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May 27, 2018

Good riddance Dr. Manmohan Singh!

Chairperson of the Congress-led UPA gove

If one had to sum up 10 years of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tenure as Prime Minister, almost every adjective to define bad governance can be exhausted. He can very easily be credited with prompting the debate about worst PM ever. Announcement about today’s press conference had set media circles buzzing about possible important decisions. What turned out was stage used by PM to display his bitterness towards media and his possible nemesis Narendra Modi. A stone faced PM read a script as usual and went on to give unconvincing answers in his occasionally stuttering tone only to flare up when Modi was mentioned.

Dr. Manmohan Singh has headed the most corrupt and incompetent regime in Independent India. His apologists say he is an honest person of impeccable integrity. Well, I’m not so sure anymore. Ignoring corruption under your watch is corruption as well. Whether he is honest or not is something that future will tell us but it’d be no exaggeration to say he acted like a modern day Nero who looked the other way when India was being plundered by everyone who claimed to be part of his party or his government. The noble PM seems to be under a delusion that his record has been better than the current perception and somehow historians are going to judge him better. I think this one of the best examples of ostrich mentality.

While expecting historians and the country to see his bright side, he fails to see his failures himself. When questioned about his achievements, he could not go beyond Nuclear cooperation with US. Unfortunately even after 4 years of signing that bill, none of the parties have benefited from it. Relations with neighbors have hit rock bottom. National security has taken a hit with China regularly transgressing India’s  borders. Domestic security is at lowest with Maoist insurgency gaining ground. Innumerable bomb blasts have killed score of  people. Economy is has taken a nosedive and investors are running away like scared chicken. It may sound pessimistic but almost all critical areas of governance have been utter failure.

The hallmark of Manmohan Singh’s premiership is Silence. He has perfected the art of silence like a pro and has been a shining example of how to run a government without being answerable to people. His cabinet ministers have been jailed  and had to resign due to corruption accusations. The sheer scale of these scams have been mind boggling. With coalgate the taint of corruption has finally reached PM’s office. Be it decapitation of Indian soldiers by Pakistanis or Maoists, Nirbhaya incident, Anna movement, bomb blasts or many such issues of national importance, the PM just couldn’t muster enough courage to face the nation. Seeing him today, vociferously defending himself, was as ironical as seeing congress support AAP in fight against corruption.

Manmohan Singh was also part of an unprecedented governance model in India. Within days of UPA-1 coming into power, there was a new and powerful power center in shape of NAC setup. Sonia Gandhi, having failed to gain power directly, forced PMO to accede to authority of NAC. This NAC turned out to be an assortment of closet communists who churned out ill thought welfare schemes. While UPA-1 benefited from the schemes and policies of NDA government, the effects of chaos ushered by NAC became evident in UPA-2. Irony died a thousand deaths on seeing Manmohan Singh, father of India’s economic reforms implementing socialist agenda. India’s economy was being fed slow poison while the good doctor remained mute under gratitude of being made the PM.

Manmohan’s tolerance level to utter humiliation and disrespect is exemplary. The famous ordinance drama is a great example of how thick his skin is. Not many know Pawan Bansal and Ashwini Kumar were his confidantes placed in cabinet on his insistence. Everyone was surprised when the caged parrot CBI played a very active role in getting both implicated and removed from cabinet despite Dr. Singh’s reluctance. Given that the only one more powerful than Dr. Singh in government is Sonia Gandhi. it’s not hard to guess who spoilt PM’s party.

Despite the tall claims by congress and Dr. Singh himself, it’s a known fact he has led the most incompetent and corrupt government ever. Though there are 5 more months of his premiership left, the only good news from today’s press conference is that we won’t have to see him again as PM. No wonder a lot of Indians are saying good riddance Dr. Manmohan Singh.

  • mohan36das

    Here comes a poor chaprasi Pm who is shame to the nation, instead of speaking about his own achievement he is talking about Modi. Nevere before in Indian history after 1947 there was a benami Pm like Dr. Manmohan who blatantly abused his authority and kept mum on looting of the nation. While he was busy licking feet at 10 Janpath for the chair, the looters had a field day. Development is stagnated, economy and inflation is in the Arabian sea, even then he has no shame to predict about others. Dr. Manmohan Singh should have apologized to the nation and sought pardon for his crimes, he will be made answerable if Modi comes to power.

  • Yerappa

    Imagine addressing his 3rd press conference in 10 yrs. what kind of party and PM is running our country.

  • Jitender

    The present Prime minister Mr.MANMOHAN SINGH has every right to refuse for the third term… But he has no right to say this person or third person is disastrous … HE cannot say that Rahul is the best PM … Mr.RAHUL has no ample experience except He comes from Nehru family… The present PM and Congress party politicians should understand that INDIA is a democratic country and it doesn’t belong to any family or any specific political party…. It is the people who elect and decide who has to rule INDIA …A change should come in INDIA so that one can see its effects……..

  • P Krishna Dwaipayana

    Since assuming the office of prime minister ship, public image of Manmohanji diminished day after day, month after month and year after year. His turban insulated audibility from public cry. Tight lips protected him from giving personal views on critical issues. Too much loyalty to party and Sonia family deprived him from thinking with consciousness. Virtually he became a political pigmy. In his view, Rahul appeared as a Tarzan. No wonder at all

  • Mahesh Shukla

    A lifeless speech. Trying to find solace with the words sincerity,
    dedication, commitment at his best possible. He should not do his best
    possible. He should do the best possible. But he didnt

  • Gaurav

    Man who had slept more than two months and one fine morning suddenly
    woken up and screamed that “spineless the bill in to dust bin”.This
    prime minister without any murmuring accepted.Now he is
    proudly saying that Rahul Gandhi had outstanding credentials for the
    top job.Such a slavery and spineless prime minister we had ever seen in
    our political history.

  • Himanshu

    It is unfortunate that even at the fag end of his tenure, Mr Manmohan
    Singh has not displayed the intellectual honesty expected of him, and
    has toed the party line. Only pays testimony to his status of India’s
    most disappointing PM.

  • vijay reddy

    You always kept quiet….Never interested to speak on missing coal files, on killing of army personnels at India-Pak Border, on Muzzafarnagar Riots, on turmoil in Andhra Pradesh due to the decision taken by union on Telengana e.t.c. and now you are talking about Rahul’s credentials. Please talk something of Nations interest.

  • maddy

    wat a disappontment u wre as PM.. good riddance ..

  • Frame

    he is black spot on name of Sardar

  • Manik

    Seems as if someone has his family at gunpoint when he is made to say all these things.

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