taken a bribe or some executive in his government did take a bribe? Please contact the nearest congress office, they are desperately looking for such a story. Even if it is half truth, they will reward you handsomely.

                    • Nakul Mehrotra

                      read previous comments please

                  • Mithilesh Singh

                    He is fighting duffer

                    • Nakul Mehrotra

                      Thank you for showing your morals. Have a nice day.

                • Anonymous

                  Nobody is blaming Kejriwal for his governance. Honestly, people are more concerned about the electoral equations going unbalanced just due to somebody who is yet to prove. In terms of governance. It could turn futile. I would like to quote a dialogue from the movie THE DARK KNIGHT. “And in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand”. Though the context is different, the quote says it all. The leftist and anti-national stances prove that. I am not saying AAP is BAD. But they have a long way to go. Why topple others on your way up the ladder??

                  Also, please watch this. “A taste of their own poison”.


                • Raj

                  Ya right.. Tell that to Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayana Murthy, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, etc etc..

                  • Vijay Kumar

                    Yes.. all have one thing in common, they risked their own life and wealth, not other peoples life and wealth. When you are in politics, you are playing with the life of a nation/state. There is no comparison.

                • srikant reddy

                  So, will it not be a good idea to stay away from Loksabha elections.. prove himself by turning Delhi into a model place and then fight to change India.. One side you say lets not judge him in 3 weeks, but on the other side he is running for Parliament elections thinking he is all set for a bigger role… to all APP people, first ask AK to clean Delhi and prove what he is capable of doing, and then he can try his hand on Central…

              • CK

                12 years of excellent record and CM and Modi is still judged by the 2002 riots that happened within 3 months of his becoming the CM. All his achievements are ignored and intentions doubted as he could not impeccably control the riot that happened within a few months of his becoming the CM – and not to forget, one of the most difficult situations to control for any administrator.

                So, when we ask for more time to judge AK, shouldn’t we look at NaMo’s perfect record after the initial few months?

                • Nakul Mehrotra

                  He was present in the meeting, which passed the order in riots and he provide he was not present. if he can speak lie , maybe you can trust him. It is not about Muslims it is all about being human.

                  • Mithilesh Singh

                    and you are an ignorant fool…you ignorants will make my country suffer out of your arrogance and your eyes aaptards

              • Rajiv

                केजरीवाल के जो समर्थक ये कह रहें हैं की “उसे कम से कम एक मौका तो दे कर देखो” – At-least he is doing something” उनके लिये ये एक किस्सा सुना रहा हूँ की जो किसी भी समझदार आदमी को आसानी से समझ आ जाये गा, अगर नहीं समझ आया तो समझ लेना की उस के सर पर सफेद उलटी कश्ती वाली टोपी है जिस पर झाड़ू छपा है !! =============================================== दो दोस्त बाजार से टहलते हुए जा रहे थे !! तभी रास्ते में उन्हें “गोबर” पड़ा हुआ दिखायी दिया !! एक दोस्त ने रोका की आगे कदम मत रखो पैर गंदे हो जायेंगें !! पर दूसरा मित्र थोडा होशियार था !! उसने कहा की मैं ये कैसे मान लूं की ये गोबर ही है, ये तो उसके साथ अन्याय होगा !! दूसरे दोस्त ने समझाया की मेरे सामान्य ज्ञान और पिछले अनुभव के आधार पर मैं ये निश्चित कह सकता हूँ कि ये गोबर ही है !! दोस्त नहीं माना और उसने पूरे विश्वास के साथ कहा कि वह “चख” कर ही ये तय करेगा की ये गोबर है या नहीं !! खैर जब अच्छी तरह से चखकर उसे पूरा विश्वास हो गया की हाँ ये गोबर ही है तब उसने अपने दोस्त से कहा “वो तो अच्छा हुआ चख लिया वर्ना पैर गंदे हो जाते ” !!

                • Nakul Mehrotra

                  yeh aap ke sanskaar darshata hye. Shukriya ji

                • Kameshwar Yadav


              • Avinash Lewis

                This is one stop slap to all AAP bashers

              • rapheaddead

                exactly 3 weeks are not enough to judge and also ALSO NOT ENOUGH TO BOAST yourself as PM candidate. work one term or two terms ….prove your mettle and then public will compare modi’s work and kejriwal’s work and then we can see. the author is right….atleast first focus on delhi’s issues and address them, then think of going national. WHY such hurry. or did he only make a party to cut anti-incumbency votes and then again later join Congress. SIC.

                • Nakul Mehrotra

                  Bro it is all about removing corruption. Development would automatically be at your side.

                  • Vijay Kumar

                    How will development follow when there is no corruption? Two people without any money with them can not be corrupt as there is no money to change between hands. Now tell me how will development happen? Development and corruption are parlell things. They have no inverse relationship between them. It is possible to have both development and corruption co-existing like it happened during TDP rule in Andhra Pradesh.

                  • Mithilesh Singh

                    very very stupid logic….do you think all villages in india are corrupt, yet they are poor..similarly at country level we need strong smart economic decisions to setup industries and protect india from terroristic and maoistic elements…aaptards themselves have maoistic tendencies…they are terrorist appeasers too…aaptards will make my country suffer..they are fooling you duffer

              • Prasanna Kumar M R

                Ok, But what is the obligation to change his statements like chameleon about action against corruption charges on Shiela Dikshit ?

              • madhav

                What we are saying is….let Ak prove him self in Delhi first . His in experience is exposed during the darbar he conducted in Delhi. It is nation of 1.2 billion brother. At this time India needs a stable govt with strong leadership at center ….. If AAP does a good job in Delhi….no one can stop them running for 2019 elections . But not India can not chances …. it is a country . They cannot always show their in experience as reason for the mistakes they are going to make.

              • NaMo Vision

                Narendra Modi became Gujarat CM 9 months after a huge earthquake in Kutch. This was the biggest earthquake in India’s history. It killed some 20000 people, injured 167000 and destroyed 400,000 homes. Modi’s first task was Kutch’s rehabilitation. And he did this with missionary zeal. He not only reconstructed entire villages and towns, but also re-imagined Kutch as a place that would attract people from whole world for tourism. Before Modi, Kutch was a place from where people migrated out in search for work. Today, people go to Kutch looking for work.
                He also used this opportunity to learn and institutionalize disaster management.
                The resettlement of Kutch has won Modi many accolades.

            • Utkarsh

              If false promises make u angry, what about these?

              • Avinash Lewis

                Modi is a Good leader.. But BJP cannot be trusted

                • rapheaddead

                  well he has total control over BJP now. He and subramanian swamy. his party has some corrupt leaders too and they are scared and that was the main reason Advani objected so strongly to him being PM candidate. yes ADVANI is the mole in BJP. he stopped him because he knows that modi is incorruptible and that he will crack down on corrupt leaders in BJP as well. here is the official WIKILEAKS Cable about modi. jump to point 13, 14, 15 in the cable and you’ll know why some members within BJP stopped him .

                • Nakul Mehrotra

                  That is what ppl are not understanding, Corruption is the cause for everything

                • Nakul Mehrotra

                  He was present in the meeting, which passed the order in riots and he provide he was not present. if he can speak lie , maybe you can trust him. It is not about Muslims it is all about being human.

              • rapheaddead

                well out of 1000s promises fulfilled he did not or could not fulfill only 10. Yeah well, thats goes against him. #Delusional.

                • BlockedByFP

                  can u name the 990 promises that were fulfilled? Also the matter is about false promises.. 2 lac houses for the poor. Did u ask him how does he plan to do that and where?
                  He got 6 years to do them.. u arent willing to give 6 months..

              • Ashish

                I bet this is 200% fake and non sense information published by paid media..If you have been to Gujarat then you would yourself say that, else you do not have right at all to speak about it as you do not know it actually…

                • BlockedByFP

                  you just lost the bet bro.. be open to criticism.

              • Vijay Kumar

                In politics you can not make everyone happy. If you insist on making every one happy, then you will make no one happy. So an idealistic party like AAP, which promises to make everyone happy, will make no one happy. In case of modi too there will always be broken promises, but you judge a person based on what is delivered and what do you think is the potential capability to deliver in the future. So show me what has the competition achieved? Then we can have a fair discussion.

                • BlockedByFP

                  Agreed. you cant make everyone happy. But what do u mean AAP can’t make anyone happy? I am happy ! and i know many who are happy.. and we are not even in Delhi !
                  I would never have posted that photo.. even TOI would never have published that photo but for the excessive onslaught by BJP and it’s online supporters on AAP’s manifesto.

                  As of today, my respect for AAP is due to
                  1. Lowering of barrier of entry in politics. Everyone would agree that several good and knowledgeable people look down upon politics. That has changed significantly due to AAP.
                  2. Fighting elections with clean money.
                  3. Not resorting to vote bank politics and instead focus on issue-based politics.
                  4. Tackling nepotism courageously which everyone else didn’t do including BJP.

                  These are much needed changes required in Indian politcs to make it a place for good people.

              • WELL WISHER

                looks like this is BjP VAHINI

            • kiran

              If u want to praise Gujarat development, check ur facts first; In GDP terms it stands at No.5 position, way behind UP, and in terms of growth is Maharastra is far better, also many of gujaratis prefer to stay back in MH as they have better opportunities here. And one more thing If Modi thinks he is confidant of becoming PM ask him resign as CM and work towards taking his party to victory mile (in full swing) .

            • Ashish Barla

              It took 10 years for modi to reach that level.Before coming to conclusion please wait till his tenure is over..

              • BlockedByFP

                plus Modi wasnt running a minority govt

            • Nakul Mehrotra

              All problem are because of corruption, So ask your Modi ji to fight against corruption because you can solve everything if we are corruption free.

