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March 18, 2018

What’s all the fuss about Supreme Court verdict on homosexuality

Supreme Court
Most of you would have already seen the vociferous reactions to the SC ruling on Media. There is almost unanimous condemnation of the ruling in print, main stream and social media. Headlines ranged from why all Indians should despair to India is enraged. Is India enraged? Frankly No! Most of the Indians either remain opposed to the idea or are plainly indifferent. Before i’m labelled homophobic, let me make it clear, that’s not the case. I’m the indifferent one. To me, what transpires between two persons consensually within confines of four walls is none of my business. However, the question of homosexuality isn’t just about people of same sex having a nice time. It goes beyond that.

Ancient Indian texts and art explicitly mention homosexuality indicating there was tolerance towards this alternate sexual behavior. But tolerance is not same as acceptance. In my view, the LGBT community isn’t just fighting to decriminalize homosexuality. They’ve been indulging in it and will continue to do so despite the provisions in IPC art. 377 terming it illegal. They’re fighting for acceptance in society and this is precisely the reason why majority opposes. People feel acceptance is only going to encourage the propagation of this alternate view of sexuality. However, supporting LGBT is the new politically correct view. This explains why most of the support for the community comes from, Media, entertainment and intelligentsia.

While a lot of opposition can be attributed to religious beliefs as in the case of Christianity and Islam, most is moral and ethical. Many say, the whole idea of homosexuality doesn’t seem morally right. The critics, therefore, call it unnatural. However, there are people who’re born with such tendencies. Many scientific researches done on the topic have failed to conclusively prove that it is either a case of mental illness or a personal choice. Those with the inclination towards homosexuality cannot wish it away. Given the stigma and social pressure, this explains the high rate of depression and suicide attempts among gays. Hence, they seem justified in their fight for acceptance of homosexuality.

I think the argument that it is an unnatural act is fundamentally flawed. How do one define what is natural and what’s unnatural. I’m sure most will agree killing a human is both unnatural and immoral sin. Yet, we hail soldiers killing each other on battlefield. It just shows how flexible our definition of natural, unnatural, moral and immoral is. Conservative Christian’s oppose abortion on the grounds that every life is God’s will and we don’t have any right to terminate it. What if that child is born with homosexual tendencies? Why don’t we take that as God’s will too?

Studies have shown that this behavior cements during childhood and growing up years. Given this, frankly, most would not prefer their kids to grow up in a society that accepts and encourages homosexuality. There is a general perception,flawed as it maybe, that the behavior can propagate when people freely interact. I think Supreme Court has done good to transfer the onus on government. The government can encourage research and discussion to dispel flawed notions about homosexuality and prepare the society to accept the change. Merely thrusting a SC ruling wouldn’t do any good neither to the LGBT community nor the society at large.

  • guest

    I think that everyone in this world has a right to live according to his or her own terms n condition .then either it may be their way of living ,choice of cloths or a life partner which depend on with whome he or she feel comfortable.then how can any authority decide anyone’s life

    • Ashutosh

      No I disagree with you, every one has right to live according to his or her own terms unless you are not spoiling culture of the society as wall morals of the society . Geys means just lustful perosns want to have sex with any one and very one which is I think unnatural or we can say mental illness.

      • voidist

        dont make me laugh with your b/s morality… ? morality in india ? all those

        rapes…all that corruption……a criminal ruling class…..killing unborn girls….

        is that your morality ? wake up mr bollywood… are a joke

  • a

    Frankly Indians have been indifferent for far too long.Its the silently persecuted minority when the very existence of them is denied.The question here is that of existence and I hope you change your view.A little empathy all thats been asked of you.If you could please see the statements of Mrs Palekar albeit in Marathi during the debate on IBN lokmat.Also indifference to dalits and they could have been persecuted forever no.though there is a reconcilliation with anti discriminatory laws. Empathy thats all.

    • Nitin Mishra

      Hello ! i agree indifference is the last thing we need on issues of importance specially if lives and emotions are involved. Unfortunately we Indians do tend to be indifferent to things that do not affect us directly. Through my article, I’ve tried to highlight how prevalent, flawed notions and misconceptions about homosexuality are and why it is important that government takes a lead on this issue. Government is better placed to generate the awareness needed to bring the social acceptance which is absolutely vital. SC ruling,even if favorable wouldn’t get the community the empathy and acceptance it deserves.

      • aasare

        Thank u, finally seems like a voice of sanity in the absurd circus being played out in the media

  • Ratnesh

    Many people have question about “Right to live” on his/ her own terms and condition. Then why there is different law for different religion, lets abolish all the law and lets have Jungle law. Author has written about the RAPE victim, I am not able to understand how court will make a judgement if ant homosexual comes with a plea of being raped.
    In a country of more than 100 millions were hunger ,poverty , corruption , and many more important things need a discussion and conscious ,this homosexual things comes which is totally an emotional things.
    Living with different sex is questioned if its not socially accepted through marriage . Then how come this un-natural things can be accepted. Now many people will point ,how dare I come to say it un-natural .
    I met with more than 100 people from different part of world who said it to me that they can eat anything which can move. So why eating human being is un-natural. Why you want some-one who enjoy killing others and find pleasure. Now again people will say killing and living are two different things . Yes homosexuality will kill society . As they will never care about the next generation because they are incapable of producing the similar kind. So homosexual are those people , who live for there own sake doesn’t care about society and culture. They want acceptance for what ?, They are doing and will keep on doing what they are involved in .

  • Vamsi Krishna

    I too was surprised how People from Media to intellectuals took the blame to SC, In fact, the Govt can simply pass a law to atleast decriminalize sex among same gender.

  • Ashutosh

    Just imagine community of 100 homo sexual couples leaving together and on other hand 100 opposite sex couples living together with families , what you think which community will be happier ??
    Stop Chakkka culture …..yes I am sure all gays are unhappy

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