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August 23, 2017



Below is an emotional attempt to put my frustration at today’s India into a poem

My heart bleeds for you my beloved country
But i won’t call you motherland any more

For what we’ve done to our women 
We don’t deserve to call you mother any more

In the land of intolerant bigoted fools who don’t miss a chance
to be misguided into putting a blade into each other’s hearts

In the land ruled by greedy, conniving, khadi clad imbecile gasbags
who don’t miss a chance to put people into categories and assign them tags

where children are poisoned and modesty of women outraged
where innocents are killed and killers are encouraged

Sometimes i wonder if God hears our prayers and our screams
For i pray he turns this country into land of our dreams

My heart bleeds for you my beloved country
For i long to call you my motherland again.

  • Ashwani Vardhineni (@only1avk)

    nice emotional poem….fingers-cross

  • shailesh kumar

    Nice , after a long period such a mind blowing poem 9 read. Words chosen were having deep impact on our soul . Thanks to writer .

  • Namit

    nice, i like it

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