            • nkshdada

              Open minded.. if only Mr. Modiji had any quality of a hero he would have never accepted the post of PM candidate from BJP but would have asked Mr. Advaniji (His senior and mentor ) to take that role. That would have taken away all the frictions in BJP. A person who is not faithful to his own mentor how do you expect him to be faithful to others ? ? ?

            • Raj

              Gujarat is only the 12th most developed state in India according to this report.


              • Vijay Kumar

                So what buddy, where was it 15 years back according to this report, is it in the same place or has it gone up or down? That is what matters. India is the 150th developing country according to some survey. And since its independence 90% of the time it was ruled by congress or its proxies, what do you got to tell about it? why are we still in 150th place.

          • Ankur

            Yes i will take that as commitment and proven exp. Rather than escapism and anarchy of kejriwal

          • Prasanna Kumar M R

            Please think and have clarity before writing, you are really a confused person.

        • Ashish Barla

          Please show some proof to make statement stronger ..

        • Avinash Lewis

          Why Modi is in this talk.he is a good leader but not the people around him…. . let BJP first explain why Bellary scamster back in BJP, Well Voters will decide next time who is what… ?

    • Harun

      It’s very unfortunate, but you are 100% correct

    • Anil

      When arvind was unwilling to form government people, BJP as well as congress including media too were saying that given the chance, he is not making the government because he is afraid of not able to full fill his promises. After peoples mandate when he formed the government Same people started saying differently that how can he take support from congress. BJP is also not a clean party by the way compared to congress. Modi is undoubtedly a good PM candidate but what is wrong if AAP is going to fight for LOKSABHA elections.
      People are so used to the backstabbing from all the parties that they cannot even wait for AAP to do what they promised. If BJP would have formed the government none of us would have bothered about the reforms, electricity or anything. We simply want to support BJP because of MODI ,thats all, am I right. . BJP was in power before in Delhi, congress I dont know how many times. Now, when a new face is trying to do something we are trying to judge him with our prejudiced notions made over past 60 years. let him do some work, give his government some time its not even one month. They are new and it will take some time to correct the system. So my friend don’t think like and old Indian who never tasted the respect he deserved from the government he elects. Believe in change, wait and watch. it s going to be alright.

    • Real Indian

      I don’t how dumb people have become today that they judge first and then reason later. First let me complete 5 years and then talk what they did and not did. They havn’t even started and you have already judged them. Thank god people like you remain on a comment page and don’t become judges otherwise India will be doomes in just hours not days.

  • Indian
  • Sandipan

    Dear Manju, don’t be hasty, AAP has long list of work items on the way. This is start and next 6 month picture will be what not only India but world gonna see as history’s biggest change. I get phone calls from my friends abroad and they just talk about AAP changing India and how Congress/BJP stand no way compared to AAP. World is watching AAP’s and India supporting AAP moves. France and NYT newspapers are printing this all up. All good eyes are promoting AAP and all corrupt HAVE to go JAIL!

    • AAPChutiyaHain

      Bhag Bhikhari kahin ke!

      • abhi

        feku bhakts are going to new heights in abusing kejriwal! keep it going folks, you are doing a great job

        • Dharmo Crat

          Feku bhakts… saalay Cong ka chamcha hai tu. Feku is Congi-speak. You are either Congi pretending to be AAP or AAP pretending to be non-Congi

    • Adrien

      LOL, the writer must have been convincing others like this till he realized kejriwal fooled him

    • Bharath

      my dear sandipan . This is not a product for the WI to be completed . secondly I am not against eh good work to be done , but realize before its too late . U shoudl have already learnt from the IAC experience . Once a person ditches he will always ditch . Fekriwal successfully floored the whole movement . He will be another chiranjeevi dont worry

    • JJ

      AAP cultural minister stopping Satyajit Ray’s movie to deliver his speech shows the way AAP is heading… not to mention Rakhi Bidla’s nautanki and law minister’s arrogance to convene meeting of Judges… I guess we shouldn’t blame these people as #Pultiwal is leading the pack by transferring the secretary of Transportation for having a different opinion about disciplining auto drivers

      • sktp

        AAP is full of juvenile thugs.

      • Pan Dot

        you are absolutely right and he has guts to say that audience were not offended by his speech in middle of a movies. So is it not a VIP culture. They are just indulging in populism till LS 2014 elections and just watch them after that.

      • Naren

        when did this happen ? Nobody in the audience got pissed ?

    • Shambhu kumar

      Pls open your brother. Congress, BJP and AAP is not my baap. I want my country first. Only BJP seems ful filling promise via Modi. So i am going with him. You too open eye and just don’t listen to paid media brother. Hope you can understand what i mean to say.

    • open minded

      o bhai all New york times is printing all this coz america doesn’t want a stable govt in india. tim hush ho rage ho new york times is printing this. para nahi kana se layi hui tumhari foreign policy ki knowledge hai. O choro ke swath milk bhi kabhi kiss ne chore roki hai?? pagal aadmi sock rhoda. aam a dmi party ke emotional phenomenon se bahir nikal yeh ek global game hai funded by via to weaken india.

    • Naren

      hahahaha….after AAP passes Jan Lok Pal bill, Pakistan will stop sending terrorists to india,

  • Farrukh

    No matter what good work AAP do, it will always be criticized, unfortunately that it is part of India.

    • Adrien

      What good work have they done ?

    • JJ

      ‘Hath milana’ is always good but not ‘Hath se Hath milana’

    • avinash

      Name one good work.

    • Mango_admi

      taukir raza was gud work..?

  • Vijay (AAP Delhi)

    Foreign funding of Nationalistic parties exposed! Google: BJP, Congress accepted foreign funding too, Vedanta top donor!

    Just tip of the iceberg!

    AAP needs to come to power to expose these parties and their funding!

    • Adrien

      Shazia Ilmi was ready to stage false demonstrations for black money, don’t preach to others

    • Ranveer Singh

      abe FORD kya domestic company hai jisse tumhare baap kejriwal ne donation liya tha ?

  • Rakesh Agarwal

    False promises, populist no-brainer decisions, absence of a vision, personality cult, totally disorgnaised party, hurrying into Loksabha elections — all this points to some murkiness which is waiting to spill out. I absolutely see the party having no roadmap to development and change other than harping on its one point corruption plank.

  • Sandy

    Manjunath, Can you provide the transaction # of your donation?

    • Adrien

      LOL, i saw on TV yesterday, In Yogendra Yadav’s rally in haryana, a cloth held by 4 people was being moved around and people were throwing money as donations. were all of them getting transaction or receipt #

    • JJ

      Which one? real one or duplicate one?

  • bani

    not agree… sorry.. he has no jadu ki chari… take time to do … roti banane ke liye bhi pahele ata gundna parta hai… belna parta… phir khane ke liye roti banti…

    • JK

      Agreed it takes time but then why hurry for national elections?

  • Niranjana Murthy

    dude please share me your receipt number and transaction details ,,,, I wil return that money

  • baffledbyignorance

    useless criticism leads to nothing! why dont u burn ur ass into politics rather than being a dead supporter for any of the goons??? hv guts?

  • Chiranjiv Mehta

    Ha ha ha ha. I saved rs 10/- which I was supposed to pay for registration for AAP.
    thanks God

    • No Brains

      And you suddenly became a Modi supporter?
      AAP are no angels but you Modi trolls should grow some brains

      • Satyakam

        Oh! And you applied some brain. Isn’t it. Tell me whom should I support? And tell me why I shouldn’t support Modi.

      • Vinodh

        We are not going to give India to AAP who wants to give away kashmir for free to Pak. and they will claim this is Aam admi decision and no mistake of theirs. Its better to have modi than to have ignorant Arvind or corrupt cong

        • Namo

          You MOFO ,who said anything about giving kashmir to pakistan
          Bhushan said that there should be a referendum whether the army should remain inside J&K , he never said that army should be called off from te borders.

  • Sachin

    Had you heard of Anna before the Jan lok pal bill andolan?

    • Dharmo Crat

      of course jak-off. In your eagerness to chaatofay your baap kejri stop insulting Anna.

    • Indian

      Have you ever heard of Baba Amtey?

  • AAP_Kahan_hai?

    I’m all for great AAP work…but has it been done? Like really? For me AAP would have been an ideal choice for going national had they waited a while to show their worth! Now Samajwadi Party also got a thumping majority in UP and uprooted Behenji…AK did the same with Sheila Aunty…here’s hoping we don’t have to see anything like the SP…so to say…!!! And 1 crore members by 26 Jan…its like they know..this could be their only chance …as Congress won’t let them survive with support forever and crooked BJP will take the cake in this fight!! Enough of symbolism…show some anti corruption action! Get those bigwigs you talked abt!!!
    They may go to power…but alas…all for nothing! Such a shame it would be if this party denigrates just like the others!

  • Deshbhakt

    Interesting read —– AAP’s emergence and its impact on Modi –

  • Mahendra

    Whats the proof for authenticity of this article ??

    • uday

      It’s funny how AAPtards can’t digest anything negative. They asked for raw footage from media-sarkar about the sting but immediately suspended delhi officials based on AAJTAK sting, didn’t ask for raw footage then. Now the AAP sucker above is asking for authenticity because the article is critical of AAP. They wouldn’t have said a word if it was against Modi.

