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January 22, 2018

Narendra Modi magic works wonders for BJP in elections 2013


While the results of the provincial elections in 4 states of Delhi, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are still coming in, the trend that is clearly evident is that congress is getting routed everywhere. Narendra Modi’s message of “congress mukt” Bharat is getting realized.

BJP has got more than 2/3rd majority in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Way beyond anyone’s predictions. There were voices both within and outside BJP that Modi’s elevation as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate will hurt party’s prospects in assembly elections. Political pundits, media and political parties were unanimous is stating how this would tun into a referendum on Modi. It’s funny how the same people are now denying a Modi effect despite a spectacular performance by BJP. Earlier in the day Vasundhara Raje the incoming chief minister in Rajasthan clearly stated Modi was a big factor in BJP’s win. Modi did massively successful rallies across all 4 states and by initial reports his success rate is more than 85% meaning most of his rallies helped translate attendances into votes and win those seats. Key takeaways are that congress has been reduced to the lowest ever tally in Rajasthan. In Madhya Pradesh BJP increased its number of seats despite two consecutive terms of BJP. Clearly no anti incumbency in MP.

Delhi and Chattisgarh are close fights but BJP is still doing better than BJP’s own calculations. According to earlier reports from inside sources party had anticipated a very very close fight in Chattisgarh. Given Maoist violence, killings of congress leaders, anti incumbency against sitting MLAs, chances of a win were slim but the party is leading at 48 seats which is clearly ahead of majority. Delhi was always going to be a close three way fight with expectations of a BJP tally between 32-35. AAP has been a surprise winner at congress’s expense, however BJP is the largest party at 32 seats. Important to note that Modi did rallies in Delhi only in constituencies where BJP was weak and had not won in long time. If BJP manages to break congress or AAP candidates, they could very well form the government in Delhi making it a 4-0 win.

Given more than expected results BJP must be happy and Modi’s image gets a massive boost. It’d be interesting to see if BJP in general and Modi in particular get more aggressive in their 2014 election campaigns. For now its celebration time for Modi fans.

  • Rohan Bhalla

    AAP is spoiling BJP’s party but still Modi magic seems to have worked.

    • Suhas

      Don’t forget this was assembly elections. About 48% voters will vote for Modi 2014

  • Rahul ka papa

    Rahul Gandhi ka muh kaala ho gaya. Can’t wait for 2014 now

  • Karim

    B$%^^ Modi kabhi nahi Jeetega. India will defeat BJP

  • Surya Ganesh

    Vote for Modi. Vote for BJP. People of India still love him

  • Soni

    BJP is now leading in Chattisgarh at 48-40. yayy!

    • Ingita

      BJP is now leading 3-0 and very close to making the govt. in Delhi

  • Amresh

    Modi is a mass murderer, RSS terrorists are pushing him but India will teach him a lesson.

    • db

      i am sure you are aap. aap commenter always comment out of line. generally not logical.

  • Ratnesh

    Modi’s impact is visible because what he is saying has already done in his state. Now its time to show people of India that what they promises in the state election will be fulfilled with in a short span of time so that impact should last longer.
    In my opinion modi impact was their in Delhi but frustration of general people has risen the popularity of AAP . If newly elected state assembly members of BJP doesn’t show their work before general election 2014 .Showing strength with same passion will be difficult.
    Delhi election symbolises Voter were looking for alternatives so gave Votes to AAP but they were determine not to vote for BJP showing little swing in vote percentage.
    Now its time to show the work , Modi did perform in his state and promises to perform same for country now the time has arrived for BJP ruled states to show their capability to general public in order to instate their faith in BJP.

  • db

    after spreading lie propaganda against namo by congress and media, people of india got aware more.

    thanks to social media and blog like curiosindian..

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