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March 18, 2018

AAP The road ahead

This article was submitted by Rakam Singh Bhati, an AAP volunteer from Trilokpuri Delhi. Published after minor semantic changes approved by the author.


The underdog has performed. David Kejriwal has slayed the mighty Goliath Sheila. The work that started under Anna three years back, blossomed into a political movement last year. The blood and sweat of thousands of volunteers over last one year has paid off. Based on the reactions we got from public, we knew AAP has a chance but to see it trump the congress and stop the BJP is a real achievement. For the first time people have a real alternative.

But the actions of party and top leaders in last few days has been conflicting with the principles and ideology we set out to propagate. We refused to work with any one in order to form a government because everyone else is corrupt. Aren’t we practicing the same Brahminical untouchability? No one touches us because we’re pure and everyone else is impure. Democracy will always see participation from all sorts of people. Caste, religion, socialist, rightist all sorts of emotive and ideological issues will continue to be part of election agenda and we cannot wish them away. I agree with Kiran Bedi that a common minimum program can form the basis of an AAP-BJP government. Our priority is to deliver a corruption free government that fulfills the promises we made to the people. AAP has every chance right now to do that since both congress and BJP have hinted on support.

By insisting on an absolute majority to govern, AAP is only fueling the accusation that Arvind Kejriwal wants an authoritarian rule. If leaders are concerned that Congress or BJP will not let us implement reforms and pull the plug mid way, we always have the option to go to the people and let them know we tried but failed and ask for absolute majority. We’re anyways headed for reelection, why not at least show the people that we tried. Congress or BJP on the other hand will be exposed and people will not vote for them.

The decision not to give or take support, not even based on a common minimum program smacks of political one-upmanship where future of party takes priority over promise to people. Somewhere it also seems our leader are scared of making a mistake and then losing all that was gained. We can’t hide behind inaction for the sake of self preservation. The only benefit of making a mistake in a majority government is that we’ll still get to rule for 5 years no matter how many mistakes. But isn’t that something we accused congress and BJP of doing?

We started by prioritizing common man’s issue of ration cards, cleanliness, water, electricity etc and now that we’ve got the votes, our priority has changed to get more votes. Personally, i’d have preferred if we started by contesting Municipal/Nagarpalika/Panchayat elections since most issues of common man are handled by these bodies. Since these bodies are infested with rampant corruption, we could have made a real difference and helped the common man by streamlining services.

Instead our leaders seem caught in media glare. Frankly i’m not sure if i know anyone apart from Arvind but a lot of them have started talking about contesting Lok Sabha elections. I fail to see the point. We can’t even show the maturity of forming a state government despite massive mandate in Delhi. What’s point of contesting parliamentary election where our chances of getting majority is almost nil. Even if we win few seats, we wouldn’t be able to get things done unless we work with other parties, something we’re refusing to do in Delhi.

I’m one of those AAP voters who thinks Narendra Modi has offered an alternative against corruption on national scale. He has provided years of honest and growth oriented administration and i’ll choose Modi in national elections. AAP has enjoyed unprecedented support on the promise of corruption free and honest administration. Now that we’ve won, we need to act, people won’t support us only based on empty rhetoric.

  • Pawan Duggal

    people are behaving like “Bander ke haath me angur”!!!!!!! even they himself
    never expected more than 15 seats and now they got 28. Someone has also pointed
    out that not all the winning MLAs know each other, they are meeting first time after
    elctions and even people of their constituency dnt know them by face that who
    is the candidate. It seems Diliwalas has pressed Jahdu with blind eyes and
    given them 28 seats.

  • Guest

    If congress, JDU is giving unconditional support for govt, AAP should form govt
    and implement there manifesto. Rather then chalking out some plan their leaders
    are busy aiming BJP, Modi, LS elections. Guys, first do work in delhi where
    people has voted for u. Six months is a long duration in Politics and with
    general elections the voters will generally
    vote for same party in centre and state.

  • David Hawks

    Why drag AAP un necesserly, it is the foremost duty of BJP, who has more number of seats to form govt. still playing cheap politics, with different excuses to defame AAP. First BJP should look in to her house, which is made of glass, then blame any one else.

    • Salaria

      How do u expect BJP to form government when neither Congress nor AAP wants to join hands with it??! Even the lone JDU MLA does not want to join hands with BJP!! Atleast in the case of AAP, people r willing to work with them but it is not the other way round…

      • singh

        You are absolutely right, BJP has no choice but AAP has, reason Congress’s 8 MLAs are ready to support. The reason why AAP is so reluctant to take charge is that it is too scared to make mistakes not only this I don’t see anyone in AAP who can govern a state .AAP only knows how to boast and live on rhetorics and nothing else .Don’t know why delhites have voted for this party

  • Deepak

    Current stance of AAP is reflecting either AAP has too much ego or are reluctant to lead the change

    A Kejriwal and AAP should put forward to form the govt if BJP is so reluctant. AAP should make open announcement and clear that any party supporting should be without and terms and will not be based on any Common minimum program. This will save from re-election costs and show willingness of APP and opportunity for AAP to prove capability to form and run a government in state.

    • Arjun

      BJP is not reluctant. It is AAP who is. They neither want to work with Congress or BJP.

  • Vasanth Patel

    Well said..i think i m not wrong if delhities must be feeling why they voted to AAP who hav no guts to take charge..

  • Nileshwar

    I am not surprised if tomorrow AAP announces that they intend to contest the forthcoming Bangladesh elections!!!


    does not help or seek support from BJP. AK wants BJP to form the
    government. How BJP can form the
    government without help from AAP?. AK asks the people not to vote for BJP in
    the re-election because BJP failed to form the government. The sheer arrogance
    of AK was exposed in full naked form. Media is trying hard day and night to
    project AK as a national leader so that he can cut BJP votes and indirectly
    help congress in 2014 general elections. In its last ditch effort the media
    might go even outside India in search of a leader who can beat Modi……


    failed with grand little chacha, now media has chosen AK to stop Modi from
    becoming the PM of India. It is spending a lot of time, space and energy to
    project AK as a national leader so that he can cut BJP votes and indirectly
    help congress in 2014 general elections. Spin doctors are pressed into service
    and they are working day and night to dish out AK promotion and Modi bashing
    articles. In its last ditch effort the media might go even outside India in
    search of a leader who can beat Modi.

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