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June 1, 2023

The Magnificent failure of Rahul Gandhi


To an external observer, the obscene amount of time, money and effort spent by the massive congress propaganda machinery in propping up, praising and defending Rahul Gandhi was more than enough to turn your street corner paanwallah into Tom Cruise. Yet, the Shahzada, as lovingly called by Modi, appears as dry, as lame as ever. There is absolutely nothing in his personality that appeals to the common Indian.

The only claim to fame Rahul has is increasing congress tally in 2009 elections in UP to 21, however with the benefit of hindsight it can very well be called a fluke. For the only thing consistent in his political career is failure. Bihar and UP assembly elections, where Rahul did extensive campaigning, Congress was routed. 4 out of 5 assembly seats in his own constituency Amethi was lost. We all remember how Rahul was shielded from going to Gujrat for campaigning. Congress was mauled by BJP in absence of Sonia Rahul who only joined at the fag end.

His campaign style is as confusing as Manmohan Singh’s emotions. His speeches have more theatrics than substance. From his angry young man act of tearing manifestos on stages to rolling sleeves and adjusting mikes every two minutes. As for substance he presents, escape velocity of Jupiter and tales of his dadi mummy. How his papa gave mobiles to Indians. For an aspirational audience that wants better jobs, education and infrastructure his slogan was “poori roti khayenge, dawai khayenge aur 100 din kaam karenge”. Rahul and his advisers still seem to be living in Indira Gandhi’s India of 1970′s.

He has been projected as a PM candidate. As an MP he has never asked a question, his attendance in Lok Sabha is dismal. He has never spoken on matters of national importance. He seems way too much dependent on spin doctors, stage managed events and advisers to be an independent charismatic leader with a vision. If congress was hoping for a miracle to win 2014 elections, their hopes have been demolished by the results of recent assembly elections.

India is increasingly assertive and aspirational. Free food, free medicines and 100 days job of digging ditches isn’t what India wants. Corruption, Inflation, crime, poor economy, poor infrastructure and a lot more are result of 10 years of congress rule and Rahul never took a lead in addressing them. The medicine named Rahul Gandhi prescribed by congress as remedy of India’s ills is long expired. A lot of people already know this. It’s just a question of who’ll bell the cat.