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March 27, 2023

Nirbhaya, mother i did not want to die


This poem is a tribute to Nirbhaya/Damini, The December 16, Delhi gang rape victim who died a painful death. Her death eachoed around the globe and brought much needed awareness towards rape victims in India. May she rest in peace.

She lay naked, battered and bruised
next to the highway where sedans cruised

the pain was intense but she could not scream
for a moment she thought it’s just a horrible dream

she can see her friend rolling in pain
begging for help, all but in vain

as she lay on the ground trying hard not to cry
she saw her whole life flashby

she remembered her life when she was a little child
the fight with her brother and the scolding of mother which was always mild

she remembered the day when she made her dad proud
and his advise, beta never get lost in the crowd

lying in pool of her own blood
her eyes began to flood

as she writhed in pain
her eyes began to rain

she prayed to god and sung a beautiful song
she even asked lord, what did i do wrong

that night was cold and dark
dogs nearby continued to bark

ten days later when mother looked in her eye
all she could read was a scream, Mother i did not want to die.