  • LP

    people going to see AAP parties real face.. and soon people going know ak is an anti-national agent

  • ThinkBig

    Cong+AAP playing ‘Indian Subversion’

    January 6, 2014 at 2:12pmPublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsFamilySee all lists…HinduNIKEiDTata Consultancy ServicesAAP,AKRelativesJaxWest Palm Beach, Florida AreaBeaverton, Oregon AreaMalisiansBapatla Engineering CollegeGJ collegeInformaticsSatyamTata Consultancy ServicessptFriendssocialcauseUS-MediaMelbourne, Florida AreaUnKnownCovansys India Pvt LtdBAMboaSouth Florida Water Management DistrictSouth Florida Water Management DistrictsuthIntel,SaiberGeneral Electric- GE EnergyInformaticsunrestrictedSaibersoft Systems Pvt LtdNagarjuna UniversityGS SoftGeneral Electric- GE EnergyAcquaintancesGo Back

    Theory/Practice of Subversion:

    AAP, is a classic example of how Sub-Version works, A must read, how AAP/Cong,Media doing: its called Sub-version(ref below link)

    copy paste from below FB source and vide link:

    ‘Indian Subversion’ : An Analysis

    January 5, 2014 at 10:49pm

    The stages involved in subversion of a nation OR a society are nicely explained here in details, to model the scenario in India. Former Russian ‘Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti’ (KGB) agent ‘Yuri Bezmenov’ has fantastically explained the four stages employed by a destabilizing power.

    The four stages are as follows :


    1. Demoralization (lasts around 15-20 years)

    2. Destabilization (lasts around 3-6 years)

    3. Crisis (lasts around 3-5 months)

    4. Normalization (indefinite until some sort of equilibrium is achieved, in other words, FUBAR)

    When applying these four stages to Indian context on longer time-scale, there is a one crucial stage prior to demoralization. That is “Deracination”. Here, I will elucidate how this 5-step process is being constantly applied to India.

    Continued….in ref link of FB.


    This is how starts AAP starting/faking in gujrat. Need to send them off right away:

    We need to start tagging all with ‘subversoin’ as suffix with the aap like below, so that #AAPTards get some light on their ignorance. #IndianSubversoin #AAPSubversion, #AAPConSubversion #AAPTards,#AAP

  • Deshpremi

    Arvind Kejriwal is more dangerous than congress. This is a big game plan
    of congress to keep BJP out of power in the next LS election.

    1) Kejriwal will fulfill all the promises of AAP like reducing power
    tarrif and giving 700 litres of water at least for two months…so that
    he can develop a image of most developing PM candidate and the can
    overpower the image of Modi..

    Any govt can easily run the govt for three months even if its bankrupt. Giving free water and reducing power tariff will affect the Delhi state exchequer badly but this is something is hidden charges carried by the AAP govt.

    2) The aim of AAP is not to win in the LS election but to chunk a large
    portion of Anti-congress votes….which will go to BJP..even if AAP
    succeed in getting 30‚000 votes in urban areas this will reduce the
    chance of BJP getting win on at least 30 seats…on the contrary this
    will increase the congress seats by 30-40.

    3) now the
    calculation will go like this if LS election is declared today and AAP
    doesnt contest election than BJP will win on 200+ seats and Modi will
    surely become the PM..congress will win on 90-100 seats….but as
    explained above there will be a decrease in BJP and increase in congress
    seats by 30-40. Now the seats share is congress 125-135 and BJP

    4) Though BJP is still the largest party like in
    Delhi it won’t be able to form the govt as all the parties except Shiv
    sena and akali dal will support to congress in the name of psedu
    secularism including the newly Patriotic party AAP as they did in Delhi
    now and BJP will sit in opposition…it will be a Delhi picture….

    5) now wat next congress will nominate Kejriwal as PM and will be part of govt just as happened in Delhi…..

    This is because the aim of congress is not to win but to clean the
    image of congress and wat can be a better process to nominate newly so
    called immandaar Arvind for PM and the aim of AAP is not to win but stop
    BJP from win..

    6) Arvind talks good just like Mahatma
    Gandhi…it is Gandhi who stopped Sardar Patel in becoming PM and made
    Nehru as the PM. History repeats itself Arvind is next Nehru and Modi is

    It is after 60 yrs people realized the mistake of 1947 now it willtake another 60 yrs to realize who Kejriwal is?

  • sudhir

    Have patience. AK will show you the light. They have taken support of congrss just to show the country how they can remove corruption from Delhi.

    • Naren

      hahahaha… are so funny…and naive

  • Girish

    Wow ….cool now a days people started thinking about the change in govt. What happened to these people who are shouting that now they are disappointed. You have used to it in the past many years and now you want this biggggggg change to happen in 15 days ….wow!!!!!! ..i am happy atlease now people are thinking they need change….

  • Arpit Gupta

    Unfortunately, we have seen so much political bashing happening in our country for the past 5-6 years, that our first reaction to any and everything political is cynicism. It has not even been a full month since AAP came to power, and you want to bash it for not doing something about corruption, a problem which is so deeply pervaded in our society, let alone the bureaucracy only, that even SC judges can’t be trusted these days anymore. My point is that the steps which AAP has taken in the past few days are something which no other party had done before, and that itself is worthy of credit. It’s a lot to do within 3 weeks. Just because they have promised us much more doesn’t mean that you will make them stand in the witness box every hour of every day. Also, political gimmicks like coming in e-rickshaws etc are important because marketing is a big part of politics – public image has to be maintained constantly, or else someone else will steal the show.

  • Logic

    Why are you in a hurry? You gave your BJP a chance, correct? What did they give you? Elizabeth’s crown? Have patience, don’t act like as if you were born a little too early!

  • Jitesh

    This is what is happening with this generation where every one starts thinking delivering governance in a country as vast and diverse as India is like a 2 minute noodle or a burger from a fast food joint. Had everyone one demanded the same from congress and bjp and any other party the same in last 65 years, Kejriwal would have been an IT commisioner or an engineer and wouldnt have picked up the broom.

  • Jitesh

    People still dont realise the risk of AAP failing, all the existing political parties want that to happen as then they will challenge the same common man saying didnt you try AAP what happened???? Even politicians in these parties who are working for common man will stop working and say, find another AAP, or live with us whatever we are, you dont have a choice. Let us have some patience and give AAP sometime to deliver, let AAP fail on their own but not by design.

  • Govind

    For all the people below, please read more about Anna he has developed his village into a self sufficient village fighting against the corrupt maharashtra politicians. He said that a drunkard should be punished in public that is exactly one of the reason why Ralegaon Siddhi is self sufficient village. Unlike now, drunkards in 70′s, 80′s and 90′s were habitual, they sold household goods for their habit. Anna is a true Gandhian AK made use of him to get into politics and win. But the way AK’s govt is behaving he is not serving the the very sole purpose of AAP. It started as AAM AADMI PARTY but actually it is AAM PARTY.

  • nimnam

    AK will fight corruption done by MCD in Delhi. Since that is the only thing he can do. Or he looses his perks and glamour overnight. Many will not support him in Delhi itself. So wait for his action on the BJP members in MCD. Shaila and others will have to wait fo go to jail, when Anna joins politics in his next life!

  • nimnam

    Aravind is to Delhi what Cheeranjeev was to Andhra. Aravind is to Delhi what Raj Thackare is to Maharashtra. Aravind is to Anna what what Nitish is to JP.

  • SS

    AS mentioned above, The article has been written by so-called, an active AAP member and sounds like a disturbed guy who tried his level best to force a new born chick deliver a golden egg and when that couldn’t happen so quickly, now thought to vent out his anger here. so which party next and after that… :)
    WE can give chance to a person who is corrupt,
    WE can give chance to a person who is accused of communal riots.
    BUT when it comes to be governed by a person like us(an intellectual who is so qualified) , who could have earned that you and me cant even imagine. Ah, but no , we r having unrest.
    Dont you all think, we are speaking more coz there is some1 ready to listen.
    Seems , since we’ve been ruled for so long , we are not ready to take the baton and move 4ward ourself.
    we need a established leader for anything and evrything and not ready to taste decentralization.
    Just a personal opinion, I am gonna wait and give ample time to AK to bring about the change and if he is not worth too i always have the “right to vote”
    JAI HIND !

    • Adrien

      The writer is an early and long time member of AAP. He seems to have heard his leaders especially kejriwal much better than ignorant fools like you. Why did kejriwal said he’ll send to jail people indicted by shunglu committee. He said a lot of things that he’ll do immediately only to change tunes later.
      people like you who gave congress 60 years are now willing to ignore kejriwal’s debauchery.

  • Naresh Singh

    Anyone from USA who want their donations back from AAP based on AAP’s U-turn, lets get-together and file a “Mass law suit”. Please contact me

  • SK

    I want to ask only two questions to AAP supporters.

    1) Do you think AAP by themselves can get majority in Loksabha to form the govt? Majority means more than 270 seats.
    2) Will you be happy if govt at center will be form by amalgamation of parties like SP, NCP, RJD, Congress, AAP, DMK, AIADMK, JCP, etc or would prefer seeing a govt with single party which will enable them to take good and constructive decision for the country.

    I’ll suggest you to honestly answer these in just “Yes” or “No” after thinking about India once, and please don’t start illogical statements and ridiculous rhetoric and abuses.

  • Mohan Reddy

    Don’t you think Judging the performance of AAP in a span of 15 days is too early. India being a vast country with wide spread of issues. No one could solve in a day or two. Wait and see what they can do. If you can change in a day or two why don’t you join politics as said by Digvijay singh and do the magic. Your comments look like you have copied them from all the newspapers & news channels that support BJP & Congress. In a realistic picture that you talk does not make any sense, blame game does not help any one nor help in development of the country.

  • Y.S.Dalal

    I also just can’t understand the craze for fighting Lok Sabha, when promises to curb corruption remains unfulfilled.

  • Real Aam Aadmi

    AAP is Cong-B team. As it stopped Dr HV an honest & able Politician in Delhi, same way it is trying to stop Modi becoming PM. Because Modi is the real enemy of Cong Dynasty & Sonia, once he gets the power he will change everything as all game of Cong-AAP will finish.

