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June 21, 2018

Held guilty until proven innocent


For more than a decade congress and its allies used Narendra Modi scare to build up a vote bank. The scare tactic worked better than Hitler’s propaganda and effectively demonized Modi. The thought behind this propaganda was congress’s policy of divide and rule. The congress seemed to have built on its legacy of dividing India into groups and communities along ethnic, sectarian, religious,linguistic and caste lines each group scared of other. If one looks at India’s electoral politics you’d notice a gradual decline in political discourse and participation. Barring late 70′s congress enjoyed uninterrupted power and the country continued its evolution into identity politics where national interest was never the priority. Regional parties which were nothing more than carbon copy of congress mushroomed across the country, each latching on to certain identity groups and fanning the passions to circumvent India’s first past the post electoral methods.

As we progressed into 90′s and the next millennium, the dominant political discourse changed from violent means to social engineering. Caste based reservation politics split the society from middle. SC, ST, OBC, Atidalit, Mahadalit, Upper caste, muslims, yadav and hundreds of other such vote banks cropped up. With the rise of such divisions came the coalition era. So apt to say a broken society cannot give a decisive mandate. With the exception of NDA rule this disintegration has continued. The ruling dispensation continued to devise innovative ways to harness political power from an increasingly broken society.

National interest has been one of the biggest victim of the increasingly desperate fight for vote banks. Who can believe national leaders in India go to its arch enemy Pakistan to win Muslim votes in their constituency. Anti terror laws like POTA is repealed and terrorists like Ishrat are eulogised while security forces are hounded and jailed to placate Muslim votes. Brutal Maoist killers who sadistically mutilate bodies are called Gandhian with guns. Meritocracy has been another victim. The focus is no longer on getting the best talent but to placate vote banks. It was a shock listening to Manmohan Singh saying muslims have the first right on national resources.

The challenge that Modi presents to the entire ruling class is unprecedented. Modi is not merely challenging the congress government at centre. He is attacking the very existence of congress and the kind of politics they do. No wonder the attack on Modi has been vitriolic.

The attack on Modi was scathing, vicious and relentless. The nexus of liberal intelligentsia, media and rest of political parties undertook a worldwide smear campaign that effectively portrayed Modi as a radical Hindu Nationalist who overlooked a genocide. Several self proclaimed champions of human rights jumped on the bandwagon. And yet their decade long campaign of vilification could not contain Modi’s meteoric rise.

Notice the gradual recession in the scale, seniority and shrillness in congress’s presence in media. As the UPA nears end of its second term in office, the aggressiveness that was the hallmark of UPA-1 is conspicuously missing. Almost all of its attempts to stop Modi has failed. The congress today is already a thoroughly defeated party. Their leadership, the Gandhis sitting in their secluded ivory towers still think they can fool the populace with freebies and doles as they’ve been doing for decades. Unfortunately for them, their stooges are afraid of telling the king that he isn’t wearing any clothes.

  • DiehardIndian

    I do not want to comment on modi case of 2002 . some cases and issues are just raked up too much to tarnish image. I would like to comment on Modi snoopgate. for your information even nehru snooped on his daughter indira through some person named Dhar. when first PM of India snooped her daughter. why this congress is crying about personal freedom. morone congis

  • Pavithra

    All enquiries on Modi’s involvement,in spite of the Congress Government in the Centre, have absolved him of any involvement. Desperate to corner Modi in some way or the other in the case, Congress Dirty Tricks Team has engaged agents like Bhatt to rake up the issue again and try their luck. With the Ahmedabad Metropolitan Court judgement, it has become amply and finally clear that Modi is in no way involved in the killings. Congress is politically bankrupt and they have ruined the country and deceived its people during the last years. Modi is evidently a big threat to them. They would resort to any means to finish him off politically. Snoopgate is the latest effort. At the same time, look at the numerous mega scams through which the present Congress Government has looted this country – CWG, 2G, Coal, defense equipment and so on. They have successfully buried the 2G scam. They want to similarly bury all the other scams. Adarsh scam has already been buried. The Governor and the Government got together to do it. After public furore and media campaigns, particularly Times Now, a cornered Rahul Gandhi has cautiously expressed his disagreement with the Maharashtra government. One should be absolutely foolish that Rahul Gandhi is unaware nor not involved in the corruption that is going on in which his entire family is deeply involved. And then what about the killing of thousands of Sikhs for no reason at all. There is no enquiry in this country about these killings. All those who are responsible, right from Sonia Gandhi are walking scot free after committing this Hitler like crime. People of India have now learnt how dangerous Congress is to India and they have already decided to throw these vicious criminals out and save the country.

  • Mangesh Desai

    I dont understand why most of the media in india, wanted to have visibility by
    cornering bjp or any hindus supporting parties & get appeasing vote from minorities.
    This trend has to change and media should try to resolve day to day issues. We need
    leaders who shows direction for changes. NaMo is doing fantastic job in Gujarat, we
    should forget all these craps and praise things which are done excellent for the

    • Ali

      Mr. Modi has all the qualities of an opportune politician. To believe how much he was shaken by the riots, one has to go back many years to the date of his interview with Karan Thapar. Had he known then that one day he will be elevated to Prime Ministerial candidacy, he would not have abruptly and unceremoniously terminated his interview to Karan Thapar on Gujarat pogrom.

    • Afaq alam

      Mr Modi is a bit late in expressing his sorrow for the riot victims of
      Godhra in 2002. He should have been prompt in 2002 to protect the
      victims and express his sorrow at that time for not being able to do

  • Ashok kumar

    I am wondering why the Samajwadi Party leaders are not hounded for the
    Muzaffarnagar riots just like Modi has been since 2002. Has the media
    already given a clean chit to Azam Khan and Mulayam?

  • Prabhakar

    It is very hard to understand why the media ,press and so called
    activists and NGOs singling out Modi and attacking him personally.All
    the legal process were in their own way and monitored by Supreme
    court. There was not an single instance to scuttle the legal process
    by Modi, which usually happens in India especially when you are at
    the seat of power.Everything was open and Modi has been absolved of
    all accusations at last.Now the question arises,when a person whose
    image is tarnished by available means,has he not the right to defend
    him.Even after the blog the congress and their henchmen criticise him,
    which is totally unfair and condemnable.What else they want? The
    critics are biased and attack him as if they are the ones custodians
    of morality in public life.who are they to judge,when they themselves
    are dishonest,biased and prejudiced.Have they ever questioned the
    riots during congress regime,1984 riots against sikh and Mulayam on
    Muzafarnagar?.Hypocracy,is your name congress?

  • Mohammad Khader

    If Modi is shaken and grieved about riots, why he is not apologizing to the victims?

    • ratnesh

      You mean other party can get involved in roits and just by apologosing to the victim make them secular. You people have hired your imams to think for yourself. Use your brain rather than just following others….

    • Vamsi Krishna

      Who should he apologize for? and why should be apologize for?
      If he had willingly conspired (which anyways was proved wrong by courts) for the riots, did apology suffice? So anybody can broker a riots and then wear a skull cap and apologize, it is ok then?
      He went ahead and asked for conviction of found guilty of abetting the riots.

      Second, Even if he had to apologize, should he do it only for muslims, when both members of the community suffered and when the initial riot was orchestrated by fundementalist and fanatic muslim group. If apology is your answer, tomorrow every politician will orchestrate theriot (see mulayam) and then offer an apology and a skull cap to victims, should it suffice for you?

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