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March 18, 2018

Election travels: The Modi wave, Nitish painfully denies, exists !

Fig: Representative photo, not actual photo from Muzaffarpur

Travelling in the Bihar bound Vaishali express, i couldn’t help but overhear the conversation among groups of passengers. Participants were the usual suspects, migrant workers from Delhi and suburbs, traders, government servants, students, people in private jobs and others. Bored of the lengthy journey, i was strolling across the coaches. over the next eight hours, the dominant theme that emerged was politics. Contrary to perception, people of the cow belt are politically very aware.

The recent debacle of congress and drubbing of it’s Yuvraj is a hot topic. People think this is the start of the decline of congress era. Why do you think congress lost? i asked. “What’ve they actually done? name a thing”, says Falgun, one of the vocal one’s from the group. “Well, MNREGA, RTI, RTE, Food Security Bill etc”, i responded. “They sound good but nothing benefits us people, MNREGA money is scammed by officials, pradhans, contractors. People like us are leading the same life year after year”. Others nodded in agreement to Falgun’s response. Chai, Chai yelled a vendor as train slowed to a halt at Siwan station. People jumped out of bogies to refill their water bottles, buy snacks and fruits. I too went out for a rail neer bottle.

After 5 minutes the train chugged along. In the hurry, I had boarded the sleeper compartment next to mine. While moving towards my seat i crossed a group that had begun talking about the tragedy in Siwan that made national headlines. More than two dozen kids had died after they ate poisoned food in mid day meal at a primary school in a village here. “Kahe ka vikas, sab hawabazi hai (What development, its all hot air)”, said a middle aged man who seemed like a trader and had India Today and Outlook neatly folded under his bag. “Nitish claimed to have improved education, health, infrastructure and security. Today more than half of primary teachers do not even have basic knowledge to teach 5th class. Children are dying of mid day meals and some who could have been saved in Siwan died due to lack of proper care and medicines.” The man had a point. Firoz, who was listening from upper berth added, “Sir, there is no job, police lathicharges protesters be it students or on-contract teachers or farmers. Roads that were built in Nitish’s first term are broken now. We’re back where we started.” But, he stopped communal forces, quipped another young man sitting next to Firoz.

That statement! was like putting a burning matchstick on gunpowder. Almost instantaneously Modi was mentioned and arguments began flying. Frankly, i was surprised by the passions Modi was generating,someone who wasn’t even allowed to enter Bihar in last assembly elections. The arguments heated up and attracted a lot more participants. By the time i decided to move at least 30 people were talking, majority from Modi’s side. The gist was that Nitish got mandate to rule along with BJP. Instead of focusing on improving Bihar which should be his only job, he indulged in politics that did not concern Bihar.

Well, i was back at my seat. A few minutes later people sitting next to me asked if i was reporter? I said, yes! “We heard the discussion in the bogey you’re coming from”, Said Mr. Rajak who was travelling with his family. “Nitish, was wrong in breaking alliance with BJP. the administration is only going down since then”. Said Mr. Rajak while handing me few tiger biscuits. So what do you think about Modi? I asked. “He is the only one who can drag this country out of this mess. He has turned Gujarat in a good state. I’ll vote for him.” Well, Mr Rajak went on and on for some time, He sure was impressed with Modi.

After some time Muzaffarpur station arrived, my destination. A journalist friend of mine came to pick me up. As i got out of station, i saw a small shop selling tea and snacks with an old photo of Modi hanging by a wire. Maybe he was yet another tea vendor smitten by his chaiwallah story.

On the way home, my friend told me how hypocritical Nitish sounds when he terms Modi a fascist and Hitler when he himself is no less than a Hitler. A lot of important decisions are hanging only because he is unavailable. Media in Bihar is seriously suffocating under Nitish as he absolutely hates any negative coverage. Progress has completely stalled since BJP left as Nitish is holding 18 ministries none of which are functioning effectively. well, we reached home and i decided to take all the rest i can as from tomorrow my work starts.

I won’t translate views of just few random people i met during my journey as any thing conclusive, but one thing is for sure, the wave Nitish is so vehemently denying, exists and going by the mood is surely pro Modi and anti Nitish.

  • ratnesh

    Closing your eyes doesnot makes things to disappear…….similarly no matters anyone denys the modi’s wave or not ….it will be shown in 2014 election result.
    Cong. Denied the presence of AAP in delhi and faced yhe consequebces…. similarly if someone is denying modi’s wave it good ….they will also feel the consequences…..