  • suresh

    Cheap magic and petty gimmick are played by all political parties to convince their voters. No concentration upon better governance and dedication to improve system. another gimmick that is Janta Darbar went in chaos today. If this much public are waiting and wants to solve their grievance that means total failure of government machinery. How can Minsters and CM solve all this complaints personally ? that is impossible . still knowing this fact they wants to meet hundreds of people and accept complaints directly. I know how the ministers handles complaints received in this kind of darbars, simply put a sign and handover to his P.A. no one knows whether it will reach dustbin or to the table of concerned officers. even if reached to the concerned table no action will be taken as no body can track the movement of such complaints. If the complaints requires proper attention , then it should be recorded in the particular register and all movements has to be recorded, there after periodical monitoring and action for not disposing such complaints are to be taken. If any body thinks that this kind of process can be adopted in this janta darbar with the present machinery they living in fools paradise. If that is not possible then the Janta Darbar is mere farce and these ministers should be punished for cheating the general public . there is no short cut to good governance , AAP should learn what is left and right , there is no middle path to it .. if you are saying that you can solve problems by not adopting left or right you are just another nuisance to the Indian political set up .
    (patent for Janta Darbar goes to Former Kerala C.M E.K. Nayanar , who used conduct this kind of darbar every district centre which is now followed by Present C.M. Umman Chandy.)

    Think over it -if he become P.M of this country crores of people might be coming to Delhi to get their electricity connection restored or their water meter repaired what a fools paradise we are living now ?

  • Rahul

    Oh boy !
    It hasn’t been 3 weeks & you’re throwing so much on him… Patience my friend, Patience !

  • Deepali Dhingra

    I would like to say only one thing – “We have given more than 50 yrs to congress. We can give AAP at least 1 or 2 yrs. We can not judge one person or party based on few days of work. Lets give them a chance for changing Delhi and ask them questions and keep them on toes.” For Center govt. If we are feeling cheated by AAP then for central government we can support BJP.
    I think that would be the best alternative.

  • vampire.vegetarian

    No government can based on only a single plank like fighting corruption, governments have to deal with all the issues across the board. Rooting out corruption was never going to be something accomplished at one stroke by passing a Lokpal Bill. They are transferring officials who are suspected of corruption and/or incompetence. They have put in place a helpline – the onus of fighting corruption MUST be on the people, for in a democracy, all power resides in the people. Sheila Dikshit paid the price for chronic inaction, incompetence and corruption of the Congress government, but there has never been anything to indicate that she is corrupt herself. The free water and reduced power charges are disappointing because they are not economically sustainable, do not benefit a large number of people who have no water connections, and are being funded by subsidies instead of improved water management practices and the promised audits of discoms.

  • Shobhit

    Dear Manjunath,
    I am no great fan of AK and AAP but I have taken a keen interest in working of this newly formed govt as it told itself as an honest party. One of the concept while understanding governance is that it is not only about correcting things done in the past by the previous government. I want to raise only a few questions whose answers may differ according to one’s opinion but if you really want to have no prejudice about any past or previous government or party, then you can have your answers:
    1. Is it right to judge any government which has only worked for 2 weeks means is it fair to that government?
    2. Do you think that after coming to power, a government’s priority should be to send corrupt people jail and especially those connected with the previous government instead of taking care of day to day administration and more pressing problems like women safety and water problem?
    3. Do you think that with sending some previous regime leaders jail, corruption can be rooted out which is incoherent in our system from up to the bottom?
    4. Do you think that a anti corruption helpline may be helpful in reducing the corruption by which citizen’s have taken the responsibility to root out the corruption present in our system?
    5. Do you think that while donating to the AAP you have invested in a company which will make your dreams come true and in first two weeks of its functioning if it can not fulfill your dreams and it should be discarded?
    6. Can any council of ministers be able to work properly without understanding the basic functioning of the government institutions and did they have spent enough time to comprehend each and every concept of government within two weeks?
    If you think that two weeks time is enough to judge a government and the donation as an investment, then you are certainly hasty and naive in your thinking.

  • Jairam

    AK has looted honest people and distributing to electric bill defaulters

  • Ankur

    Can u please publish all donation receipt also so that we really know how much u had donated.

  • AK Fan

    As a AK fan I feel cheated. He dosen’t know how to govern . Doing drams and now showing national aspiration. He should support Modi in removing the corrupt UPA govt

    • Anand

      If you are AK fan….didn’t you know before that this party had no experience???…come on… you are just BJP volunteers and using fake Id for supporting NAMO…good luck and go ahead..your criticism make him more popular

      • AK Fan

        apply your brain man..what does AK know other than anti corruption rhetoric..

  • Vijay R

    Honestly I cann’t digest a sitting CM shouting Inquilab Zindabad from the roof of Assembly house, Is he crazy? never seen such an irresponsible behavior.

    • Naren

      hahaha…He is crazy….

  • JAWS

    What will a sensible BJP supporter will think after seeing lame campaigns run by BJP on social media: Modi ji, I think our strategy is wrong.. WE, BJP supporters should post something constructive that was done by BJP (like we used to – posting a picture of a chinese road and claiming it to be vibrant Gujarat! or sending our guys in burkha to our meeting and claim that female Muslim supported are pro BJP now), instead of offensive marketing campaign on AAP. I am afraid its just helps AAP image further.

    Btw!! Why we are suddenly sympathising for an unfortunate AAP supporter who gave donation (he hasnt shared his transaction details, may be he donated a crore!) . Oh I know it! Silly me!! we are under the cover of frustrated Aam Aadmi sympathiser and trying to tarnish the image of AK and AAP. He has almost delivered all his promises within 10 day of CM.(its like a fairy tale!! Oh shoot.. What is happening to me.. Testing time! Don’t lose faith in BJP!!) . He has left a few for us to do all this campaign. What if he delivers all? Oh!! yeah!! we ill talk about kashmir issues and ask for his views on attacking pakistan! He definitely cannot compete with our sensational views on these subjects!! Note : For all naive people who might think I am a BJP supporter, please google for “Sarcasm”.


      Dude you’re not that intelligent , you need some tuitions before you can spell sarcasm. Like all AAPtards you’re IQ sucks. You really think he wrote that article because he wanted his money back? Ever heard of a thing called frustration ? Looking a your IQ i’m sure those who know you can explain it better.

      • JAWS

        No I don’t think he wanted his donation money back as he would have got money from BJP, just like you!! You work on Social media for money. i donate money and work like this! Wake up! You are better than this!

        • manas

          LOL with an IQ like this no one will pay you even if you wanted to.

          • Naren

            That was good

      • JAWS

        HIndus vote for BJP. Muslims/Christians vote for Congress. INDIANS vote for AAP. Politics and religion are two different things. Britishers invented divide and rule policy! These old parties are good at keeping it alive. Please wake up and dont fall prey for religious sentiments! Lets make POLITICS (usually in India its used to depict manipulation of any sort) a clean word!

    • Naren

      hahahaha…..AAP is having so many supporters who are young people …new to politics…how long have you been reading news kid ?
      AAP leaders may have good intentions but a vote for them in 2014 is a vote for a hung assembly at the center. What good will that do ? Just think about it..

      • JAWS

        Precisely thats why AAP needs your vote Mr. Naren, a veteran in poliics :). Come on Mr. Naren what stops you from voting AAP. Yout loyalty to Bjp or hindutva feeling. Neither is wrong thing to have. But your vote is worth so much that the criteria are not only loyalty and religious sentiments. Tomorrow if there is a communal clash; in that 1000000 muslims die and only one hindu dies which happens to be your family member. Will you feel victory over muslims or loss to communal riots. Whether Modi is good or bad is not a point of discussion. He will be epi centre of communal violence whether he intends or not.Hindus vote for BJP. Muslims/Christians vote for Congress. INDIANS VOTE FOR AAP. Politics and religion are two different things. Britishers invented divide and rule policy! These old parties are good at keeping it alive. Please wake up and dont fall prey for religious sentiments! Lets make POLITICS (partly why I didnt read news when you were reading as in India its used to depict manipulation of any sort) a clean word!

        • Naren

          haha…caught you there…I knew you were secular.
          Why bring communalism into this debate when all I asked you was what good would a hung assembly at the center do to the country ? (which will happen if you vote for AAP by all means vote for them in 2019 but not 2014)
          a) No communal riots in Gujarat for 10 years after 2002
          b) It is wrong of media to report 2000 people died in Gujarat when the actual numbers were 700 muslims and 300 hindus

          c) Just because media highlights them badly does not mean you should be fooled.

          Britishers invented divide and rule. And congress is propping up AAP for the same.By all means make politics a clean word, but if you vote for AAP in 2014….India is royally screwed with some third front at the center…..

          • JAWS

            Caught Me!!!!!????? As if being secular is terribly wrong? Everyone wants to be secular except low life fanatics who thinks lets play with people and build vote bank on thier blood. Media hype? For gods sake, be compassonate. Dont brush away loss of lives just because you are closing your eyes with your own ideology. Btw , please dont assume I am a Muslim! I am not. My point is Modi is a sensitive topic. Mark my words, Even if he doesnt want, he will become the epi-centre of India wide communal clash. Look at BJP, picking up kashmir issues and doing vandalism! Do you have energy for all this. What a wonderful alternative we have. Request you all, I am sure you know better ; but please be open minded. Most BJP supporters are paid to support BJP. I donated for AAP and doing this. Why? For me, my family & you and your family too.

            • Naren

              Hey, by secular, I meant pseudo secular….
              Congress has painted the sangh in such a bad way that people are scared about it……..especially fringe groups like. Sri ram sene or
              The attack on Mr.bhushan wasby some goons wearing saffron not afaffiliated to sangh.
              Modi is not a fanatic ..even vhp doesn’t like him becausehe doesn’theed to them….did you know that ?

              Its completely illogical when you say vote for aap is not going to create hung assembly.

