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March 27, 2023

He was just another soldier

This poem is a tribute to the brave Indian soldiers who were killed in a cowardly attack on LOC by Pakistani army and Jehadi fanatics. The cowards mutilated their bodies and took away the severed head of an Indian soldier. Pakistan subsequently denied any part in this attack. In the world’s heaviest guarded border it is impossible for irregulars to attack the enemy without the knowledge and active support of army on their side. Following this incident Politicians and academics in India made some extremely irresponsible statements which further demoralized the Indian army and showed the level of appreciation Indians have for their army.



The night was dark and it was very cold
He was shivering, the gun slipping out of his hold
He couldn’t see with the fog so dense
At the border, yet couldn’t see across the fence

His mind was filled with thoughts of his own
Brother was getting married, family wanted him home
He thought of his kids, a little girl and a young boy
Beautiful family that made his heart full of joy

He smiles at jokes fellow soldiers make about his wife
Such a beauty she does not need a knife
He knew everyone was tired and homesick
Yet his was the application commander would pick

Be alert be strong patrol leader shouted as they moved along
Taaqat watan ki hamse hai, the team hummed their favorite song
Suddenly he felt a burning pain as others fell and bled
He saw the enemy cutting his comrade’s head

Enemy was evil, they shot us in the back
Cowards even took my comrades head in a sack
He shouted at the cowards, this is not right
We could have given you a good fight

As the end came he closed his eyes, prayed in his head
Ground where they lay was slowly turning muddy and red
Tears rolled as he cried for his kids and wife
What would they do without him in their life

He took a last look at his brothers and the flag at nearby mast
Night was still young when he breathed his last
The enemy next day threw propaganda and pushed lies
Our foolish politicians said the incident won’t affect bilateral ties

Traitors and politicians had a field day
Some said army is ruthless and they had to pay
Some said why all this hue and cry
People go into army only to die

The soldier was mocked from pillar to post
They even insulted called him a ghost
Things go on, the time flies
No one bothers anymore for his family’s cries

The soldiers weep in silence and console his mother
Salute, may you rest in peace my brother
His existence slowly turns into a number in some file and folder
To us indifferent and selfish Indians he was just another soldier.