  • Rajeev Ranjan

    This is nothing, talk to people. People are angry with Nitish. Modi is more popular than any leader in Bihar

  • Ali

    Nitish is more popular now. You Modi bhakt sanghis can only dream there is no modi wave.

    • Guest

      Kind of bad news for you – the Cong and Laloo and Mulayams screwed you over for 65 years, while feeding you sweet words, Nitish and his gang will prolong the rape. Maybe at this point you are prisoners of the Stockholm syndrome and cannot live without the abuse and the poverty and lack of prospects. But I pray to your lord Allah to grant you guys mercy and free you of these blood sucking vote-leeches.

  • Nikunj

    Well Nitish’s state of denial might prove suicidal to his party. His separation from BJP was the first, and if , mistakes continue, soon we will see the last nail in the coffin for JDU

  • Himanshu

    I wud agree , the road ahead might not be easy for Nitish , coz Modi already has a record of 15 years of good governance in Gujarat , and to be honest people do desire to take a chance, or better said “a leap of faith” that he cud bring about a change in India and give us a strong foothold globally. But similarly a negligence of Nitish’s efforts in Bihar is hard to digest. Anyways , as of now there’s definitely a Modi wave , but till the outcome of general elections I wud say , wait and watch.

    • Ali

      Paid Modi troll Sanghi

      • zia

        Really. I am modi supporter and challenge u to prove me paid troll

        • Ali

          Musalman naam rakh ke kise bewakuf bana raha hai, no muslim will ever support Modi

          • zia

            Mujhe kisiko bewkoof banane ke jaroorat nahin hai…. Jo mera nick name hai, i am using it

            • ratnesh

              India by population have more hindu than muslim and still you think urself as a good votebank. I would say u behave like sheep one person says and others statys following…
              B withcong or some other party and make ur life hell. U r not making fool of anybody , you r fooling urself…

          • anony

            Why did BJP get Muslim votes in Rajasthan then?

  • zia

    Yes it was very wrong to nitish break alliance with bjp. Ab na ghar ka raha na ghaat ka

  • Rohit Bahl

    Modi is right. JD(U)’s heart beats only for Bihar ki beti, Isharat, but not the six killed in bomb blast at Patna, because they were Kuffirs. Nitish’s and Sjandhnand T’s heart only moves when Pakistani soldiers are killed, not for the Indian Army Jawans killed in cold blood by Pakis. No wonder JD(U) is funded by LeT and ISI.

  • AJ

    what was Modi doing in 2002 when 2000 Gujratis were being massacred???

    • Rajesh AAP

      Modi’s hand are red with blood of innocents . AAP is a better option .

      • Guest

        why do you care? you want poor governance to lead to further poverty, which will eventually lead to my grandkids coming after yours as there is not enough to go around, and they couldn’t have real education? If you screw India for another 15 years, by not electing Modi, there will be more UP’80,Assam’83,Delhi’84,Bihar’89,Hyd’90,Bombay’93,Gujrat’02,Assam’12. Dont sit and cry at that point. Dont let the media and vested interests fool you, make the wise choice today.

    • Guest

      did u kill the remaining 750 to make it 2000 (1000 each, barabar?) …dont boast okay? Modi was making sure those 750 and all the remaining Gujaratis did not die.

    • Priyanka

      He asked for help from congress ruled nearby states who obviously did not help. Btw…did you know it was congress MLAs, municipal corporator etc. who collected the mob and burnt the train bogey, triggering the massive riots. Now decide who is communal.

    • adslara

      what was congress doing when thousands of sikhs were killed in 1984, when so many muslims and hindus were killed in 1993 in mumbai, and when people were killed in Moradabad in 1980. No body even remember the names of the chief ministers who were ruling them, all of whom were from congress, but everyone remembers Modi. You guys blindly believe what Congress wants you to believe and don’t use ur judgement..Gujarat has seen many more riots prior to 2002, when Modi was not the CM..but after 2002, not a single don’t have to believe me but if you really want to voice ur opinion, do your own research and you will know who is more communal and who is using the muslims just as a vote bank..thanks!!

  • Bhushan

    8 to 10 lacs of people gathered in Gnadhi Maidan to listen to Modi. They stood there rock solid despite explosions and people losing life.
    Only Congis and paid media can not see the wave.


    Tsu’NaMO’ washes away Congress.
    According to IBTL opinion poll 2013, BJP will get 211 seats on its own
    in 2014 general elections, congress will get 83 seats

  • pavana

    Again, a very nice reading. No doubt u r a very good journalist, who give only news, thinking part is left to the readers. Thanks.

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