              If you have paid and actively volunteered for aap it’s good.just read about goa cm or why vhp doesnt support modi or how in Kerala there are more Christians in the ess than Hindus……read more about these bbefore hating bjp blindly….the real enemy is congress….thereis no hHindu uslim bullshit in14, there is only the qquestion of what happensto congress

            • shreyans

              Do you even know what being secular is??have ever heard of modi speaking about Hindus and muslim …while aap member falsify the sacrifice of police men in encounter in batla house and appease fatwa issuing cleric s…if that secularism ..thank god I’m not secular..sangh pariwar is almost a backbone of the country they ask for unifor civil code for every citizen in india no minority no majority …. But that will hurt the religious leader and of course the business of arvind kejriwal … And ignorant aaptard hindutva is not a

        • Naren

          Lets not bring in hindutva or some other stuff here….All i asked you was “Voting for AAP in 2014 will create hung assembly at the center, how is that good for india ?”

          a) There have been no riots in Gujarat after 2002.
          b) The media more than doubled the number of people whoactually died there….
          c) Gujarat administration got rid of temples in favour of roads….please go look into that.

          You are just being paranoid because media highlights BJP in such a way…

          Divide and Rule brought by British…Isnt AAP helping cong achieve that by contesting national elections…

          • JAWS

            Let me correct you, even though I am a kid ! Voting for BJP will create a hung assembly similar to what happened in Delhi. Lets vote for AAP to avoid that situation and unnecesssary cost due to hung assembly

  • vamsi

    There is one thing I fail to understand. AAP is just a minority govt. in Delhi (just 28 seats). BJP has 32 and congress 7. If people are really unhappy with AAP already, why doesn’t BJP raise a no-confidence along with congress and go for reelection? If there are so many un happy souls, what is stopping BJP from taking action? Are they waiting for a more appropriate time or are they no confident enough to take on AAP yet in elections. Rather than cribbing and asking for money back, we should push our leader in the strong opposition to act and teach AK the lesson. Do they have ears for us?

    And BTW enough of the conspiracy theories that AAP and AK are congress proxies. We are bored of them. Try finding newer stories to keep us laughing and excited at your imagination.

    • shanu

      Dude, why do AAP supporters keep showing lack of logical reasoning and decent IQ in their arguments? Corrupt congress supports to save itself from prosecution and further loss of seats in case of re election. AAP in return enjoys power and does not act against corrupt congressis.MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL. In your perennial boredom you missed to notice the whole article was about this arrangement.

  • Aditya Kumar Dash

    A state.. the capital.. Delhi, has over 9.8 million people. I believe arvind needs time to dissolve the dirt which politicians have created.
    If he goes ahead and tries moving them by axing the dirt off, it would
    take a piece of delhi on which the dirt is stuck on to… This is no
    movie my friends.. This is real.. its not like Anil Kapoor fighting a
    couple of ugly looking guys in the Mud, its a real person going against
    people who have the power to make arvind disappear in seconds…. He
    needs to act smart and have patience.. I will not listen to the Pro n
    cons of arvind.. Only time will tell, and I am sure i might be smiling :)

    • Sujith

      Disappointment comes from expectations. Kejriwal promised so much and he promised to do them quickly. Remember his promise to pass Janlokpal on 29th Dec knowing fully well he can’t do it.

      The only one’s smiling will Kejriwal sceptics at being proved right.

  • skbk

    Its amazing how the intellect and educated are behaving in our country. Look around you guys.. and find a person who’s clean. To me clean means who does the work assigned to him with responsibility, without looking for extra ‘consideration’ be it in the form of bribe/tip/convenience fees… whatever.. I for one haven’t. I am told the AAP story in Delhi was well planned and took help of auto-rickshaw drivers too, and now these guys are looking to get benefits out of AAP!!! Go out in Delhi and find a couple of auto drivers who would go by the fare book and not ask for exorbitant fares… get down at any railway station and the fare you encounter at the exit are twice those at the pre-paid booth. Fare by meter is beyond imagination!! and when you have had supporters like them to win the election… God help us against corruption. Find a house where we do not have to give the municipal sweeper ‘fees’ to clean the street in front.. if we don’t, they put all the neighbouring rubbish in front of our house!!
    What I mean to say is that when the basic theory is like what the government pays is for your job, and the public at large has to pay for the work you do.. how can you correct it?
    And for the self employed / business men… who is sincere in paying all his taxes? anyone? keep all accounts clean?
    How many of us do all the purchases by card/cheque? I have been to quite a few mid sized non-corporate hospitals and none of them would accept a cheque. Against card (even for a debit card), they would charge an extra fees!!! All of them would insist on cash!! and the bill is seldom below 20k
    The story will go on and on.. why do we only look at big scams as a corruption issue, when we face and indulge in it each day!!! Try cleaning it at your own level.. life will be difficult at first, frustrating a bit later, but if all of us can clean ourselves, we might one day make our country corruption free :)
    Try the following:
    Park your vehicle in proper parking area by paying parking fees
    Construct your building or modify it strictly as per building codes. don’t infringe or violate laws
    Never employ a child maid/help; pay the maid/help as per minimum wages act with prescribed holidays
    Never pay tips to the government employees for the work they are supposed to do.. postman/sweeper etc
    Pay your taxes in time
    Never buy anything from the market without a proper bill
    Never pay anything above 20k in cash
    and many more…

  • aneeshjoseph

    Wait and see Manjunath


    Manjunath P

    U are an IDIOT…

    • Santoshwa

      Please welcome an AAPtard is his full retarded glory.

  • Shravan

    me too want my money back..

  • sagar


  • Paras Chawla

    dont judge an org or party in few days…it will take time to fulfill the desire or expectation of common man…

    wait for the right time.. :)
    i am not the member or supporter of aap…but bjp and congress made our country so miserable and corrupted ….which cant be recovered in few days …

    • shreyans

      How easy it is to blame on bjp..they were in power for just six years and even worst of there critics say that was the time India was firmly on its way of becomming a global power…and even during last sixty years politician have done something that’s why we have a 2 trillion dollar economy…or was that too arvind JI’s vision..

  • Ashish Barla

    Brother first of all u r from Bangalore so u r believing everything which media is showing to you..2nd thing he is or no one in aap has a magic stick, change needs time.From last so many decades we been living in shit.Now when someone who is trying to make life better for common people who has not been in power for even 1 month and we have started complaining.Seems like problem is with us.Atleast wait till their tenure is over.Then this whole article will be worth reading or spreading.(Even i m from those who’s following AAP from the beginning).

  • Rajiv Gulati

    केजरीवाल के जो समर्थक ये कह रहें हैं की “उसे कम से कम एक मौका तो दे कर देखो” – At-least he is doing something” उनके लिये ये एक किस्सा सुना रहा हूँ की जो किसी भी समझदार आदमी को आसानी से समझ आ जाये गा, अगर नहीं समझ आया तो समझ लेना की उस के सर पर सफेद उलटी कश्ती वाली टोपी है जिस पर झाड़ू छपा है !! =============================================== दो दोस्त बाजार से टहलते हुए जा रहे थे !! तभी रास्ते में उन्हें “गोबर” पड़ा हुआ दिखायी दिया !! एक दोस्त ने रोका की आगे कदम मत रखो पैर गंदे हो जायेंगें !! पर दूसरा मित्र थोडा होशियार था !! उसने कहा की मैं ये कैसे मान लूं की ये गोबर ही है, ये तो उसके साथ अन्याय होगा !! दूसरे दोस्त ने समझाया की मेरे सामान्य ज्ञान और पिछले अनुभव के आधार पर मैं ये निश्चित कह सकता हूँ कि ये गोबर ही है !! दोस्त नहीं माना और उसने पूरे विश्वास के साथ कहा कि वह “चख” कर ही ये तय करेगा की ये गोबर है या नहीं !! खैर जब अच्छी तरह से चखकर उसे पूरा विश्वास हो गया की हाँ ये गोबर ही है तब उसने अपने दोस्त से कहा “वो तो अच्छा हुआ चख लिया वर्ना पैर गंदे हो जाते ” !!!!

  • Kunal Pareek

    Uff senti India and its senti Indians. It has been mere 15 days (or so) since a completely NEW party has taken power in a state for the very first time ever. Stop whining like little children and give the party some time before you make a decision. AAP may succeed or fail, but its unfair, stupid and over emotional to start judging so soon. Everyone should adopt a wait and watch stance for atleast a year before deciding. The writer needs to get his emotions in control.

    • Shipli

      Uff these low IQ AAPtards and their circular logic. Kejriwal said he has proof against Sheila Dixit, he said he’ll send corrupt to jail within 7days as AAP forms govt and now AAPtards are saying its stupid to expect Kejriwal to fulfil the promise after 15 days. Ofcourse it stupid to expect Kejriwal to fulfill his promise on corruption when he gladly colluded with congress despite swearing on his children’s head.

  • Abhishek Mittal

    It looks like everybody wants the changes to be done overnight. How’s it that AK has not yet completed a month in CM’s position and everyone’s have started judging him!? Give him and his team some time and wait for results. Deep rooted corruption cannot be removed in 10-15 days. As far as his decision to form Govt. is concerned with the help of Congress, then people must understand that AAP didn’t ask for the support. AAP only claimed to form govt. when invited by LG. It is a standard procedure after the party which got max seats declined to form govt. In the Assembly when confidence vote is conducted then the party which “claimed” to form govt. has to get majority support of the MLAs to continue to remain in govt. AAP need not fear that congress will remove support because even if AAP goes againt congress, the next vote of confidence will only be called after 6 months.
    Hence, I’d lilke people to have some more patience, when people can wait for 67yrs, and give some time to AAP to prove their ability. And then, if they still don’t deliver, throw them out. But don’t expect the things to change overnight when there’s a lot of mess to be cleared.

    • Kumar

      If i am not wrong then it was AK who was putting the deadlines before elections, he wanted govt to implement his version of Jan Lokpal bill within 15 days and now he is not even talking about it forget about implementing it. Same way he said that he would send Sheila Dixit to jail within a week as he has all the proofs and now he is asking Dr Harsh Vardhan to provide proofs. These are not only symptoms but proof that he is not going to do anything.

      AAP is nothing but proxy for congress, just wait for next six months. Once Lok Sabha elections are over they would accept is publicly and it’s you how would become laughing stock.

      • Abhishek Mittal

        Your point accepted. But my whole point is people should wait for some time and see. There’s time for LS elections and people should decide AAP’s fate at that point of time after seeing what they are doing in this 5-6 months on the whole and not mere 10-15 days. This time is really very short and unfair to judge anyone, especially when a newbie has formed the govt.
        As far as proxy for congress thing is concerned, I have come across some convincing articles which says AAP would do more damage to Congress than BJP in elections, an example of which is in the “numbers” achieved in Delhi. You may say that Delhi’s case is not the same as in rest of India, but that’s when the strategies are modified depending on the place. Well, the “inner game” will not be known to people like us. All of us, including you, are just talking about our perception of things which may or may not be true. Remeber when Nitin Gadkari’s and Sharad Pawar’s (both rivals) “alleged” common business interests came up on news channels? People like these appear on TVs as if they are the worst enemies/rivals and even they seemingly had some under-the-table links!

  • Davis

    First of all, if you really did honestly, *respect* for having been active in Anna’s and Kejriwal’s campaigns. But what bewilders me is, having the experience of a campaigner, how is it that you expect so so much action, change and Heaven in just a month’s time? In my line of work I face and deal with my more than fair share of corruption and the absolutely complex networks and connections of bureaucrats, media, politicians, government officials, privates and complacence and corruption by normal people in society also as a whole. Corruption and the corrupt are EXTREMELY complex.. the kind of problems that AAP has taken up, when done even in the most effective, systematic way without any glitches or unpleasant surprises, will take months and maybe years to solve.. but they will be solved. Do not expect so much to happen in so so short a time; things are very complex and have to be done with care, planning, persistence and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. What AAP has done in just a year and the last few weeks has never been done by BJP or Congress or any other party in all the decades that they have ruled this country. Be strong and patient, the results will show. And AAP is really the only hope the country has had in a very very long time. Be patient and persistent please.

  • Jia

    Other political parties have got umpteen time to prove their merit. And you’re expecting AAP to change the country overnight. Give them some time. And then broadcast your allegations. Or if you are in too much of a hurry, please share your account details with me and it will be my pleasure to reimburse you on behalf of AAP. Because i still have hope and don’t want public to lose their faith basis baseless blog posts like these.

    • Lia

      So you’re willing to pay or slander to shutup anyone who criticizes AAP? The post becomes baseless because it is critical of AAP? The mainstream media which is going on and on with praising Kejriwal and AAP for doing nothing is not baseless ? Your attitude is exactly the kind why AAP should never come to power. Fascist idiots with communist agenda

  • Sanjeev

    From an AAP supporter to another AAP supporter, Are you stupid ?? You don’t see anything done by AAP against corruption. What would you say about the anti-corruption helpline that is functional now and is addressing corruption issues happening at the very grass root levels. Uptil today, 3 cops have been arrested for demading “hafta” and many more are to follow. The revolution for a corrupt-free India had started my friend. Now coming to your grievances.

    Ok, So you want him to go after Big Fish, basically sharks of Corruption, like Sheila Dixit, Common Wealth Games officials and the ones in MCD. But you are disappointed that he hasn’t done anything on that front. Kejriwal has himself said whenever he is asked something like this “When we were outside we were accusing, but now as we are in power, we will deliver on that, just wait for some time”. I can see a reason. Lets say Kejriwal orders the enquiry, who will do it, tell me ?? Delhi Police, but Delhi Police is under Home Ministry and not Delhi Govt, so I doubt how fruitful would such an investigation be. Who else, CBI, well yeah we all how where do those investigations lead. My friend wait for some time, let the Jan Lokpal get passed, then there will be an option to do these investigations by an independent agency, and that will help bring all these sharks of corruption to Justice, So, don’t give up on AAP yet mate, we don’t want to lose any true and honest Indian.

    • sneha

      When you ask, Are you stupid ? you should stand in front of a mirror. Arresting 3 thullas is fight against corruption? The rot stems from top and flows to the lowest, its important to nab and punish big fish other wise arresting hawaldars, babus and chaprasis can only serve one purpose i.e to fool gullible like you. Did kejriwal not know the compulsions of delhi police and cbi before fighting delhi elections and making promises? As for Jan lokpal that is a carrot for AAPtard donkeys because you won’ be coming into power in center in forseeable future even if you tie up with congress as you did in delhi.

      • Sanjeev

        Ohh sorry ma’m I didn’t know that you only care about corruption only when its done in lakhs of crores, rest all is fine by you i guess.
        Corruption is corruption, period, thats my definition. The fight to uproot corruption has started and while AAP has successfully targeted corruption faced by common man at grass root levels by lauching helpline , the corruption at the top needs to be addressed in a different manner. Forget AAP, even other parties are thinking twice before fielding candidates to portray clean image. This is a ripple effect that is happening in Indian politics because of AAP but what can I say, when you shut your eyes on the world , you just can’t see whats happening out there. As far as Jan Lokpal is concerned, it will happen , just wait and give AAP sometime and then the big fishes will be put to justice. Now, if you can’t wait for that just because of some weird reason, then AAP, hell India doesn’t need people like you, we are much better without you.

        • sneha

          The last line of yours is enough to prove me right. Those who tolerate criticism are lecturing others on patience.

  • Arvind Kumar

    @NitinMishra:- Hi Nitin, I read your whole article… DO u think its right… to judge anyone performance only with in 10 days, Delhi peoples JuDges Congress & BJP from past 60 yrs… No one done nothing much … But still AAP is trying to do somtimes… It not an easy tast to change the system, Specially when there is Flaws in the every Gov. system.. Arvind already take few decision with last 10 day.. including Electricity, water & Anti corruption nos., I hope he will move further & take more initiative for the improvements… I like the ANNA ji, but what happens with aana ji when he approves GOVT LOKPAL bill.. that is not strong enough to give punisment to anyone.. Even though Kiran bedi already join BJP.. so can i say… The people who are with ANNA ji now, already supports BJP… Also it everywhere,… Whoever have more critize means he have guts to do somthing differnet than others.. I HAVE NO DOUBT ON ARVIND… & wait you will see much more improved & innovative stepts by Arvind Kejiwal…. DON’t be critize AAP in such a short span…

    • shreyans

      No one did anything much…what aaptardness is that.. the shiny roads the metro the humongous infrastructure….ye sab kya angrez bana ke gaye thay

  • sam

    The AAP has already started their revolution against corruption. Even arrests have taken place. People now are realizing that it is only a matter of time for the AAP to start hammering at the main corrupt officials. Think about this. Because of AAP effect, many political parties are thinking twice about giving tickets to tainted officials to stand for elections. The reason is that they don’t want some of their hard-fought elected officials to be jailed for corruption. Don’t give up on them mate. Vote them in to power in Bangalore, and launch as many sting operations against the corrupt of Bangalore. Since you can’t start at the top, start with the rickshaw drivers who charge you not metre fare, nor double metre fare, but more than 3 times the metre fare.

  • Debdeep Bhattacharya

    1. Are you judging the party? Or the Govt? Because it seems that you have confused a party which is at power with that which just carries out a movement/revolution. To ascend to the crown and to maintain that crown are to two different things. AAP have done the first one quite rightly, and for the 2nd part, lets wait and watch.
    2. The article tends to highlight the govt.’s inability to deliver over certain issues. The author passes the comments saying a popular phrase “Till Date”. If you expect each and every promise to be fulfilled in 3-4 weeks, then the Constitution makers would have set the normal term of Lok sabha to be 2-3 months. A standard justice delivery procedure would have been completed within half an hour..Just as shown in the movies.
    3. The author puts forth his argument over the point that AAP , forgetting the promises made earlier, is aiming for Lok Sabha elections. The points made in the manifesto are being addressed with full care and side by side, which aims at removing corruption from the whole country, I mean, How do you find it negative at the very first place?
    Except for these points, I would agree to the author on most of the rest of the article.

    • sneha

      Just one point. Kejriwal cameup with a 370 page document claiming it had proof of corruption. He clearly said Sheila Dikhsit is fountainhead of corruption in delhi. He promised action within 7 days. The least he could have done was constitute an inquiry commission to investigate and let them work for 6 month 1 yrs wtever, Since anti corruption was the main plank why has he done nothing ? That helpline is nothing but a ploy to divert attention from big fish

  • Arun Karka

    You judged him in just 15 days.?? Conventional politicians have been ruling us for 60 odd years and you don’t even give Kejriwal even 60 days??

  • Anonymous

    Well. The point is simple. Nobody is against AAP and Kejriwal. They are just against their/his stance. People were pissed off with congress and that and exactly that is the reason he was given an almost clear mandate in Delhi. Do you think Delhiites want freebies?? Nonsense. Now nothing wrong in people expecting fast work on corruption. But yes, we need to give them time. But look at what is happening… AAP is now concentrating on Loksabha elections. Why?? First deliver your promises, get experience and then move on. And now, regarding the people who constitute AAP. They say they are AAM AADMIS. AAM AADMI never wanted power. AAM AADMI always wants a CHANGE. Thats it. Nothing else. Who cares in what building the politician stays OR how he/she travels, as long as they deliver. Regarding, big fish joining AAP, is it really good??.. Bullocks. These are the shitty selfish, bored corporate think tank, who are just here to make NAME if not MONEY. That’s what they were after all their life. So, what has AAP turned into?? A bunch of opportunists who have conflicting stances. The only way to go about it, is to approach slowly, but DELIVER. This hurry will lead it nowhere. The end result will be simple. The REAL AAM AADMI will be pissed off will lose the faith in electoral system. This would be a bigger blow than that of Congress or BJP or whatever other party AAP is accusing of.

  • narendra kapoor

    The first movement by Anna Ji was purely a non-political campaign, in which all people participated irrespective of any faith. Swamy Ramdev, Kiran Bedi, Swamy Agnivesh, RSS, and even BJP ( without their flag & banner ) supported this honest & sincere movement. Slowly & gradually , Kejriwal elbowed every one out of the stage, and surreptitiously gained control over all the affair, keeping Anna as the shield. He took control of all the funds & the huge massive data of the supporters. On seeing the evil design of Kejriwal, Anna too left this leftist conglomeration, who by now had fully exploited a sincere & honest campaign.How any sincere person can wish this AAP asuccess ? .

  • swethanair65

    തൃശ്ശൂരിനുകൗതുകമായി കേരള ടുഡേയുടെ ഹെലികാം ഷൂട്ടിംഗ്കേരള ടുഡേ ടീം ഹെലി കാം ഉപയോഗിച്ച് തൃശൂര്‍ നഗരത്തില്‍ ഷൂട്ട് നടത്തിയത് തൃശൂര്‍ നഗരത്തില്‍പുതുമയായി. കേരളടുഡേയിലെ ചിലരംഗങ്ങളുടെ മിഴിവിനായി സംവിധായകന്‍കപിലിന്റെ നിര്‍ദേശ പ്രകാരം അബുദാബിയില്‍ നിന്നാണ് ഹെലി
    കാം കൊണ്ട് വന്നത് . അത്യാധുനികഹെലി കാം ആയ ഫാന്ടം
    -2 ഉപയോഗിച്ചായിരുന്നു നഗരത്തിനെ കൗതുകതിലാഴ്ത്തിയ ചിത്രീകരണം

    ഒരു കിലോമീറ്റര്‍ ഉയരത്തില്‍നിന്ന് പോലും ചിത്രങ്ങള്‍ എടുക്കാന്‍ സാധിക്കുന്നതാണ് ഈ കാമറ. അത്യാധുനിക സ്റ്റെബിലിസര്‍ ഘടിപ്പിച്ചതിനാല്‍ ചിത്രീകരണത്തിന് മിഴിവേറെയാണ്. 4000 res ല്‍ വരെ ഈ കാം ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ചിത്രീകരണം നടത്താന്‍
    സാധിക്കും . അത് പോലെ തന്നെ 25 MNT തുടര്‍ച്ചയായി ചിത്രീകരണം നടത്താനും
    കഴിയുന്നതാണ് കാമറ .ഈ കാമറയുടെ മറ്റൊരു സവിശേഷത ആകാശത്ത് വെച്ച് സിഗ്നല്‍ നഷ്ടപെട്ടാലും ഒട്ടോമാറ്റിക്ക് ആയി സേഫ് ലാന്ടിംഗ് നടത്താം എന്ന് ഹെലികാം ഉടമയും
    ഓപ്പരെടരും ആയ ശ്രീ ഹനീഫ് കുമരനെല്ലൂര്‍പറഞ്ഞു.

    16 ലധികം വര്‍ഷമായി അബുദാബിയില്‍ സ്മാര്‍ട്ട്‌ മീഡിയഎന്ന പരസ്യ സ്ഥാപനം
    നടത്തുകയാണ് . മധ്യധാരനഴിയില്‍ ഏറെപ്രശസ്തനായ ഹനീഫ്. ഹനീഫ്അണ്ണന്‍ തമ്പി , കാണ്ഡഹാര്‍ , കോളേജ്കുമാരന്‍ , സീനിയര്‍ മാന്‍ട്രക്ക്,കില്ലാടി രാമന്‍ , ഒരു ബ്ലാക്ക്
    ആന്‍ഡ് വൈറ്റ് കുടുംബം,കപ്പല്‍ മുതാലാളി തുടങ്ങി 30- ഓളം ചിത്രങ്ങളില്‍പ്രധാന വേഷങ്ങള്‍ ചെയ്തിട്ടുണ്ട് ഹനീഫ് .ഏറെ ചര്‍ച്ച ചെയ്യപ്പെട്ട പുതിയമലയാള സിനിമയായ കേരള ടുഡേ പ്രമേയംകൊണ്ടും അവതരണം കൊണ്ടും തികച്ചുംവിത്യസ്തമായതും എന്നാല്‍കാലോചിതവുമാണ് . ഇതില്‍പ്രധാന കഥാപാത്രം ആയമുന്നയെ അവതരിപ്പിക്കുന്നത്‌ മക്ബൂല്‍സല്‍മാന്‍ ആണ്. നായികയായി വരുന്നത് കന്നഡ
    സിനിമ രംഗത്തെ പ്രശസ്തയായ ഇറ്റി ആചാര്യ ആണ്. മലയാളികളുടെ മനം
    കവര്‍ന്ന ശ്രീജിത്ത്‌രവി കടവുള്‍ ഷാജുഎന്നാ കഥാപാത്രം ആണ് ഈചിത്രത്തില്‍ അവതരിപ്പിക്കുന്നത്‌.അത് പോലെതന്നെ ശരണ്‍ ci സാബുചക്കംബന്‍ എന്ന
    പോലീസ് വേഷത്തെഅവതരിപ്പിക്കുന്നു .കപില്‍ സംവിധാനം ചെയ്യുന്ന ഈ
    ചിത്രം നിര്‍മ്മിക്കുന്നത് മലയാള സിനിമാരംഗത്തെ പുതുതലമുറയായ ശ്രീ
    സുജീഷ് കല്ലുപാലവും ശ്രീമിഥുന്‍ .സി .എസും ചേര്‍ന്ന ബ്രഹ്മക്രിയേഷന്‍സ്‌ ആണ്.

  • Ragz

    Rome wasn’t built in a single day…cleaning a system that has been entrenched by corruption, nepotism and scams will take some considerable amount of time. First of all, you cant fire/suspend Government workers on the fly! Our system has a lot in place to protect these corrupt Babu’s, hence the transfers are taking place. I agree AAP + AK may be indulging in some stupid decisions (e.g ignoring security) but blaming them for grievances is utterly stupid. Why as a nation and as a society we blame our chosen leaders for all our grievances? You bring it in front of them, and they help to address it! thats how it works! Which State has opened ‘Anti-corruption helpline’ out to the public? “Nil! Nada! Kuch nahi!” . Nobody has a magic wand for your problems! It takes time…I am not being an AAP Fanatic, I am being practical. And for those Modi fans…please even he needed time to make something called ‘Gujarat Shining’ ….I am disappointed on how dramatic and emotional we are…

    • Indian

      The same hold true for AAP fans…They are following blindly on the words of kejriwal….

      Dediacted to ALL AAP Fans…

      1. Na congress ya BJP ka support lenge na denge….bachon ki kasam…


      2. Na red beacon lenge, na bungal lenge, na security lenge…had filed affadabit for
      it….Any aam admi can sue them if they take it…

      see the below…


      Please note: Red beacons are banned by supreme court and colud not be
      availed by any MLA….That was just fooling around…

      3. Travel by Metro durring oath ceremony but rest travel all by car…


      Please note: even lalu has come by cycle rickshaw while going for oath
      ceremony and showered free gifts….

      See below:


      4. Took 2 duplex, renovation started , then again relased bunglow….not becz he has intention of simplicity but becz critics said so…

      Look pic of renovation of CM bunglow where poor people are sleeping outside in


      Look at simplicity of Manohar Parikar, Mamata BAnerjee, CM of Tripura etc…


      For bodyguard see below:-


      5. Prashant bhushan calls Modi Communal and Fascists and corrupt….

      Even wikileaks says modi isincorrupt


      For communal face of AAP( we already know it, still giving proof)

      Watch this youtube video where Arvind Kejriwal is addressing a group of muslims
      telling them that Batla House encounter was fake….


      Watch another excellent youtube video which exposes the communal face of
      Arvind Kejriwal www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=E6dvysVyBTc

      For Change of heart for corrupt shila dixit watch this:-



      6. For Kashmir

      Prashant bhushan beaten up back sometime …


      Comment from defense Minister on Prashant bhushan views on referndum…


      For removing military from Kashmir…Pls remember once Military is removed
      from kashmir, teeror** will attack it and in matter of time, Kashmir would be
      merged with Porkistan….So such sensit** issue..

      Kejriwal responded “referendum
      is out of question BUT the local people’s voice should be considered ” so
      essentially he meant the same but used different words, specific to commie
      trickery! It is another evidence that AAP is anti-national party….

  • Qamar Khan

    “I’d sum up my AAP experience as a promise that disappointed. I just couldn’t understand this craze for fighting national elections when so many promises remain unfulfilled. If i could, i would want back the money i donated.”

    This is gist of entire article and shows how childish is his demand. Because its hardly been two weeks since Kejriwal took over as CM. He has already fulfilled many of his promises about water, power, Audit of power companies. He has been strengthening Anti- corruption bureau which was defunct, got many police officers from Delhi police transferred to ACB. Setup helpline against corruption and appointed one retired top cop to monitor it. Working on JanLokpal and Swaraj legislation. Besides this he has done remarkable work on night shelter etc. He has said that he will setup inquiry commission to look into CWG corruption and no one including Sheila or any other politician will be spared. What more you expect ? If he had set similar expectation from other governments AAP wouldn’t have to be formed. Why AAP should not fight Lok-Sabha ? Just because it may impact ambition of one person ? AAP is born out of anti-corruption movement, which is not limited to Delhi but entire nation.


    There is no AAP… it is officially now called the “Con(gress)men B Team”

  • Indian@heart

    “till date Arvind’s government has not even shown inclination to go after the corrupt”

    AAP Govt. sacked 4 top DJB officials and transferred over 700 DJB employees over illegal transactions.

    “sufficient proof against corrupt politicians in Delhi and still didn’t see any action”

    Any complaint against the polticians has to go through the Delhi High COurt, which is currently handling over 2000 pending cases. Fasttrack courts have been set up to look into rape and other nefarious crimes.

    “Weeks have gone by, the government is stable and the principal promise of acting against corrupt remains untouched.”

    Barely a month old, and the writer speaks about the corruption remaining untouched by AAP. Over 60 years of ruling by national parties and still corruption exists. We know that things cannot be changed overnight. It takes time. Being haughty does not solve any problems (I doubt if AAP does that, it will be criticized for being hasty decision-makers)

    “AAP experience as a promise that disappointed”

    It takes perserverance to come out as a success story. Patience being a key factor, which many naysayers don’t have.

    “AAP will end up as a brief spark in Indian political history once media coverage fades unless they deliver on the fundamental promise of fighting corruption.”

    This is probably the only line I agree with. Period.

  • Bapz

    He wants his money back but I guess he has got his money from ‘other’ sources for writing this piece. I’m not indulging in a debate here, just commenting for fun ;) On a serious note, it’s an emotional article. Whoever looks after financial matter in AAP, please return Manjunath’s money. :P

  • rohant

    Arvind Kejriwal had no fear of public and huge gathering before he became the CM, infact he attracted a huge crowd and we appriciated it. Immediately after becoming the CM these gathering have started to bother him, he leaves JANTA KA DARBAR saying bahut bheed he bhai. Points showing AK as yet another power hungry man.

    Joining hands with the party whom he was fighting against.
    Where are all the proofs and scam results gone, he is in power now why is he not using them now.
    Not against his using all the perks, A CM should definately use them but what he said previously was just to whoo the people.
    Making a mockery of delhiets in terms of water supply.

  • avinash jessi

    Dear Curious Indian, lets have little more patience at the moment. There are very important institutional changes required to catch big corrupts and in coming weeks i hope that we will see definitely a step forward in that direction. Yes of course, there is lot of hype and at the same time lot of scrutiny over Arvind’s performance. If he fails to deliver his promise, certainly he will face an utterly defeat in LS elections. There is nothing wrong in staying optimistic for some more time!


    I think its too soon to judge and pass a Judgement. Whenever we take a new Job it takes us atleast 2 months to settle down forget about performing. Give these guys their dues. It is not a bollywood movie wih will deliver the entertainment in 3 Hrs flat and you can then Declare it to be a FLOP or HIT.

  • Truth

    We are crabs in disguise, put 2 crabs in a bucket and none will be able to come out as one will pull the other back… lets try to see it in right perspective.
    I support good politics, Modi is not bad and neither is AK.
    Lets try to promote good politics and not critize for the sake of it. We are people with strong opinions, we like someone or hate… we have survived 65 years in dirt…lets try to think openly and give chance to new force.

  • Brokbod

    Ok so you want to vote for Modi, just say it that way. Why write such a huge essay and bore us. Havent we all heard and read from Modi lovers how they were once staunch supporters of AAP and how they are disappointed. You guys get disappointed pretty easy,i’d say.

    • rajat

      just as you’re boring everyone else with your lame comments?

  • Neeraj Gupta

    All fingers in hand are not same… if you expect everyone in AAP is as good as AK then you are fooling your self.. team is always a mix of leaders and followers. Instead of criticizing, i suggest you to write a blog emphasizing the priortize you would like to see AAP following to become better party

  • Thomas

    It takes 365.25 days for earth to complete one orbit around the sun. AAP has been in govt. just over a month now. They have fulfilled the basic necessities like providing free water, subsidized electricity, providing shelter to the poor and many more in such short time. While you are free to call this as an anarchist and populist scheme. Every advancing nation is providing such basic amenities to their citizens. Give them some time to settle down, they have 5 years left to rule. Let them first safe guard the common man and then take on the corrupt. I request you to produce the receipt of your payment for AAP. I am sure, they wouldn’t want any donations from people who are paid to write against them. While you are more interested in positioning and promoting a person who has been responsible for riots that killed thousands of people and who has not taken any action on it yet.

    • Last_1

      Not even a month, for the records.

  • Manju

    Guess most of you would have stumbled upon this link , worth a read and worth your time ( specially for AAM ADMI )

  • Manju

    At this junture , AAP deserves a chance in Delhi , they need to perform well in Delhi to claim a political space in the center . For that they need to perform well in delhi for 5 years and aim for 2019 elections and not 2014 elections , But its unfortunate that its trying to raid a false wave created by paid media and loosing its credibility .

  • Shantanu Chandra

    I guess its early to pass a judgement on AAP but two things that acted as a huge dent in their image were
    1: The haste to run Lok Sabha elections. It takes time to build a party from ground up. Moreover in a country where corruption and corrupt practices are so engrained and deep rooted in the society itself, there has to be a need for a good scrutiny of candidates joining the organization and getting party tickets. AAP’s idea of doing all this in such a small time frame is naive. They could have focussed on good governance and delivery in Delhi, tasted politics in its true sense and then take up the battle of Lok Sabha elections. It seems like suddenly they have become greedy about politics. It reminds of the Jay Prakash revolution of 1975, it all started well but ended in a mess of unstable and incapable governments. AAP is on the same route. Hope someone puts some sense in their heads.

    2: The populist schemes and beating the drums about unsustainable policies. How is not allowing FDI in retail going to help the country or reducing electricity tariffs. It is no different the MNREGA schemes which just become channels of corruption eventually.

    It is indeed sad that this is a party built from people’s anger and anguish against the high class notoriety of our politicians and now it seems to be trending on the same path. Hope someone can save it.

  • Last_1

    When you talk about “populist schemes” – free water and cheap electricity – they were very well in the election manifesto! My personal opinion – they are not populist schemes, we paid for the basic needs in the form of taxes. Instead of the money going into the pockets of corrupt, it is coming back to us. There was a calculation done.
    They have just fulfilled their promises. I’m sure everything that was promised (including Janlokpal for Delhi) would be delivered. Hold on for a bit. I’m sure you had extremely high expectations. Give them some time and let’s do the evaluation again after 6 months. Everyone (including AK) is learning how to be in the administration and run a government, nobody’s a pro. Hold on for a bit.
    In the end, I would like to say “Let’s not be so judgmental. Don’t give up hope so soon. Everyone’s learning.” Let’s see this alternative work for a while, we have anyway waited for 60+ years!

  • Zeenath

    What is it with you guys. this is the real world folks things here happen in real time its not a 3 hour movie. Give the guy in charge some time. He does not have a magic wand which he can wave and set things right. If ever you have cleaned a really dirty muddy child fresh out of a mud fight u will know what I mean. Its quite a task and after the child is cleaned up there is still the laundry to do and the clean up of the house where the little monster had trailed. Time lagta hai and this is a huge huge huge mess. They have taken the right road now just give them the time to reach their promised destination.

  • Anshul Kinger

    You are a thankless person writing unnecessary articles. Nobody snatched your money . You donated it yourself. Now stop making a fuss about it and get back to work provided you have a job. (Also we dont know you are from congress/BJP/or some other party. Why do we trust you at all).

  • Anshul Kinger

    keep deleting the comments.. That makes you a liar.

  • Sunil Bardia

    How you can afford to be a donkey.

    • Sunil

      only a moron aaptard can say that.

  • jay

    Guys can we do this .. Even i want my money back .. “I never supported for false Promise”

  • Deep

    What you meant impeccable character like arvind. Have you not heard about his 2 yrs higher study paid leave holiday of which he didn’t fulfiled the minimum requirements and resigned without paying 9,37,000. inr. He is as corrupt as but more shrewd than any other Indian politician.

  • Prem Rou

    (1) So you were associated with IAC movement. That means you never found any defect in the
    draconian Jan Lok Pal, the Trojan Horse to kill democracy in India. Now what made you dislike the antics of Mr Kejriwal ? His antics are very benign compared to what has been promised through Jan Lok Pal. Your instinct support/ inclination is towards dictatorship/ kangaroo court .Youhave not yet realised your blunder in supporting Jan Lok Pal but wants other to believe in your judgement about Mr Kejriwal.

    (2) During your IAC days, did you notice the support of Kaur Group and Core Group of Congress to Jan Lok Pal against old war horsegroup in Congress? For clarity , Kaur group is MMS , Core Group is Ahmed Patel and Old War horse group was Pranab / Pawar group.
    UPA government and media were ignoring numerous Ramdev meeting against black money drawing crowd in thousands suddenly gives 24X7 coverage to Anna fast drawing crowd in hundreds.
    MMS who keeps mouth shut all the time and maintains that everything is rosy in India, suo-motto offers civil society participation in drafting a law.
    On theother hand, Pranab as negotiator on behalf of UPA shoos them away.
    If you have not noticed these, you arepolitically naive. You were a pawn in congress in-fighting for political supremacy. Now why one should believe in views of a political naive regarding Mr Kejriwal ?

    (3) Why you joined AAP in first place? What differentiates AAP from rest of the party? Is ideologically or vision wise AAP any different from Congress, RJD, SP, NCP or BSP? . No. But you believed that AAP can be different.
    Without rhymes and reasons you believe in their claim that they are different? Now again, you are making a U-turn [re-christened as Kejriwal-turn] saying that they are same as SP and BSP.
    Please list the action you are expecting from AAP as a party with difference. 10-15 days are too much for initiating any action to achieve the stated goals. Are you sure they failed to take even one step towards those stated goals?
    I don’t have much information, but I will share your disappointment if my sources can confirm that not even a baby-step is taken towards stated goals.

    (4) As the saying goes “vision without action is dream only and action without vision is nightmare”. Since IAC days , only one argument , one messiah has arrived, jo kuch to kar raha hai “ , don’t
    scrutinise his actions and views, just submit . Did you also peddled such anirrational argument?.
    Let me tell you one thing , read history, supporters of every monsters like Hitler,Stalin, Pol-Pot have peddled the same argument. All monsters were morally righteous,presented themselves as incorruptible with noble aim of cleaning the society and system , BY BYPASSING the checks and balances in society.

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